An Easter egg


What a big Easter Egg. The Easter Bunny was here and left a traditional Swedish Easter egg for Klara, 2 years old.

What was inside the egg at the Diet Doctor family residence?

Egg Opening




Fortunately it was a nice Easter Bunny that had stopped by. Instead of addictive Easter candy the egg contained a toy car, socks with a cat pattern, a picture to hang on the wall and a Pippi Longstocking reflector. And a book with Klara’s favorite, Ingrid.

Fortunately Klara never gets candy at home, so she didn’t expect anything else. And I don’t think she could have been any happier either.

Happy Easter!


Kids’ Birthday Party With No Added Sugar


  1. Steve Courmanopoulos
    I was so sure it would have been foie-gras! Looks like chocolate... :-)
  2. Welldun
    Happy Easter Doc and family! That is the biggest Easter egg I've ever seen. Klara is such a cutie, am loving the hair!
  3. Frances
  4. Barb
    I absolutely love it when people buck the trends, especially when it comes to our sugar obsessed society. Absolutely every holiday and event is somehow linked to food, and that food is usually sugar and carb soaked CRAP. For some reason, people think that kid's bodies can handle (metabolize) all of that sugar without ill effects. They could not be more wrong, as evidenced by rising obesity and diabetes rates in kids, along with allergies and behavioural disorders to name a few.
  5. Julie
    I just think that once the *norm* is set, the majority of people feel guilty for stepping out of bound. I love the idea of offering a couple small gift to please rather than shitty candy. Granted there's room for appreciation of a nice piece of chocolate vs an abundance of shitty palm oil chocolate pretense.
  6. ailades
    What, no colored boiled eggs? My first year not buying candy for Easter and first year on lchf. Lost over 30 lbs since September.
  7. Laurene Weichman
    She is so cute, happy Easter to you and your family.
  8. Zepp
    Now a days the easter eggs in sweden is for at least a pound of candy.. and thats the normal ones.. there are bigger! :(

    And some of the candy companys make about 1/4 of anual sell in the Easter holiday! :(

    And on top of that.. easter in sweden is a mix of christian and hedonic traditions!

    Easter fires, crackers and whitches.. mostly child dresses like whitches, that supose to ride on a broome and ride on that to Blåkulla!

  9. Anita
    Happy Easter to you, your family and team.
  10. Robbin Hayman
    I too was a sucker for my two daughters at that age! Great pictures. These days I choose dark chocolate with an 85% minimum of cocoa solids. It's still low carb high fat as there is little room for sugar. The german brand Vivani make a whopping 92% dark chocolate which is sweetened with coconut flower sugar. Tastes great after weight training!
  11. Kat
    As a kid i preferred stuff to candy as gifts. Candy is eaten quickly and disappears, stuff you play with for ages. I wonder if that's a common preference and that's why food manufacturers put toys into packets of food. When we lived in Italy I favoured a brand of potato chips not for the chips but for the toy inside!


    Have you tried just roasted cacao beans? They have now come on the market and there's no sugar in them at all, obviously. Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco sells bags of roasted Madagascar beans. If you like very very dark chocolate, you might really enjoy just the roasted beans. I love having a few with my coffee in the morning. I get al the benefits of chocolate without any sugar at all and the bitter is a nice compliment to the sweetness of the cream in the coffee.

  12. murray
    We celebrated our first year without an Easter Egg having barbequed rabbit for dinner the day before Easter. So long, Easter Bunny.
  13. Jan
    Lovely to read this and Klara looks so happy .... thanks for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  14. Christine
    I never gave my children chocolate either but when they went to school their friends felt sorry for them and shared it with them :(
  15. JL
    Welldun I agree. The hair is adorable!
  16. Mark
    What a beautiful smile on an excited girl! A lovely post.

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