Dropped ten dress sizes with LCHF!


A recent e-mail from a reader with an impressive success story:


I’ve dropped 10 sizes and 64 lbs (29 kg) since the beginning of the year. All this from LCHF. I’m strict with my diet and I’m feeling great. Previously I used to run half marathons, but an injury prevented me from running for many years, and then the pounds piled up on me…

I’m attaching before and after pictures. You are welcome to publish these as an inspiration for others.



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  1. FrankG
    Congratulations! Good for you :-)
  2. 1956okie
    Wow! Hard to believe it's the same person. Looks more like mother and daughter side by side. Way to go!!
  3. T.
    Wow! That is super motivational! Great job!
  4. Olivia
    Hey all! I've been doing LCHF for about 2 weeks now and I haven't lost anything yet. I'm not complaining exactly, I just want to know how to improve my diet. My daily diet is approximately 5% carb, 25% protein, 70% fat. I didn't track calories at the beginning because I was under the impression that LCHF does not necessitate calorie-counting (calorie-counting is something I hate the most from traditional diets). Recently I tracked calories for two days and my daily consumption is around 2200 calories. I know that is a lot for me (24 year old female 167cm 150lbs) but that's how much I'm naturally eating. Should I restrict myself and start planning out my meals according to the calories?

    Thanks for any input!

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  5. Marcy
    I can't wait to see what replies you get to this. I was also gaining weight with LCHF so I just decided to eat a healthy diet but I don't eat anything after noon. Lost 17 pounds doing this. Not idea,l but didn't know any other way.
  6. Ondrej
    Another LCHF success story? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! ROLFMAO!

    What a riot!

    This website represents shows 22 “success stories” (just because Tommy Runesson was displayed four times, it does not count as four success stories).

    A cursory analysis of this data reveals:

    1. Only one (Micke) can be considered a success story.
    2. Fourteen are clearly still overweight.
    3. Seven cannot be determined.

    Why seven cannot be determined? Because they are all dressed up in the after photo. Thus, they could be wearing garter belts to contain/reshape overflowing adipose tissue, like Dr. Eade$ admitted he did for a television show. In some cases, you can see a beer belly through the clothes.

    Isn’t that strange that these seven “success stories” in a Swedish website – a country at the vanguard of progressive nations of the world as far as acceptance of nudity – subjects are so reticent?

    Now, I am not proposing nudity on this site. However, a bathing suite that shows the abs – two-piece for girls and one piece for men – should be mandatory, even though some of the so-called “successful men” should wear a two-piece, right FrankG?

    Some LCHFers will contend that even though they are still fat, their health markers improved, right FrankG? Ignoring global statistics showing that the higher the weight the higher the probabilities of contracting a deadly disease.

    People get fat because they eat more than they need. They are gluttons. Some switch their carbo gluttony towards steak, whiskey and unsweetened chocolate, right FrankG. Of course, if they have a substance abuse problem, they should seek help ASAP.

    Bottom line: only one of 22 can be clearly considered a success story.

  7. Welldun
    My comment is for Olivia and Marcy...not Ondrej, I have no connection to that person. Not sure how exactly to say this but here goes: it's possible to overeat calorie-wise and while maybe not gaining, you could stop weight loss. I do things my own way...always. In my case I don't have much luck if I eat three or four small meals a day...for me this is just too much. I adopted Peter Attia's method - I eat when I'm hungry - if I'm not hungry I don't eat. I usually end up eating once a day, normally in the evening. So, in my case at least, intermittent fasting is part of a normal day. Some days I may eat twice but not usually. I'm also diabetic (T2) and it's been perfect for making blood sugar behave (am down to just metformin now and plan to drop it as soon as I lose another 20ish pounds.) Everyone is different but you may well be overeating some. It gets much easier to stop when you're full, it may take some practice though.
  8. Galina L.
    I commented several times before on stories about extremely successful weight loss on LC diets featured on Dr. Andrea's blog.I consider it to be a public service on my part. Unfortunately, such stories belong to the category "the best way scenario" , many , if not most, do not experience such fast fat loss till the desirable size, however, more typical for a female would be the fast loss of 20 lb, then more gradual weight loss or even stall on a weight-loss plateau. You will have to find out by yourself why you do not loose weight. It could be several reasons, it is possible to overeat even the food without carbohydrates, eat too much nuts, a lot of people can't loose weight consuming milk products, especially cheeses. I am gaining weight quickly if I add Mascarpone cheese in my diet. However, I think that LC diet gave me a huge advantage compare to anything else I tried before because I am not hungry eating such food, I can be completely satisfied eating too meals a day. If it is your case, try to eliminate snacks, eat within 8 hours time window.

    I have been living on a LC diet for last 6 years for health reasons, and I lost very slowly totally 30 lb, and now weight-stable with minor fluctuations.

    I suggest you to check Dr.Eades archives proteinpower.com for more hands-on information about weight-loss on a LC diet, but keep in mind that everybody has a unique situation, and all information out there are suggestions, but not a manual how to reach your goals..

  9. laza
    Anyone here can write whatever he/she feels like... let's see...

    Hi, I was wondering, I'm on LCHF diet for a full year now, and I actually gained 50lbs. I eat up to 20gr carbs/day and exercise a lot. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.. anyone has any ideas?

    But no, actually, I'm on LCHF for a year and a half by now, and I lost 40lbs total. I started by slowly reducing carbs (wasn't easy), and got down to 20gr/day since about half a year ago. And yes, I exercise a good amount. My blood-work was so and so, and now is almost picture perfect.

    So... there. The second version is actually true. The first one was to make a point.

  10. BR

    The 1st Law of Thermodynamics still applies, even on the LCHF. What LCHF does for most people is it naturally reduces their appetite. However, if you're a "habitual" eater, i.e. used to eating at certain times in a day and/or you eat fixed amounts of food, or if you eat for emotional reasons then you probably won't lose weight and you need to look at your caloric intake. Yours sounds quite a bit high for weight loss.

    I had to cut my daily caloric balance to 1500 Cal per day to achieve a 1lb/week weight loss, and I'm a male, 174cm, 157lbs now. Eating "as I wish" did not work for me either. I wasn't gaining weight but I was not losing it(or very little) either. LCHF simply allowed me to lose weight very comfortably without being hungry at all.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  11. PFrancis
    Ondrej - a response to your post.

    I have been trying to follow a LCHF programme and have been losing weight - not at the same rate as some of the people on this website - but when I follow it it works.

    More to the point my fitness has improved dramatically (I am doing lots of exercise, which is much easier for me when I stick to LCHF) and my mood has as well (I have had long-term clinical depression which drugs and therapy don't so far help much). How do I know it's the LCHF that helps my mood? Easy. If I stick to it I feel better. If I don't I feel washed out and bloated and I don't sleep properly.

    As I continue to change my diet (and I mean diet in the sense of lifetime habits, not a temporary fix before carrying on as before) I expect lots more weight to go.

    But much more important than any weight loss (and I am seriously overweight) is the improved sense of well-being which I feel day to day. This is not a success story in any terms which you would recognise but for me it is. I have a long way to go but LCHF has put me on a track which is vastly better than the one I was on before.

    One more thing. You mention gluttony. I have tried to lose weight before and indeed lost a lot on a very low calorie diet. I would not recommend this - I have never before or since been as hungry as I was after that (NB not on the diet itself - I did not feel hunger much at all while on the diet). What did I eat? Lots of carbs (I had not investigated LCHF then and very much wish I had). If I want to overreat (and why would I?) the programme is very simple. Eats lots of carbs. I will then get ravenously hungry just in time (actually some time before) for my next meal (plate of stodge) and feel tired and miserable as well. No doubt you would tell me this hunger and misery is a moral failure on my part. I don't agree - I think it is the effect of eating the wrong food.

    The more I find this works the easier it gets to follow it. And every time I read one of your posts I find it easier as well. Please keep doing what you're doing. Just don't assume that it is having the effect you appear to want.

  12. Myfanwy

    You know what?I If there is a garter belt that "reshapes flowing adipose tissue" to the extent that you're suggesting (plus presumably some anti-gravity effects as well, unless you think they all lied about the numbers on the scale?) then I'd very much like to get me one of those!

    In the meantime, I'll carry on with LCHF, keep losing weight, keep feeling better and keep trying to show respect and understanding for people who are living their lives differently, or who maybe haven't yet found what works for them.

    Why *are* you so angry all the time? If you feel that you have the answers, then share them with kindness, don't waste time with the judgemental sweeping generalizations....please?


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  13. Galina L.
    I think people who disapprove of gluttony, should support a LC diet. I finally stopped my obsession with food after I seriously limited carbohydrates in my diet. and many report normalization of their appetite and disappearance of craving for sweets.
    We can disagree about how to measure a success, but is not it reasonable to choose a diet regiment which is more easy to stick with on a long run without being miserable?
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  14. Paul
    "...Why *are* you so angry all the time?..."

    Ondrej is suffering from classic, text-book case of Grandiose Narcissist. It is best to leave him alone.

  15. Rina
    Yes, enough with negativity.
    I would love to hear more details though. Specificly how did she eat, excercise and most of all how did she handle setbacks, social situations, hunger, cravings etc.
    I love it that she's smiling in the before, usually before pics are sad....
  16. Myfanwy
    "I finally stopped my obsession with food after I seriously limited carbohydrates in my diet"

    So true!

    Personally, I now feel the way I imagine "naturally" skinny people feel - I can go without a meal or two without worrying about it, I mostly don't feel any need to snack and my weight is just sort of gently drifting downwards without much in the way of thought or effort. I feel,like many following an LCHF way of eating, that I've somehow fixed or normalized my biochemistry so I'm not constantly fighting inappropriate impulses which if one was feeling judgemental could probably well be labelled "sloth and gluttony"!

    Anyway, many congratulations to the lady in this post, who looks amazing, and even happier in the second photo!


  17. Artemis67
    To Olivia and Marcy:

    My experience with LCHF over time has been extremely positive. But I did not lose massive amounts of weight right away. It's generally been slow but steady loss, with the occasional "stall," but also the occasional short burst of rapid fat loss.

    I'm 46, only moderately active, and to lose weight I do need to reduce my caloric intake. Currently, I am eating about 1600/day, and am virtually never hungry at that limit (and on rare days when I am, I just eat a bit more--I assume my body must really need it).

    That said, in the beginning, as I adapted to burning fat for fuel, I was ravenous and ate everything in sight! That's a normal response. But if you stick to LCHF, eventually your appetite will plummet. It seems to take 2-3 weeks for most people; it took me 3.5, and I've seen one fellow who took 6 weeks to get there (but that's extreme). Once the "drop" happened, I was no longer hungry all the time, and when I am hungry now it doesn't take much to satisfy me. I do IF naturally, eating only in the late afternoons, and I'm never hungry the rest of the time.

    And even if I hadn't lost any weight, I'd still eat this way because it has finally freed me from the constant cravings and obsessive thinking about food that plagued me for most of my life. I did all kinds of self-analysis, saw therapists, and read countless books on disordered eating and the emotional problems behind them, but I was still bingeing on junk food and massive amounts of rice, bread, potatoes, and pasta, and nothing I did seemed to help. Once I made the switch to LCHF, all of that stopped.

    No more constant, gnawing cravings, no more thinking about what I was going to eat next, no more impulsive junk-food purchases at the supermarket, no more eating until I am stuffed and still wanting more. That my compulsions and addictive behaviors surrounding food were not emotional, but rather *physiological* came as a huge shock. But I am so, so happy to finally be free of it all, and to be able to replace self-loathing and self-blame with a real solution that WORKS.

  18. Paul the rat
    Ketogenic diet does not affect strength performance in elite artistic gymnasts


  19. Marcy
    Thanks for your insight, Artemis67. I will agree that even without as much weight loss as some others experience with LCHF, it is the best way of eating to keep from thinking about your next meal an hour after you have eaten. I will keep with it, like you said, and even without much weight loss, I do believe it is the best way to eat, especially for people like me who are very sensitive to sugars and other carbs. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.
  20. Rina
    Dear Artemis67
    I would really like to learn more about how you ate. I have been on lc but also calorie reduced diet for the past year (medifast), transitioned and gained a little weight since discovering Paleo :-) i have cravings and obsessed with food a lot. Would really like to figure out how to eat healthy, not feel starved/hungry and obsessively think about food, what and when I will eat and make. Ibwant to drop 15lbs and I want to be able to maintain without fussing and fighting with myself about food. I would really appreciate tips and guidance with some specifics. It is really comforting to hear that the cravings go away after 2-4 weeks.
  21. Michelle
    Well done!! So good to see this wonderful success story.

    High carb eating leaves me so very hungry and with terrible mood swings. I find LCHF hard to stick to sometimes, but I always go back to the LCHF after a period of high carb eating because of the control it gives me. I love only eating twice a day and not feeling hungry, as someone said above, it must feel like being a skinny person, in control and able to say no.

    Calories do matter, so be your own scientist and do some research. By this I mean n=1. You are unique and what works for you will not work for me. I don't count calories. I start a LCHF campaign by eating exactly what I want of LCHF food for about 6 or 7 weeks. I don't lose a pound normally, but once this period of time is over I adjust the diet to include IF and then I start to lose; it is like magic. I find that a LCHF diet 'steers' you automatically towards intermittent fasting. You have to be eating this way for a few weeks to feel this, but when it happens you really begin to feel in control.

    So why can't I stick to it all the time? I live in a world that is full of temptation and sometimes pressure from family members is just too much. However, I am getting stronger. I guess willpower is important too. *sigh* I am also someone who has always eaten for comfort and out of boredom. I need a job :) Anyone want to employ a 45 year old, with great life experience?

    As to the troll, please don't feed it.

  22. BR
    Hi Rina, my experience is very similar to Artemis', and we're of similar age too, I'm 4 yrs older. I came up with the 1500cal/day regimen that looks roughly like this:

    Cup of broth with 1gm of salt
    Omelet with 2 eggs, 85g spinach, 50g green bell pepper, 40g sliced crimini mushrooms, made with 1 tblspoon coconut oil, 5-10g butter

    Or when I don’t have eggs for b-fast I have:
    1/2 avocado(50-60g)
    3oz of ham with plenty of fat(like 30%fat), definitely not lean ham
    Same cup of broth as above but I add 1tblspoon coconut oil and 10g of butter and mix it

    Salad with 85g salad greens, 50g cucumber, 40g sliced mushrooms made with 1 tblspoon of olive oil
    3oz of steamed wild salmon or smoked wild salmon
    10g of lard or 1oz hard cheese
    Cup of coffee with a teaspoon of heavy whipping cream

    50-80g of green beans or 80-100g broccoli with 20g of butter
    3oz of dark chicken meat, or pork, or beef
    1oz of macademia nuts
    1cup of broth with 1gm of salt

    That’s about 1600cal per day and I’ve been losing about 1lb per week. I take 30-40min brisk walk after dinner which gives me about 1500cal daily caloric balance. When I exercise I eat a bit more fat but keep my daily caloric balance at 1500cal.

    Sometimes I have cheese or nuts as a snack instead of a part of a meal so I adjust meals accordingly.

    I try to eat 1/2 avocado once a day and wild salmon(steamed or smoked) 4-5 times per week.

    I try to stay at 30g of carbs per day, about 70-90g protein and about 120-150g of fat. I use myfitnesspal app to track calories and composition of my meals. It does take some effort and I plan my meals the night before, it takes me about 15min.

    It's plenty of food for me and I lost carb cravings fairly quickly, I used to love carbs. What I like about my regimen is that there's plenty of food and zero hunger.

    Of course you have to adjust for your gender, possibly age, height, etc.

    I had to get pretty strict as my body did not like to part with body fat easily so I had to force the issue. I’m not one of those lucky people who report their weight just happily melting away on “unlimited” veggies, meats, cheese, nuts and avocados.

    I also check my blood ketones to make sure I’m burning fat.

    Hope this helps. If you have questions don't hesitate. Good luck.

  23. Rina
    Thank you very much BR. I usually eat more protein and less fat. I should play with it. Do you make your own broth?
  24. Marcy
    To Michelle: I have to agree with the IF (Intermittent fasting). I am 62 years old and had lost about 80 pounds on LCHF in my early 50's. When I my hormones got all crazy, I started gaining weight and went from 120 to 145, still doing LCHFbut the weight just kept going up. I finally got desperate and went to a weight expert diet doctor. She put me on several machines and told me to lose weight at my age, height, metabolism, etc, I would have to eat less than 1,300 calories a day. She even admitted this was not a great deal. I started really tracking my hunger and noticed I was eating dinner not because of hunger but because I had made it for my husband and was just joining him to keep him company. Since this was the case, I decided to only eat a LCHF breakfast and lunch and nothing after that until the next morning or afternoon. I am never hungry and sleep better and have lost 20 pounds so I am holding at about 125 now. Yes, I agree, IF does work, at least it did for me, it was just what I needed to stop the weight gain.
  25. BR
    Hi Rina, no problem.

    I make my own chicken broth by boiling a package of 6 free range drumsticks for about 2hrs and I make sure to add the right amount of salt. If you make your own broth you get to drink all the potassium which we need in addition to sodium. If I'm out of broth I use gluten free bullion cubes with 1g of sodium in it but that's the backup.

    I used to have more protein too, like 120-150g per day, but I found that it kept me out of ketosis so I rebalanced things a bit.

    And as far as fat goes I shoot for much more MUFA than PUFA.

  26. Rina
    BR, thanks a lot!!!! Very good and useful info you gave me here. I noticed you do not have tomatoes included in your veggies. Are you avoiding them?
    As to MUFA, would you include coconut butter in that group? And what about those macadamia nuts? yum yum.... ;-) love almonds and macadamia nuts as well as coconut flakes..... if only I could eat them s l o w l y and enjoy them longer. something with the nuts triggers fat brain for me. they don't fill me up, I always want more.
  27. BR
    Hi Rina,

    No problem with tomatoes, or a lot of other veggies for that matter, as long as they're low in carbs. I just plug them into myfitnesspal to keep track of my carbs.

    I've never tried coconut butter, here's what I've found googling for it:

    Coconut butter is like coconut oil but it also contains some of the coconut meat itself. Ingredients (in Artisana brand): "100% organic raw coconut." Nutrition facts per 2 Tbsp: 153 fat cals (17g fat), 2g protein, 7g carbs, 5g of which is dietary fiber. So 2g net carbs.

    My rule is I try to stay at 10g of carbs per meal so since it's got 7g of carbs if I were to eat it I'd have it instead of my 1/2 avocado for example or something along those lines. I use straight carb calculation, not net carbs.

    By the way coconut butter is all SFA, just like oil. I don't shy away from sat. fat at all, and use it liberally. Most of the fat I eat is SFA, so I add olive oil, olives, avocados, macademia, cashews, etc. as they're high in MUFA.

    As far as the nuts go I'm in the same boat: if I'm hungry I can inhale all 30g in a second. ;-) So I usually have nuts after a meal, usually after dinner, and I measure one serving and put it in a small bowl and that's it. I don't think my metabolism would allow me to load up on them uncontrollably. Sometimes when my mouth wants to keep busy I can have some in-shell sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or pistachios instead, an ounce will last you for a while. Since I'm a proud member of the clean plate club I have to make sure that what goes on the plate is what I will have.

    However, after I dumped sugar, wheat, and then other grains I really lost a lot of cravings. I have no problems turning down cakes and other things I used to love, like fruit for example. Now I use fruit very sparingly.

    I feel that LCHF really throttled down my appetite quite a bit.

  28. Rina
    :-) Thanks BR, you're funny
    I can't wait to be free of cravings...:-)
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  29. Paul the rat
    Rina please read about coconut oil, just PubMed or google it, coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (around 65%) These fats are of great benefit to our health. Personally I consume 4 tablespoons of coconut oil per day. I do not go over 1% energy from PUFA. My energy intake is mostly from saturated fats.
  30. Galina L.
    Guys, please, remember, if something has great health benefits , it is still not the reason to eat it in ample amounts and expect to loose weight. Adding 4 table spoons of coconut oil to your diet could be way too much if you want to loose weight. Experiences are not always match.
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  31. Rina
    Galina I agree, it is also different for men, I am a woman turning 45 in few months, my metabolism and hormones are not what they used to be when I was in my twenties..... :-) ha ha
  32. Paul the rat
    I agree too. I just indicated my personal intake. My total energy intake from fats is +- 75 - 80% but it does not mean that I consume 4000 Cal/day. It could be 75% of 1000 Cal, and I said it incorrectly, I consume UP TOO 4 tablespoons of coconut oil/day.
  33. Zepp
    It took me three months before anything happend.. probably it mostly happend in my mind.. befor I was sensing the new apetite signaling!

    You know.. there is no magic thing about LCHF.. its about eating real food.. and no more carbs than one need.. and substitute those carbs with fat.

    But then after that.. one have to make some changes in ones habbits and those are morely in ones mind!

    Now a days I eats only twice a day.. its enough.. and one can eat big portions and then one is full very long time!

  34. BR
    Galya, very true.

    1st Law of Thermodynamics still applies: there has to be a negative caloric balance to achieve weight loss.

    So during the weight loss phase on LCHF it's the same low carb and moderate protein intake but less fat so the rest can come from the fat stores. Once target weight is achieved then more fat to balance it out.

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  35. BR
    Hey Rina,

    So maybe the next set of dietary experiments should be conducted on you since some people have really piled on Sam Feltham for his dietary escapades on other threads? A middle aged lady vs a young, lean and mean fat burning machine. ;-) lol

  36. Rina
    BR, you're too funny! I'll do it :-) just give me a menu and it better include chocolate as fat source!
  37. Zepp
    Chocolate butter is a healty and saturated fat.. quite expensive but good in deserts.
  38. Galina L.
    I feel uneasy when people mention the first law of thermodynamics when they talk about loosing weight by human beings because it doesn't apply well . For example, macro-composition of food matters because we affect hormones in our body with the food we consume (so, 2000 calories in sugar or bread is not the same as 2000 calories consumed in fat meat), it is next to impossible to compensate a wrong diet with an exercise, especially for a person who is well adapted to it. It is impossible to predict a weight gain or lost based on calories count, eating regiment matters.

    I would say it is the matter of priorities - get the macro-nutrient content right, if it doesn't work, change the amount of food.

  39. BR
    Hi Galya,

    While I agree with you that a human body is a bit more complex than a tea kettle the 1st Law still applies and works just fine.

    Here's what Dr. Attia had to say about this:

    Quote 1

    Key concept #3 – current dogma

    Conventional wisdom, perhaps better referred to as Current Dogma, says that you gain weight because you eat more than you expend. This is almost true! To be 100% true, it would read: when you gain weight, it is the case that you have necessarily eaten more than you expended. Do you see the difference? It’s subtle but very important — arguably more important than any other sentence I will write. The first statement says over-eating caused you to get fat. The second one says if you got fat, you overate, but the possibility remains that another factor led to you to overeat.

    If you believe Current Dogma, of course you’ll believe that “calories count” and that counting them (and minimizing them) is the only way to lose weight.

    Quote 2

    "All calories are not created equally: The energy content of food (calories) matters, but it is less important than the metabolic effect of food on our body."

    Here's the entire article: http://eatingacademy.com/nutrition/do-calories-matter

    You've made a valid point about the nutrient composition, of course, however my point was that it still makes sense to count calories after you switch to LCHF because you can still lose weight, keep your weight stable, or gain weight. And the 1st Law is the method we'd have to use to do the accounting.

  40. Galina L.
    but the first low just doesn't say what my body does with that energy. The first law is about conservation of energy in closed thermodynamic systems, while during weight loss we have to overcome one of lows of alive organism - homeostatic state, By dieting we unleash a very power body reaction to keep constant body weight. Do you remember how we discussed to the death the article of that poor healthy life-style correspondent of NYT Terry Parker "The Fat Trap" http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/01/magazine/tara-parker-pope-fat-trap....
    "It was almost as if weight loss had put their bodies into a unique metabolic state, a sort of post-dieting syndrome that set them apart from people who hadn't tried to lose weight in the first place." Counting calories could be helpful for a very organised person, but it doesn't help to see the whole picture what is going on in your body. The body demands could keep changing.

    After switching to a LC diet, I had to gradually make adjustments because my body resisted the occurring weight loss. It was a period during first year, may be two, when I could eat more than usual without gaining weight during Christmas seasons as long as food stayed LC (nut flour deserts with sugar substitutes, more deli meats in addition to usual two eggs breakfast),. Nowadays my body still is trying to return to the weight it was 6 years ago, and I resist it with two meals a day high in fat but low in a volume. My goal is to avoid usual post-diet problems - ravaging appetite and lethargy. Iron will doesn't work 100% of the time, even if you count calories, so the solution is in the food which provides satiety and the eating pattern which limits possible overeating..

  41. BR
    Wow Galya, quite a struggle...

    How much weight did you lose?

    Are you in nutritional ketosis? And if no, have you tried it?

  42. Rina
    What is nutritional ketosis?
  43. Zepp
    Nutritional ketosis is diet induced.. low carbs and more fat!

    Starving ketosis is lack of food.. and post excersise ketosis is caused of high energy utilization over a longer period and higher performance!

  44. Galina L.
    Actually, being in nutritional ketosis at least half of the time is one of main reasons for me to eat a LC diet, it is the way for me to control my migraines. I started LCarbing when I reached the lowest point health-wise at 46 years old (everything went out of control - migraines, too frequent infections, low leg edema, allergies, I even passed two kidney stones, hot flashes started) and stopped being able to control creeping weight gain with usual healthy diet and too much exercise. So, I gained 26 lbs between 45 and 46 yo without being able to do anything about it, with LCarbing I lost 30 and kept it off to the amazement of my doctor. I was not really too fat, just lost control over everything. All that took place at 2007.

    Sorry for giving an impression of relentless fighter. I didn't mean to be obnoxious. It is just that the first law of thermodynamic phrase set me off. You know - law is law, it works no matter what you believe, or how you slice your evidence. During 6 years of experimenting with LC I had a chance observing some paradoxes, like milk products somehow made weight-loss more difficult, or the same amount of food eaten in two setting 6 hours apart caused weight loss, but divided in small meals didn't, the same calories-wise amount of fish was less satiating that lamb, especially cooked medium-rare. Looks like laws of biochemistry at work here.

    A lot of people with neurological health issues and compromised mental health , even heat flashes, find relieve eating a ketogenic diet (< 30 grams of carbohydrates a day) . If you are curious, GOOGLE "Your brain on ketones" by Dr. Emily Dean. In US such diet even used in hospitals for the children with a difficult to control epilepsy. Such diet makes mood very stable and kills hunger. The original medical ketogenic diet is hard to handle, contains too much O6 oils, could leave patients undernourished by reducing proteins too much, but the Atkins induction phase works as well while being way more palatable. There are more theraputic application. My mom normalized her blood pressure without meds on a LC diet, my son who has no reasons to care about his weight go to a LC diet briefly when he feels he could be fighting a flue. It is worth experimenting from my point of view. I would put everyone with a head injury or a stroke in ketosis.

  45. BR
    Hi Rina,

    In addition to what Zepp and Galina already said here's some extra info from a different angle.

    Human body can run on either glucose or fat. In the modern times our source of glucose of course is dietary carbohydrate. We consume fats in the form of triglycerides. After a meal carbs are turned into glucose and must be cleared very quickly from the bloodstream. Some of it is burned right away and leftovers are stored in our muscles and our liver as glycogen to be used later. The remainder, if any, is converted into fat and stored you know where in the form of triglycerides.

    However, there's another possibility. If we restrict carbs to 20-30g a day, a very low number by today's standards, our body will switch to fat stores. Our muscles and organs will start using fat as their main energy source. Our brain cannot use fat directly and it needs about 600cal of energy daily so it would get very unhappy without glucose. Fortunately our liver converts fat into ketone bodies which our brain can use quite happily instead of glucose.

    Unfortunately the switch from one type of fuel(carb) to another(fat) doesn't happen on the fly, it takes a few weeks for our body to switch from carbs to fat as the main fuel source. But once you're "keto adapted" your body runs quite happily with some possibly major metabolic benefits.

    We probably developed this way in the process of evolution to begin with as the switch to carb dominated diets occurred relatively recently, like less than 10k years ago with beginning of agriculture. Before agriculture dietary carbs must've been hard to come by most of the year in colder climates, right?

    FYI I haven't made any of this stuff up: it is very well explained for example in "Art and science of low carb living" and "Art and science of low carb performance" by drs. Phinney and Volek which live in nutritional ketosis themselves.

    And if biochemistry is something you enjoy here's another interesting read by Dr. Attia who also lives in NK:


    Hope this helps. If you have furhter questions - shoot.

  46. BR
    Hey Galya, no worries on my end: I enjoyed our exchange and that's all to it. And, I got to read an interesting article in the process. How bad can that be, eh? ;-)

    Sorry to hear about your struggles, I hope this thing works for you. I intend to stay in NK as I like the feeling of unlimited energy. Like yesterday I went to play soccer with my 11y/o running machine and we played for about 3hrs after which my muscles were sore but I felt like I had energy for another 3 hours, pretty amazing feeling.

    BTW do you happen to know where I can get nutritional info on this deli meat called Koreika?

  47. Galina L.
    According to a GOOGL search in Russian language for images of koreika
    , koreika is the equivalent of pork chops, however the one I saw in stores as a deli meat should be very similar in a nutritional composition to a bacon, may be slightly fatter, the only difference is in a preparation - the koreika is smoked at high temperature and could be eaten without cooking. BTW, there are a lot of interesting full-fat foods for a LCarber in ethnic stores. Not necessary from Russia, mostly from New York and Pennsylvania . Many ethnic stores carry fatty things locally made which regular American supermarkets do not sell. For example, I regularly buy a 25% Canadian sour-cream (made in a Pennsylvania) in a Russian food store, even though I never saw that thing while living in Canada. I recommend to everyone a hot-smoked mackerel, canned cod liver,salmon fish eggs and a salted herring. I don not work at or own any store.
  48. Rina
    BR, Galina & Zepp, thanks a lot for all the info. Keep it coming. My body seems to be adjusting very well to LCHF. In the past week i felt really good, full of energy and although haven't measured myself accurately i can feel it by the clothes, i have a little more room in my jeans :-) accordijg to scale, seems like I dropped a little over 3lbs. I am not logging every bite but i do try, i'm around 50-60g carbs, 85g protein 65g fat although i think i get more fat since i don't log the butter i make eggs with. I still have appetite between meals, but i don't have the crazy craving that I had before for sweets and chocolate. I have full fat or 2% fage greek yogurt when want a snack and try to opt for cucumber, bell peppers & other veggies and a TBS of occasional coconut butter. My killer secret is fat bomb, made with 1/2 c coconut butter (or oil), 1/2 c almond or other nut butter, 2tbs unsweetened cocoa powder, put into 8 cupcake liners, in fridge. I hope that in few weeks my appetite will stabilize and i can reduce snacks, carbs and protein a little. I think that my extra carbs come from nuts and nut butter that I have for snack. I need to drop only 15lbs. Then I'll need to figure out what it takes to maintain. BR I totally agree with you about the energy. It's the best thing ever!
  49. G
    Based on my experience ,I see some red flags in your eating. I would totally drop that Greek Yogurt and all milk products except heavy cream and butter, and use a coffee with heavy cream instead of your fat bomb from the fridge as a killing appetite snack. Green tee is effective in suppressing appetite for some people. If you eat any grains, remove it from you diet too. I struggled to unlearn snacking as you do now, that site was the major help http://gettingstronger.org/2010/11/learning-to-fast/
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