Dr William “Wheat Belly” Davis on The Dr Oz Show!

Wheat Belly på Dr Oz

Is food made out of wheat flour addictive? Does it result in weight gain and disease? That’s what Dr William Davis claims in his book Wheat Belly.

After spending a long time at (or close to) the top of the New York Times bestseller list Dr Davis was finally invited to the very popular The Dr Oz Show. Nobody likes whole grains more than Dr Oz, so kudos to him.

Dr Davis gave a great performance. And I mostly agree with him – apart from the claim that wheat affects the brain like heroin and makes us eat 440 calories more per day. That seems more sensation-seeking than scientific.

On the other hand wheat can certainly result in extreme blood sugar elevations, insulin spikes and fat storage. I also love Dr Davis’ analogy between whole grain flour and filtered cigarettes (just because something is less bad doesn’t mean it’s good). I often use that analogy myself. Hearing it on this whole grain-loving show was fantastic.

All in all a victory for low carb in America.

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  1. Dave
    Dr William Davis is overweight.

    Why would I take weight loss advice from someone who is fat?

    This is like asking men how to give child birth.

  2. Sandra Graham
    What did watch dr. Davis made very best claims about wheats .sugars loved ones about corn starch etc . never dreamed they were such bombshells to think the shortbread ate this Christmas wuth icing sugar & corn starch no wonder am so sick in New Year now this is first year have indulged in baking at holiday season for long time oh was I sick the stress in my life & also have a diabetes 2 daughter who is allergicto almost all foods her condition is genetic since irth so no wonder am sick just watching her & polio ridden hubby who can't digest food properly & constipated all time wonder why am sick with symtoms call it sympathy suggestion likely for myself as for Dr Davis he's part oriental so may be part of his build not neccessarily he's fat usually oriental people are quite healthy as their diets are mostly fish & rice based at least used to be so what chance do poor people like us have when all foods are contaminated with additives & pesticides believe me to eat organis is very expensive tried it so now grow own garden veggies as much as room I have living in modular court this Spring will build my own greenhouse from DIY internet with old windows & some work to place them like a prism for sunshine to get benefit of thegoodness for herbs etc. have also experimented for two years with gardening in pots for veggies quite good so now next step also have been active since 35 years old with gym work & waking - jogging now walking as stress on joints too hard to push them that way take vitamins 7 probiotics to help gut maintain good balance yet still have trouble wonder if my age & stress level render all efforts useless worked so hard since 30's to see it all go for nothing now Dr. Oz hard to take love your show . Sandra Graham
  3. Joseph
    Hello Chris Rasmussen MD, MS
    I just found this post and am so happy to see someone with some measurable intelligence finally clear up the whole Wheat Belly thing. Davis' cult members are nuts, and it's really hard to make much sense of them. All I ever read are quotes, such as:

    "But.. but.. Dr. Davis is GOD! I lost 40 lbs in a week, my joints don't ache, I sleep great, my hair started growing back, I have better sex, my dog came back from the dead, my acne cleared up, I feel so much better!"

    I totally agree with your analysis. I too have the Wheat Belly book, and noticed the 'bait and switch' going on as well. I'm surprised and disappointed more people haven't noticed.

    I think they're just so happy to have their dog come back from the dead.

  4. Gary M
    What I do know is that the grains we eat since the industrial revolution is not the same as the grains for the previous 10,000 years of written history. Then around the 1938, FDA ruled to enrich foods because the bran and germ were taken out of the grain(s). The joke around the 1960's is that Wonder bread puts back in 8 nutrients but takes out twice that amount. Today's fertilizers don't even have the elements needed for healthy wheat/corn to make the plants strong enough to resists pests so the new crops need pesticides..... The crops today are not the same as the crops/food was thousands of years ago.
  5. Sandra Graham
    Have been trying to delete this notice from my contacts to do with Dr. Oz internet however have just been learning about Windows 6 to get organized with all contacts please be advised that don't wish to subscribe to your link so am unsubsribing as of now hope that this gets to you all right thank you . Sandra Graham . PS: please don't be in touch with me again thank you .
  6. Perder barriga
    Very Good!


  7. Melanie
    I must admit that the diet-war that is currently going on on the internet starts to drive me nuts. Why is it so difficult for people to see the truth? People that ban animal products swear on grains and people that ban grains swear on animal products. And they are both right - and they are both wrong. How stupid is that? Grains are totally detrimental to human health and should be avoided at all cost (and YES wheat has opium-like substances in it that trigger addiction....read up on that). On the other hand all animal-products have now for ages found to be causing all type of disease and should be avoided at all cost as well. The conclusion: NO animal-products of any type. NO grains of any type. RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES (mostly fruit though) is what human physiology is made for. Why? Because science says so. Easy right?
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  8. Stephen
    When I first read your comment, I thought it was meant as a joke. You do realize that one of the primary tenets of this site is that eating saturated fats, particularly animals fats, is good for health? There is no good evidence of which I am aware that the consumption of animal products is deleterious to human health. None. Studies such as the once celebrated "China Study" have been shown to be invalid in their conclusions. Eating only " RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES (mostly fruit though) " would be a very poor diet for most people, resulting in many of the problems we see with a high carbohydrate diet.

    If you comment was meant in jest, please ignore this reply. If it was not, then you may need to do more study of diet and nutrition. I would suggest Denise Minger's book "Death by Food Pyramid" or "The Big Fat Surprise" by Nina Teicholz.



  9. Maria N
    I do believe that Wheat is Evil. Right up there with sugar. Ive lost 100 pounds. For the most part I eat 1 ingredient foods. No processed foods. Fruits and nuts. No bread, bagels, cereals, pastas. No canned soups. Cheese, eggs, meats, poultry are good. I occasionally have chocolate the 90% cocoa. I even have a unopened box of cheerios on my kitchen table. its been sitting there for almost a year. I eat many salads. I use to be bad for eating wheat. Rye bread with cheese whiz, a double whammy. I could almost eat half a loaf no problem. Id order a medium pizza and eat the whole thing. No donuts, no muffins. I just don't crave wheat anymore. I doesn't bother me anymore. No beer either. I have my morning coffee then water the rest of the day. The fellow who says Dr. Davis is fat give your head a shake. I don't think he is. He may not be slim but he's not fat.
  10. Kristina
    This Wheat Belly way of eating is right on. I am a type 2 diabetic, I have lost 53 pounds in a year. Took away my arthritis pain in my joints almost immediately and has stabilized my blood sugar and blood pressure. I am 44 years old.
  11. Joe
    Great, another fad diet book written by another doctor who himself is fat. Yes he is fat. If you don't think so, your idea of fat is a bit warped. Humans are supposed to be lean.

    When will people realize that the reason these diets "work" is because they cut out all the processed garbage they were eating before. Carbohydrates are not evil. Wheat is not evil. Highly processed wheat products are bad for you. Wheat that has been stripped of all fiber and nutrients is bad for you. You think bagels and pizza and white bread is "wheat"? No people, that is highly processed wheat. Wheat in its whole grain form, yes even today's modified wheat, is very healthy (unless you are part of the less than 1% of the population with gluten intolerance. Yes less than 1%).

    Why does it always have to be extremes with these diets? The best diet you can follow would contain vegetables of all kinds, fruits, potatoes, legumes, whole grains, modest amounts of lean animal protein. Cut out the processed foods, the large quantities of dairy and fatty meats, the alcohol, the sugar. There's no magic diet out there. It's called eating a balanced diet of whole foods. It's whole foods people, none of this anti-wheat anti-carb crap. Your body is designed to eat carbs, just not the processed ones. A simple test is if your carb source has no fiber in it, it's not good. All this talk about blood sugar is irrelevant if you are eating fiberous foods.

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  13. Jessica
    The guy is making a lot of money off his book, so I'll give him that. The Wheat Belly cult are pretty devoted, too. This Davis guy has got a pretty good thing going for himself.
    Time will tell, I guess.
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  15. Jessica
    This is also an interesting article about the Wheat Belly fad:
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