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What does Dr. Ted Naiman eat in a normal day – and what macros does he recommend to his patients who start a low-carb diet? Here’s a new podcast episode of Keto Geek that you can listen to if you want to find out:

Keto Geek: Episode 25: The importance of protein and myths about protein overconsumption with Dr. Ted Naiman

Dr. Ted Naiman


Dr. Ted Naiman: Treating patients with low carb for 20 years

Dr. Ted Naiman on the best way to lose weight


  1. Adrian
    Nice responses to the questions, always appreciate how Dr. Naiman makes it as simple as it can be.

    Also, health *is* something you are supposed to have for free, that's a great point. I recently saw a doctor who frankly said, medicine is for the ill, not the well, and that's who it is meant for--and so let's get you out of the medical system, he said! That was great.

    Wellness is not something we ought to be making money on, other than information in books and other intellectual property--btw, second video/podcast on this site I've seen where the author of Protein Power is attributed to Dr. Michael Eades--its authors as we know are Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, and should be cited that way--as a journalist, for example, Ms. Nina Teicholz ought to know better! So should Dr. Ted Naiman.

  2. Dionne
    I was told I don't have enough enzymes to process protein. Will this be a problem on keto?
    I've been eating under 20 grams carbs for 2 1/2 weeks and I have lost 4 pounds.
  3. Mauricio
    Hola Kim Gajraj, Alguna posibilidad de obtener la traducción a español de este pod cast?. Un archivo plano, sólo texto?.

    Muchas gracias, Saludos.

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