Dr. Sarah Hallberg talks low carb and diabetes on FOX, plans a clinical trial

Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Dr. Sarah Hallberg – from the popular “Reversing Diabetes” TEDx-talk – was on FOX59 yesterday, talking about low carb and diabetes. Watch the clip above.

Dr. Hallberg is involved in an upcoming 2-year study at Indiana University, looking at the effect of low carb on reversing diabetes or pre-diabetes. If eligible you can still join the study and get support as well as medical supervision:

Indiana University Health: Medical Weight Loss Clinical Trial


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  1. Marcus
    Brava, Doctor. In February of this year, my A1C was 12.7, and my doctor pronounced me type-2 diabetic. I wen on a rigorous low-carb diet, plus metformin and moderate exercise (mainly walking and disc golf). In June, after sticking to it, my A1C was 5.5. People want real results and a way of life they can live with. This plan offers both. Thanks for speaking up.

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