Dr Robert “Fat Chance” Lustig on The Colbert Report

This is great. Two of my favorite people in the world: Dr Robert Lustig and Stephen Colbert. Here we get to see them both at the same time, if only for five minutes.

If you don’t even have five minutes to spare here’s the main message: Sugar is really, really bad for you. And here’s the book that tells you why.


  1. Joel
    Dr Malcolm Kendrick is my favourite, but dr Lustig is awright too.
  2. Steve
    Dr. Eenfeldt, why is it that you support what Dr. Lustig says on topics that suit your points of view but dismiss the matters he says that disagree 100% with what you say?
  3. FrankG
    Please give it a rest Steve... even if what you say is true -- which I very much doubt, especially the way you have overstated it "100%" :-0 -- does your world view NOT allow a difference of opinion in some matters, while agreement in others; between the same two people?

    Is your world populated with cowboys in only black hats, or white hats.... bad guys OR good guys? No room for shades of grey?

    You do realise (for example) that Einstein was not correct about everything he said either and had heated disagreements with others over quantum physics -- theories that are now generally accepted... should we throw out everything else he describes about the way the universe works, because we don't agree with some of the things he says?

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  4. Steve
    Just in case you're mistaken, the above Steve is not me, the guy who dislikes Bloombergs nanny state, but is in fact an imposter!! There should be laws!! :)
  5. Richard
    That actually was impressive - these shows must be terrifying to appear on because you have such a short time to get your point across and the host at the same time is trying to get some laughs at your expense. Kudos to Lustig.
  6. moreporkplease
    Wow, Dr. Lustig's lost some weight!! Has he gone paleo now, Andreas? Is he finally coming on board?
  7. Steve
    Give it a rest? It's the first and only time I've touched on this.
    In every single lecture I've seen of Dr. Lustig he says fruit is perfectly fine to eat, yet Dr. Eenfeldt says fruit should be avoided.
    That's odd.
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  8. FrankG
    Just as I suspected.. no shades of grey in your world :-)

    Dr Andreas suggesting to avoid fruit, in an effort to help lose excess fat mass, or overcome a fat loss plateau, is NOT the same as saying it is NOT "perfectly fine to eat"... do you see the difference... perhaps not... too subtle and nuanced for a black and white world of binary choices?

    Are you another who likes to construct straw-men arguments out of bits and pieces, taken out of context, or blown out of all proportion to reality and then prove how smart you must be to annihilate them?

  9. I seem to be missing out on not being able to watch this video via internet in the UK.
    Is there something you guys know that I don't that enables you to get round the fact that they are not "officially" available in the UK?

    For anyone wanting a more in-depth understanding of Lustig's current (Adv Nutr March 2013) point of view there is a useful open access paper here.
    Fructose: It’s “Alcohol Without the Buzz”

    You may also enjoy Health Correlator The 2013 PLoS ONE sugar and diabetes study: Sugar from fruits is harmless

    I think we should also pay attention to Declining Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Composition: What Is the Evidence?

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  10. Jo tB
    To both Steve's. Could both of you add a letter from your surname to your call sign. That way WE can distinguish beween the two of you.
    Much obliged.
  11. yuma
    For those of you that were looking up to NY Mayor Doomberg to save us from consuming too much sugar:


    "White man speaks with a forked tongue"

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  12. FrankG
    I hope you read ALL the way to the end of that article yuma?
  13. Zepp
    Next year we should have a picture of Lustig eating Twinkie and drinkin coke! ;)
  14. yuma
    FrankG (Frank Gore with the 49ers and the U?) April Fool's to u. ;)

    Being at the vanguard of the LCHF revolution does not mean we lose our sense of humor!

    Leave the dour demeanor for the defeated revanchist vegemaniacs and their allies in Big Agra, Big Pharma, the AMA, the ADA, the USDA and their fellow travelers.

  15. yuma
    Should we avoid almost zero calories natural sweeteners like stevia?
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  16. Zepp
    Its up to you how hard core you think you need/want to be!

    In Sweden Erythriol is the favorite among low carbers!

  17. I think all of you missed the point... we should be eating the boxes! obviously we can continue eating all the sugary stuff we want as long as we can eat the wrapper it came in. Want a ritz cracker? make it a sandwich. Just add the box for fiber!

    I've obviously missed the boat on this. Gotta run to Home depot and buy their cheap moving boxes. Fiber on the cheap!

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  18. Sunny
    If I wanted to eat something that tasted like cardboard I'd go back to being a vegetarian... unfortunately I enjoy life without arthitis and all the other aches and pains I had :D
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  19. Zepp
    It could solve the problem with palatability? ;)

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