Dr Oz Changes His Mind on Cholesterol!

Dr Oz

It seems that the fear of cholesterol is melting away. And the patents on the massively profitable cholesterol-lowering medications are starting to expire. Coincidence? We may never know.

A couple of days ago Dr Oz had a show (“the most important show that I’ve ever had on cholesterol”) on why “Everything you know about cholesterol is wrong”. He called it a “game changer”.

The message was probably familiar to many well-educated readers. Total cholesterol is an almost meaningless number. To get valuable information from cholesterol numbers means you have to look at them more closely: at HDL, LDL (including particle size) and triglycerides. If we do that the traditional message to avoid fat and cholesterol falls apart – it might lower your cholesterol somewhat but turn what you have into MORE harmful cholesterol.

Eating a low carb high fat diet might raise your total cholesterol a tiny amount (on average) but it raises your good HDL cholesterol (good for your health), lowers your triglycerides (good for your health) and increases the size of your LDL particles (good for your health!).

Now even Dr Oz seems to get it. The fear of cholesterol is melting away.

Dr Oz on cholesterol


  1. Nadine
    Geez, I could hear the clang of the penny finally dropping!
  2. chilisalsa
    CBN Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson
    Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery:


  3. Elenor
    {snort} Must've gotten a new sponsor... maybe some "oil" company? Industrial lubricant?

    "Dr." Oz blows with the sponsorship winds. He's a fool and a sell-out! Let's see him bring Gary Taubes back on, and ACTUALLY, with honorable intent, do a show on his books!

  4. And to think I had mostly written off Dr. Oz. So glad to see that he's willing to revise his opinions in the face of science. I think it's time to have Gary Taubes back on for an apology episode during which he presents a health check to NuSi.

    > Eating a low carb high fat diet might raise your total cholesterol
    > a tiny amount (on average) but it raises your good HDL cholesterol
    > (good for your health), lowers your triglycerides (good for your
    > health) and increases the size of your LDL particles (good for your
    > health!).

    I have data from nearly three years of standard lipid panels (yeah, I know...) that pretty much illustrate your points to a T (sans particle size, which hasn't been tested). I started low-carbing and then a ketogenic diet at about the half way point, so the change should be pretty obvious: http://ketopia.com/my-lipid-profile/

  5. Without cholesterol there would be no atherosclerotic heart disease. That does not mean that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. Nobody denies that cholesterol is involved, although its causative role is still somewhat unclear. Indeed, there is very little evidence that cholesterol in itself is harmful. It is only when cholesterol bound to atherogenic lipoproteins becomes trapped within the arterial wall, that it becomes a part of the atherosclerotic process.

    Lipoproteins play a key role in the atherosclerotic process. Measuring apolipoprotein b and and LDL particle number(LDL-P) therefore is a better predictor of risk than measuring the amount of cholesterol within atherogenic particles, like for example LDL-cholesterol.

    So, in order to understand the mechanisms involved in atherosclerotic heart disease we have to stop focusing solely on cholesterol.


  6. Raymund Edwards
    This looks an Interesting hypothesis …

    Neovascularization of coronary tunica intima (DIT) is the cause of coronary atherosclerosis.


    There is no mention of insulin or insulin signalling in this paper. But to me it sounds like the same process that occurs in various forms of macular degeneration , which I have seen related to insulin .

    Also “Angiogenesis involves neovascularization or the formation of new capillaries from existing blood vessels and is associated with the processes of tissue inflammation, wound healing, and tumorigenesis” involves insulin.

    Is it possible that atherosclerosis primarily involves these same signalling pathways ?
    What does anyone think of this particular hypothesis in the study ?

  7. Lawrence Louis
    Go figure, Dr. Oz changes his mind now that the the tide against the conventional paradigm, which says saturate fat is bad for you and carbohydrates are good, is reaching a crescendo. More and more information is illustrating that the low fat dogma is just that, unproven beliefs based on scant evidence and a misinterpretation of the evidence. I guess Dr. Oz has to jump on the "new" low carbohydrate train before he is left behind. I just wish he had the intellectual integrity to invite Gary Taubes on the show again, and invite Dr.Peter Attia too, and admit that he was wrong in lambasting Taubes the last time he was on the show. But, I doubt that will happen, because admitting fault and redressing a wrong doesn't make for large ratings.

    In any case, I can predict Oz's intellectual trajectory. First he was all about low fat. Now he admits that most fat is okay, and overall cholesterol is okay except for trans fat and small dense LDL. He now also admits that sugar is the real culprit and that he and his mainstream medical colleagues have mistakenly ascribed heart disease/inflammation to fat. Soon he will admit that most carbohydrates, with the exception of those found in fibrous vegetables, are deleterious to those who are insulin resistant. Then, after that, he will admit that those with serious metabolic derangement should be on a ketogenic diet. Maybe then he will invite Jimmy on his show, and all the while Oz will pretend that he has always been open to ketogenic diets and has been an advocate of low carb diets all along.

    Ah...it is great to live in the United States of AMNESIA. People forget so quickly, and you are never held accountable for unjustifiably maligning and mocking your opposition - an opposition that happened to be spot on accurate. I hope Gary Taubes watched this show with Dr. Johnny Bowden and Dr. Stephen Sinatra and I hope it offers him some consolation that he has been vindicated. I know that Taubes is too much of a professional man to publicly gloat, but I hope he is smiling from ear to ear.

  8. Low carb zealot
    I love the staged burger eating by Sinatra and Bowden after the first 1 minute 30 seconds of the video: note how NEITHER of them eat the bread roll.....
  9. Bret
    I could scarcely believe my eyes and ears as I watched these Dr. Oz videos, as well as those in which he hosted Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly.

    Ditto on the comments others have made in disgust of how he has treated Gary Taubes in the past. Dr. Oz's behavior in these instances was shameful and beneath the level of intellect and honesty anyone would expect of a physician. That said, our ultimate goal is cooperation and collaboration. If Dr. Oz is truly turning over a new leaf and truly willing to listen to those who respect science, then I welcome his support in spreading the word of smart eating. His popularity among a national audience could go a long way towards making these LCHF principles--still well guarded currently--more mainstream and thus helping more people.

  10. I linked this to Gary Taubes' blog. :) It's nice to see that Gary's position has been vindicated. It's encouraging that Dr. Oz is opening his mind. The medical profession is largely a field of dogma.

    I do realize, however, that the art componenet of medicine is HUGE. Doctors have to rely upon 30 years of experience sometimes ( where they see something happen time and time again in patients) over the clinical studies. A fine balance needs to be struck between clinical studuies and real life evidence.

    Dr. Lori Mosca talked about this where she uses real life guidelines over clinical studies sometimes.

  11. James
    We shouldn't be concerned with the thoughts of Dr. Oz. He is more interested in television ratings than health.

    I don't think he does his homework.

    Reply: #12
  12. Zepp
    Its an indicator of wich way the wind is blowing!

    And as the wind blows more in that direction.. its a sign of that sientific comunity is shifting paradigm.

  13. Will
    Eat all the bacon and fat you want guys. Wow people really do love to hear good things about their bad habits.
  14. Jaslynn
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