Dr. Michael Mosley: Low carb works and this is why


Is eating a low-carb diet a good idea? Dr. Michael Mosley definitely thinks so. But the diet has gone under different names throughout history and he believes not all carbs are created equal.

He explains it all in this article, which any fans of the 5:2-diet creator will enjoy:

Mail Online: Dr. Michael Mosley: Low-carb diets DO work and here’s the reason why

Low carb


Low carb for beginners


Outside the UK? Watch the BBC documentary The Truth About Carbs

More physicians are embracing low-carb and keto diets


  1. Andy
    The references to reheating pasta and rice are interesting. The problem is that eating these foods just makes me fall off the low carb waggon. It is best to just cut them out. I wonder if you reheat dream fields pasta what will happen it might even become carb negative?
  2. Marmotte
    Dream fields was apparently sued for false claims about their pastas being low carb. They’re just regular pasta.
  3. Kelly
    This is completely inappropriate to have on OUR Diet Doctor website. It purports the same old same old whole grains are good. all fruits etc. THIS IS NOT KETO OR LCHF by any means. Please remove this from any support by Dietdoctor.com.
  4. Frank
    I like Michael Mosely. He is a good story teller. Dr. Mosely didn't actually explain why low carbohydrate diets 'work'. Once again a headline fails to deliver. No mention of the hormonal response to food. It's very superficial, highly processed, mass media writing that suits the delivery format. The tone and language indicates that the writer feels low carb is not the best approach due to a veiled fat fear comment and quite a few lines clinging on to any modified carbohydrate foods. It was interesting to note in the experiment with reheated pasta, that the participants were not fed pasta alone. It had to be mixed with tomato sauce. To me that says a lot about carbohydrate staple foods. If they don't taste good stand alone, what is their nutritional benefit? Fibre, it seems. Might as well eat the newspaper the article was printed on.
  5. TRISH
    Let's not be too precious about this. Mass media has a (ahem) massive role to play in getting the low carb message out to the general population. If the message appears 'dumbed-down', so what? It might be the beginning of the lchf journey for thousands. We're saving lives here people! It's all good.
  6. Marcia
    There is a pervert using your name on Words with Friends2 and making advances towards women. He is using the name Drmichaelmosley7.

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