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Let me start by saying this: Being a vegan is fine. I find the ethical arguments compelling and I’m impressed by people who manage to avoid animal products for ethical reasons. Also, I believe that most vegan food (supplemented by vitamin B12) is healthier than a standard Western diet.

That said, I was shocked when listening to a new interview with low-fat vegan advocate Dr John McDougall. A couple of days ago he was on Jimmy Moore’s podcast and, really, you have to hear it to believe it:

The LLVLC Show (Episode 686): Dr. John McDougall Pushes Starchy Diets For All

Here’s the problem:

Agricultural bliss?

Dr McDougall believes that everybody should eat a low-fat high-starch diet comprised of potatoes, rice, beans etc. and avoid meat, dairy and even olive oil. His main argument? Throughout “all of recorded history” every successful major civilization based their food intake on that kind of food.

That’s correct. It’s called agriculture.

Agriculture supplied the plentiful source of calories that allowed populations to grow big, starting 10,000 years ago or so. But that does not mean it’s healthy. Fossil records show a decline in human health and stature at the start of agriculture.

Furthermore, history did not start 10,000 years ago. Human evolution (depending on where you draw the line) has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years if not millions of years. Back then there was no agriculture.

Finally there were no vegan cultures, ever, during all of human history. People who completely avoided animal products for a long time died from vitamin B12-deficiency. So while agriculture supplied a lot of food it was never the only source.

Refined carbs

It’s quite possible that eating unprocessed starchy food like potatoes and rice, á la McDougall, is better than a standard American diet. After all, the refined carbs, processed food and enormous amounts of sugar are lost.

Jimmy Moore repeatedly tries to discuss this, but McDougall does. not. want. to. hear. it. He just won’t discuss that possibility.

Nasty personal attacks and hypocrisy

What’s really shocking on the podcast is the nastiness and the number of personal attacks. McDougall repeatedly brings up mr Moore’s weight struggles – “I’ve seen your pictures!” – as evidence that a high-fat diet does not work.

Then mr Moore tells him that he has lost 100 pounds eating like that and weighs less now than ever before in his adult life. McDougall’s answer? “You’re a study of one”, implying that it does not count, probably forgetting his own attack one minute earlier. Then McDougall repeats the personal attack again and again. I’m impressed that Jimmy Moore did not lose his temper.

McDougall’s next argument? “I’m a doctor and you’re not”, implying that it makes him right and mr Moore wrong. I wish life was that simple!

Low Carb vs. Plant Based

What shocked me even more was Dr McDougall’s repeated insistence that people watch a YouTube video called “Low Carb vs. Plant Based“:

It ranks among the most infantile things I’ve ever seen. Is this really the best argument Dr McDougall has? “I’m thin, you’re fat, therefore I’m right”?


The vegans in the video are *extremely* thin, good for them. However, I wonder if they wouldn’t benefit from more high-quality protein, to put on some muscle mass. That may be a matter of taste though.

By the way I’ve met professor Loren Cordain and Dr William Davis recently and they’re in fine shape. Check them out on the Dr Oz show earlier this year: Cordain / Davis. And Jimmy Moore is thinner than ever.

And let’s not mention the high-fat badass #1, Mark Sisson, who was somehow not chosen to appear in the video. Update: But he was on “Vegan Island” with Dr McDougall six years ago. Check out his report.

More reactions to the show:

Controversial Interview Raises Ire, Rises To Top Of iTunes Health Podcast Charts

What do you think about it?


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  1. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I believe that many of the diseases of civilization are caused by the Western diet, that's high in sugar and refined starch, among other things.

    I'm not at all surprised if most (maybe all) people switching from a Western junk diet to a low-fat vegan diet will improve.

    Basically the Western processed food diet may be the worst ever in history. That's why "all diets work". Switch from the worst one to any other and it's an improvement.

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  2. Dan
    You know, there's another angle to this we should all remember--the rise of LCHF and the revelation of the good science behind it that refutes so much of the trendy-but-bad science that people like McDougall have been living off of for years (perhaps with good intent and just ignorance as their excuse--even "medical doctor" "qualified" ignorance is still dumb, y'know) means that many, many people who've been making a good living and a great deal of ego boosting fame out of that BAD science are now faced with a very real threat to their livelihoods and their egos. It is no different to note, as you've done on this site, the amazing hypocrisy of Coca-Cola sponsoring diet conferences than to see that a whole lot of McDougall's belligerence and attitude is because he's like any cornered animal--threatened, angry, and afraid. It doesn't make his position any more defensible or right, but perhaps it can help us to be a little less insensitive to his fear and anticipation of pain. Presuming, as we must unless we know otherwise, that he began his rise to prominence out of good intent and with honest motives, now that he's standing on top of, well, only slight joke re. the USDA intended, a "pyramid" whose foundations are crumbling and which he has to KNOW intellectually are at least threatened with utter collapse, no wonder he's so darned arrogant and angry! Granted, a more mature and self-enlightened person would have the grace that another one did in an earlier posting (sorry I forget the name) who told Gary Taubes "You were right, I was wrong." but most people aren't like that, alas. Basically, McDougall is in the position of the classic semi-joke statement "I'm not a brat! I'm NOT! I'm NOT! I'm NOT!" When "experts" with great prestige in the vegan/vegetarian community like him are this way, we certainly must expect even more nasty attitude from those lay people who've followed that misguided cause and invested not only money and effort into it but have, because like all such cults it demands and encourages this, invested a huge chunk of their self-identity and self-worth in it. I don't know about the rest of you, but I EAT a LCHF diet and feel better and am measurably healty for it, but I am NOT ANYTHING LIKE an "LCHF-ian" or an "LCHF-itarian" or whatever. My identity is based on my values and my character and not on my diet, but for Vegans and Vegetarians, that's not so. When you question what, to you as an enlightened sensible person, is their dietary science and choices, THEY HEAR you attacking them PERSONALLY. So let's not be too harsh on the sad case of Dr. McDougall, and let's remember this when we talk to less-famous folks who, like he has, simply got sold a bill of goods or wandered down the wrong path when searching for the truth.
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  1. Patrick
    Ann, I'm not convinced that having a 4 chamber stomach makes a ruminent smarter than me, however, I won't dismiss the possibility!
  2. Kevin
    I'm very impressed with Dr. Mcdougall's books and diet. The info may be a little repetitive, but the recipes are very good and use easy to find ingredients. It's not boring to eat that way. There is a much wider range of veggies, fruits and grains than there are meats. To each his own, but I'd rather eat that diet than to court heart disease, stroke, diabetes and so on. We have a huge problem in healthcare costs in this country, to talk disparagingly of a diet that would help is irresponsible.

    Check them out on the Dr Oz show

    Yeah, no I don't think so.

  3. Joel
    Robbie, you didn't have "diabetic ketosis". Diabetic ketoacidosis dangerous state which can occur in type 1 diabetics due to lack of insulin.
  4. Jim
    April 25 2016
    Personal experience is the best teacher. Having been a vegetarian for 2 decades (age 29-51), I was an avid follower of the McDougall plan. I am athletic and in fact, a world elite masters athlete and 3x USATF National Masters Champion 400m sprinter, most recently in the 55-59 age group. My diet is part of a lifestyle that requires athletic performance, low body fat, and maximum strength / weight ratio. I can tell you straight out that for my needs, the McDougall plan is close to the worst possible diet for building strength and low body fat. There is NOTHING that will put fat on your body faster than starchy carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc... ..."

    I am curious to hear more, as I don't believe your story, not one bit. The McDougall plan is practically a starvation diet unless you add lots of nuts and avocados or eat a ton of starch. You have to eat 2 kg of plain potatoes just to get 2000 kcal. That's a lot of taters. How could you possibly have been "soft" and fat on a high starch, low fat vegan diet, especially as an athlete!?

  5. Trevor
    Dr Weston Price, although half-hoping to find a vegan traditional culture in his world travels during the 1920s-30s, NEVER DID because any attempts went EXTINCT. Dr McDougall is a closed-minded, ignorant, arrogant bombast who cannot see that the masses subsistence-living on basic grains and pulses are dietarily dumbed-down and actually CRAVE animal products when they can get them!

    The solution: eat as much fat and protein as you can, plus carbohydrates in moderation, depending on your personal insulin response. Avoid feedlot meat, pork and modern seed oils. The ancients thrived on olive oil, even using it for ablutions. McDougall claims Roman soldiers eschewed meat before battle, which was nonsense; they would never have had the strength to build their empire as vegans!

    Mark my words: Dr McDougall is frail at 69 and will not see out the US average of 78.8 years. If you want to live longest, eat Japanese-style!

  6. Trevor
    The great, level-headed Mark Sisson puts us right ...


    ... a type-2 diabetes outbreak in the making indeed!

  7. hank
    You don't put on muscle mass by eating "high quality protein". You put on muscle mass by having excess calories and hormones (and exercise obviously).

    The difference between female body builders and male body builders is quite large. But it's not because the women aren't eating as much protein. It's because they don't have the same hormones, and the ones that take steroids and various growth hormones they're able to get as large as the men(who are usually on juice too).

    There are plenty of vegan body builders who aren't eating anywhere near as much protein as a typical meat eater, such as Barney du Plessis, who are able to get very very large.

  8. meeko
    He wasn't rude, he was just frustrated, he sees the results first hand and is being told nuh-uh! That gets a bit tiring.
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  9. Juan Bilbao
    All of the scientific evidence points to a wholefoods, plant based diet, being the most effective way to avoid, stop and even reverse (cure) heart disease. In my case, it got rid of my prediabetes and malignant hypertension.

    The longest living people groups in the world, mostly eat a plant based diet, not a low carb/high fat diet.

    You make a big deal over the B12 issue as if those on a low carb, high fat diet don't also have to deal with the same or similar mineral deficiencies. In our modern, highly industrialized world, we are all subject to, to various degrees, to mineral deficiencies. Not consuming enough of an important mineral.

    However, a plant based diet, is more nutrient dense. Potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin A..So it dramatically effects your heart health, blood pressure.. Etc.

    Eating a wholefoods, low carb, high animal fat diet, is better than eating non-wholefood, highly processed, junk food, full of chemicals most people can't pronounce. But all of the evidence points to a healthy wholefoods plant based diet, being the most effective in preventing disease.

    After making a cost benefit analyses, eating a plant based diet is worth it, in spite of having to take some B12, every once in a while. Big deal. I'll avoid the clogged arteries, heart attacks, cancers, that people who eat meat, often get. I eat to live, I don't live to eat.

  10. Dr. Georgie, MS,ND
    Boy, you a great example of what called "insulin SENSITIVITY", which developed by consumption of CARBOHYDRATES, whereas fat will encouraged the development of insulin RESISTANCE.
    Dr. Cyrus and Robbi are type 1 diabetics who are also good example of diabetic who are on HIGH CARBO very low fat vegan diet. In fact, Robbi diet is 80% fruits and he has no problem controlling his blood glucose. Thanks for your story, and great to share your story that when you eat the RIGHT FOOD THAT PROVIDES THE RIGHT FUEL (carbohyrdrates for glucose) the body automatically heal and becomes healthy.
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  12. Auggiedoggy
    Back in 2007, LCHF left me with high cholesterol and angina. Tried plant-based (almost vegan) and saw improvements within a year in cholesterol (236 --> 180) and no more angina. An EKG test back in 2012, which was part of my annual checkup, indicated that I had a mild myocardial infarction at some time in the past. Came as a surprise to me! I also have bronchitis and was developing a raspy sound in my lungs from what I believe was my increased dairy use. So recently I dropped dairy. I breath better now and that raspy wheezing sound has pretty much gone away! I guess ymmv with LCHF, eh?

    Please note that I'm not vegan but do follow a very highly plant-based, dairy-free diet with only occasional modest portions of animal flesh, typically fish.

  13. Erwan
    Compare Vegan high carb diet with LCHF is a complete intellectual sham. The only honest comparison is High fat low carb vegan diet with High fat low carb diet. But because LCHF diets are heavily financed by meat lobbies, you will never hear about Vegan LCHF.
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  14. patsy cincotta
    I have been following Dr. McDougall's diet advice for about three months and already my doctor has cut my diabetes and cholesterol meds in half. I have been on low-carb, high protein diets many times and never got results like this before. Everything I eat is a complex carb and full of fiber. The high fiber in the diet has almost taken all my IBS symptoms away - even though doctors told me before to stay away from fiber because it will trigger IBS attacks. Seems to me Dr. McDougall's critics ought to try his method before calling him almost a charlatan who has been "living off" his failing program. He's been a medical doctor for 40 years and deserves more respect than someone like Dr. Oz, who really is living off questionable methods to good health. At the old age of 77 I have finally found a path to better health. I only wish I had discovered it years earlier.
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  15. Peter
    Erwan, It is very hard to have a true high healthy fat low carb vegan diet which is probably why it isn't talked about much.
  16. Thales
    Do you have any peer reviewed references to support your comment?
  17. Dane
    From Wikipedia: 'Ad hominem (Latin for "to the man" or "to the person", short for argumentum ad hominem), is an argumentative strategy whereby an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.'

    Jimmy, you're off the hook.

    McDougall has probably killed more people than he has saved. Have you ever seen the audience sitting in front of McDougall when he speaks? The audience is almost exclusively flabby or obese
    people at some stage of metabolic syndrome. And if they continue to listen to McDougall, they will stay that way. The last time I observed an audience attending a LCHF diet seminar, most in the audience were lean, ripped, and looking pretty damn healthy.

    I tried McDougall's (and also Dean Ornish's) diet five years ago. I wound up with pernicious anemia from lack of vitamin B12, and almost had to go in for a blood transfusion. As a former pre-diabetic (now with normal A1c from LCHF diet, thank you!), I can tell you that starch makes my blood sugar spike through the roof. It was recently proven that the glycemic index of a baked potato is the same as a Mars candy bar. McDougall telling diabetics to eat a starch diet smacks of the current recommendations of the ADA, which advocates eating high carbs an injecting insulin. Wait a minute, eat high carb when your problem is carbs? Both of their recommendations are pure insanity.

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  18. Rachel Townstone
    I’m just going to lay out the truth here. I have been on restrictive diets for years because of my IBD. My GI hates all sorts of things. I did FODMAP for ten years to help control my symptoms, but out of everything I’ve ever tried the McDougall diet took me into a rabbit hole of eating dissorder I couldn’t quite fathom. It took diet restriction to a whole new level. It was literally like joining a cult. A cult that demanded ever increasing vigilance and calorie cutting. A cult that shamed anyone “fat”. A cult that shamed the sick.

    It felt like every week a new food was to be ‘avoided as bad’ — I thought I was going to be Vegan. No fish or animal products, got it. But no olive oil, no fats, no yeast, no honey, no soy, no eggs (of course), no processed food of any kind, no avocaod, no nuts, no seeds. The foods that were left absolutely killed my GI.

    I kept wondering why we were avoiding the healthy foods as well as the processed foods, but was told they were also evil. Hmm. The list of bad foods was a mile long.

    I got sick and gained belly fat. I was in a FB group, I said - look guys I have to take a break from this or end up in the hospital (my GI was bleeding, I had no energy, I was in pain - feverish the works). I just wanted to be Vegetarian for a few weeks - just milk and cereal until I felt better with probiotics. I was roundly dog piled in an ugly attack. I put my health over the welfare of animals. I didn’t know how to stick it out. My favorite — “entire families have been cured of IBD following this diet!” — ??? Just stick with it. That’s hard to imagine honestly, not out of the realm of possibility, but if they have the identical illness to mine eating broccolli and cauliflower, loads of potatoes and whole grains would put them in the hospital along with me. Hmm.

    I really felt like I was in a cult devoted to anorexia and food obsession.

    During my flare up I ate nothing but cereal and milk for about 3 weeks until I was healed up enough to eat real food again regularly.

    The day I cut out whole grain I felt so much better, then I tried IF and felt even better and I’ve been doing kinda a Paleo thing I guess. LCHF mostly I suppose within my eating window and my GI so far is calm and nice and being great to me (that will probably not last forever, but I have loads more energy and feel good for the first time in years.)

    I left Facebook completely. I felt stupid - here was a diet that promises everything in the world, it’s the very definition of snake oil and if it doesn’t work for you — it’s your fault — not the diet.

    I didn’t stick with it too long. I read Taubes book, “Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It” - excellent and put together better than anything I’ve seen from McDougall. I remember McDougall criticizing a lady who was on the diet for RA, she had been controlling it for a long time with a Vegan diet but had a bad flare up. He blamed her for it, said she had been using oils and lotions on her dry skin and that was the cause. (That to me was a big red flag)

    I turned out to be pre-diabetic and the whole grains and potatoes were really not healthy for me personally.

    I know some great Vegans, and people who lost weight, but for me personally, I truly feel like I dodged a bullet when I got out.

  19. sean
    I followed McDougal's diet 5-6 days a week and dropped 20 lbs. A1C went from 6.1 to 5.6 and cholesterol did lower.

    I don't know if I could eat like that forever, I love meat and dairy but the results have been excellent.

  20. Steve
    Perhaps you should have taken a B12 supplement, which is what every WFPB advocate does and would tell you to do. B12 is only produced by bacteria and so we used to get B12 from the dirt on our food and the water we drank (just like every other herbivore and frugivore) before we started to depart from our natural state of being.
  21. jo
    The Starch solution concept which Dr. McDougall got much info from Dr Burkitt can save your life and the lives of those you love. Period. I suffered for 10 years 24/7 and in the end the mutilators only wanted to rip out my whole colon. I refused and cut off all ties and all their drugs and found nutritionfacts.org then drmcdougall's starch solution, it saved me from death since I would never accept what the mutilators wanted to do to my body no matter how tortured I was day and night for 10 years.
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  22. jo
    Everyone wants someone they can believe in and follow, people reject the Starch solution diet or the vegan diet simply because a lot of vegans are assholes, and Dr McDougall is not that friendly. Part of living is taking good info no matter where it comes from and using it and leaving the rest behind. There are assholes in every group of the world, don't take everything so personally or you will become a hermit nihilist offended by everyone, including yourself.
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  23. jo
    I forgot one other thing, people say "Dr McDougall looks sick". People don't usually know that he was extremily unhealthy when he was a youth and was literally one of the earliest recorded stroke victims, he had a stroke at like age 18 or something, it permanently affected parts of his body, he still walks with a limp from it so obviously he can't exercise like most people which over 50 years can make you deteriorate more than others who were not debilitated by stroke at age 18 like McDougall. What people should really look at is how he is still alive 50 years after instead and attribute that properly to his findings of the starch solution method.
  24. Mark
    I'd like to also point out that Dr McDougall lived on a boat for 4 years, and he says that he wished he had been more careful with the sun because it aged his skin.

    Most of the "research" that has been done promoting this vitamin or that anti-oxidant, or what have you lack one thing that Dr McDougall doesn't. STATISTICS. How in the world can you argue with the statistics? And my experience has been this. When I stopped eating deadly organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic Earth Balance, and other oils, my hunger pangs reduced to almost nothing. Additionally, I have dropped a decent amount of weight. My energy level and outlook is very positive now. It has been conclusively demonstrated that what you eat effects your mental acuity.

    Animal fat has been demonstrated to cause all kinds of disease. You can argue all you wish, but but the statistics don't lie. Eat cows and you will eventually become diseased, if you aren't already. Those are the stats. Read 'em and weep.

    Replies: #329, #344
  25. Anthony
    People follow their “diet” like zealots who follow cult religion. With confirmation bias, you can twist science and data to fit a narrow, overly-simplistic and inflexible world view. The truth is, any “diet” where you cut out high-octane crap ever-present in the ‘Mercian diet is going to trigger weight loss and improved health markers. People can not violate the laws of thermodynamics. There is no “magic diet” and in order to maintain weight, you eat around the correct amount of calories based on your individual (yes, individual) TDEE.

    Actually watching what most people in my office eat is quite sad. The average American eats TERRIBLY. The average weight of all my coworkers is increasing over time due to sedentary lifestyle and sugary, carby treats brought in during pot lucks and breakfast clubs. Yet, I don’t see any of them eating a nice slab of salmon or a high-quality piece of ANY protein. Something is amiss here.

    I also work with two vegans. Both of them are chronically anemic and suffer from B12 deficiency. They are of normal weight but lack muscle mass, with surprisngly high bf%. One of them tried to tell me that I didn’t need to eat meat, I could get all of my protein from spinach. Go figure.

    My point is that any there is no magic bullet when it comes to eating. People also vary when it comes to individual physiology. A LCHF happens to work for me because it suppresses my hunger response and I naturally eat less calories overall. That alone improves my health markers drastically, especially when combined with the effects of intermittent fasting.

    Ketosis isn’t some magic pill or state of zen for me. It’s a useful tool for me to lose and maintain weight. I also realize it doesn’t work for everyone, re: the commenter who stated they get angina and screwed-up cholesterol on a LCHF. It’s a sensible solution for every person to find something that works best for their individual physiology and pursuance of good health.

    Everyone wants someone they can believe in and follow, people reject the Starch solution diet or the vegan diet simply because a lot of vegans are assholes, and Dr McDougall is not that friendly. Part of living is taking good info no matter where it comes from and using it and leaving the rest behind. There are assholes in every group of the world, don't take everything so personally or you will become a hermit nihilist offended by everyone, including yourself.

    Reply: #335
  26. Myo
    Like most discussions about diet, this one provides yet another example of a very simple fact; different diets work for different people. One size/theory clearly does not fit all.

    Thus, rather than developing an allegiance to the best salesperson/diet pusher, I suggest trying different options and observing how they work for YOU -- both in how you feel AND objective measurements.

  27. Peter Dunn
    Dr McDougall apparently has osteoporosis; at age 68 (2015), he had a fall and broke 3 bones (of lower vertebrae, pelvis, and left femur). https://www.facebook.com/groups/animalfatrx/permalink/1935477559832828/
    Reply: #342
  28. Kay baker
    Patsy, I congratulate your excellrnt reasoning. I sdmire Dr McDougall and pray thst he continues to stay strong on behalf of all of us who herd his good sound and logical advice.
  29. Kay baker
    Im with you Mark, agree totally!

    I'd like to also point out that Dr McDougall lived on a boat for 4 years, and he says that he wished he had been more careful with the sun because it aged his skin.
    Most of the "research" that has been done promoting this vitamin or that anti-oxidant, or what have you lack one thing that Dr McDougall doesn't. STATISTICS. How in the world can you argue with the statistics? And my experience has been this. When I stopped eating deadly organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic Earth Balance, and other oils, my hunger pangs reduced to almost nothing. Additionally, I have dropped a decent amount of weight. My energy level and outlook is very positive now. It has been conclusively demonstrated that what you eat effects your mental acuity.
    Animal fat has been demonstrated to cause all kinds of disease. You can argue all you wish, but but the statistics don't lie. Eat cows and you will eventually become diseased, if you aren't already. Those are the stats. Read 'em and weep.

  30. Kay baker
    I agree meeko. Do you blame him for being frustrated? . Look what the poor man is up against only because he has the strength to speak up.
    I support his way of eating 100% because it is sensible, logical and has transformed many lives, including mine.
  31. Jimmy G.
    The way people age is due to Gene's & heredity. It has nothing to do with a vegan WFPB diet.
  32. Sean
    Jimmy G, there is a lot of talk about antioxidants, anti-inflammatory foods, telomeres and foods effect on genetic expression.
  33. Nick
    To say that you tried Mcdougall’s plan and the got pernicious anemia essentially means you weren’t taking adequate Vitamin B12 supplementation; which effectively means you WERE NOT following Mcdougall’s plan. If you read the instructions first you won’t hurt yourself.
  34. Nick
    I suppose calling someone an ‘asshole’ is a) a convincing logical argument and b ) an example of not taking the matter personally? Some measure of self awareness can serve a person well.
  35. Nick
    Firstly a vegan diet is not the same as a WFPB diet. A proportion of vegans sadly are undernourished, even malnourished and do have problems as Dr Michael Greger and Dr Mcdougall have pointed out. Secondly it is entirely possible to build muscle on a WFPB diet through the liberal inclusion of legumes, the main plant protein source. The idea that one needs to resort to animal protein for this is untrue. There are many plant based body builders and many of the top athletes in the world are on plant based diets: Carl Lewis, Novak Djokovic, Serena and Venus Williams, Tom Brady to name a few.
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  37. Nick
    Yes, that was pretty much my experience too! 30 yrs ago when my father was 8 yrs younger than I am now he developed colon cancer which subsequently killed him largely the result of heavy pork and beef consumption. Although it was already in the literature then, his surgeon scoffed that diet had any role to play in colon cancer even though Dr Burkitt’s stunning observations showed otherwise. Now 30 yrs later all members of my family eat a WFPB diet with no signs of cancer or any other illness. That’s not a genetic fluke rather a nutritional intervention.
  38. Jon
    I think you have a great point. McDougall always seems to have a chip on his shoulder and is very condescending. But we still need to seek solutions that work. It is just unfortunate since the behavior or these individuals is counterproductive.
  39. Jean Catron
    some people do need to supplement vit d yes with blood work showing low and d with k2 and mag and followup to check
    Everyone cant sit in the sun in the winter John
  40. Stephanie King
    I will say I have metabolic syndrome and T2 diabetes and through diet only, no drugs I have completely reversed it. I eat a diet rich in heathy fats, tons of veggies and some healthy pasture raised meats. I have completely cut out grains and never felt this energized. I’m 46 and weight is coming off. According to Dr McDougall, I should be severely insulin resistant with this way of eating, but the opposite is true. I take my blood glucose every day, it’s all good now. I’m a member of several support groups with people experiencing the same results. Jimmy Moore is not a one off.
  41. Tom Heck
    A plant based, low fat diet is the healthiest and avoids the carcinogens and artery clogging chemicals that are abundant in meat from the fat and protein. I always am amused at the comments by people that claim you need to eat animal protein to put on muscle. Not one molecule of protein consumed goes from your stomach to your muscles. All of the cells in the body feed on glucose, which is most easily obtained from carbohydrates. The cells then make whatever they need, be it other carbohydrates, fat or protein.
  42. Tom Heck
    What actual evidence do you possess that indicates that Dr. McDougall suffers from osteoporosis? Anyone falling in the wrong manner on a solid surface can suffer a broken bone. That does not indicate osteoporosis without a proper bone scan.
  43. Fat Freddy
    Have you seen how FAT Jimmy Moore is now? Keto “carnivore” is his thing now. Sadly, Macdougall lost his home and business in the Santa Rosa fires and he seems to have lost his mind completely. He needs to be dragged out of the limelight and simply thanked for showing how healthy unrefined starch foods such as whole yams and potatoes are.
  44. Wes
    I really don't like the fanaticism, but I can't seem to find any reasonable rebuttals. Has anyone done real research? Are there any studies showing negatives, failures or weakness of the McD. diet? Other than food is awful, (which is actually a strong argument for me) all the comments and critics seem to say "Didn't work for me - I got sick." or "The man is crazy!" Please post where I might find any neutral or critical research or studies. Is there any? Or is McDougall 100% right, but very annoying?
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  46. Kristopher Osborn
    She was never vegan. Admitted to eating eggs and dairy and assumed all vegans "cheat." She's not a credible source
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  48. Selma
    I have his book in my hands now and as a psychologist i found so weird that he introduce him self like kid who was kill his own pet, set couch on fire and police caught him breaking and entering someones house- all this at age from 7 to 9. Classic traits to become sociopath or psychopath. And as I am digging about this guy i found he is arrogant, self entitled and rude, i don’t like it at all :) I think i’ll put away his book for sure. Don’t want to put a label on anyone but, i don’t like it ( if you know what i mean). My english is not so good, I apologize for it in advance.
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  50. Monocrops
    Its as simple as this. McDougal, Gregor and Bernard. The three "DRs" which most vegans seems to worship, make blanket statements about high fat diets, which they stick to. They have done for years, they sell books, get paid to repete the same message ect.

    Neither of them will debate on the subject, or accept any science which refutes or counters their frankly outdated opinions. Scientists, or true scientists are adoptable creatures. discoveries are made, breakthrough ones and they say "interesting, my hypothesis was incorrect".
    This lot will never do this. Because if they did, all the material they flog at their seminars and on websites would be worthless.

    It really is a matter of money over facts. Sorry to any "coolaid" drinking vegans (double ended quip here, sorry), but you have been lied to about high carbohydrate diets.
    Spiking insulin levels after each carb laden meal, is basically asking for higher inflammatory markers. Which sadly is leaning towards higher rates of cancers, heart disease, alzheimers.... the list goes on and on.

    Interested in one of the comments from a physiologist. The thing i notice about the three amigos i mentioned obove is if you watch there ted talks, youtube lectures ect, from the very start, from word GO, i get these feeling that i am being SOLD something, everything seems a bit slimey and picture perfect. Hmmmm food for thought. But its true isnt it, i mean Gregor is "non profit" but how much does he think hes worth, how much does it cost him to fly, live ect, highly suspect that term.

    One of the best lies, i hear from high carbers is about the Dr. Walter Kempner "Rice Diet", which is banded about like this.
    "you say carbs are bad..well this guy cured people by feeding them rice and sugar" well, as a perfect rebuttal to this, if one trying to disprove this statement, is that proponents of this CURE haha, dont know or dont tell you, it was a severely restricted calorie diet, (800 cals) to be precise, so is it any wonder some patients improved, as they lost weight, its nothing to with carbs but to do with starving them.

    For anyone knocking low carbohydrate diets, please be aware, many advocates eat more green vegetables, that your average vegan, its not just protein and fat, which seems to be the ill informed stereotype. Also i am pleased to announce, 5 freinds, all type 2 diabetics, i know personally, are now med free and in remission thanks to significantly lowering there carb macros.

    Lastly, for any "im for the planet, therefor i am better than you" Vegans, flying almond milk from in from california, for a yummy vegan breakfast hurts more animals including humans, than eating one animal by itself, so if we are talking about ethics and morals... Vegans you need to practice what you preach, if you want to convert others or even just get them to hear you.

  51. John
    when are people going to understand being vegan is nothing about health. Its all about animal welfare such as not wearing leather belts or boots and not eating the animals. Its nothing to do with healthy food or your health.
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