Dr. Ken Berry on Tom Bilyeu’s Health Theory YouTube channel

Tom Bilyeu, a cofounder of Quest Nutrition and the founder of Impact Theory, is a big name in the personal health arena. He started his successful YouTube channel with the intention of introducing viewers to the people and ideas that will help them actually execute on their dreams. With it, he reaches hundreds of thousands of people.

On his channel, Bilyeu recently sat down with Dr. Ken Berry for an inspiring conversation. Ken is the author of Lies my doctor told me, a book that exposes common misinformation dispensed from physician to patient. Dr. Berry also has a popular YouTube channel where he challenges conventional ideas and covers medical topics most doctors would rather not discuss.

In this interview, Dr. Berry covers why what you eat matters and what kind of impact food has on your entire being, along with common myths and controversies. He also stresses the fact that we need to consider what we evolved to eat and why that is important. Tune in to this video if you’re interested in knowing more about what you can do to optimize your health and the science behind it.

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  1. Lynda
    I found this video fantastic the information was so important to our health.thank you so much .
  2. Kathryn
    Dr. Berry was on top of his game in this interview! Clear, concise, informative, directly gets to the point in an easy to understand manner every time. Everything you need to know is in this video. Thanks to Tom B. for having Dr. B on and asking all the right questions. Keep up the great work guys, first do no harm, and continue your "quest" to reverse our healthcare crisis.

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