Dr. Jason Fung on intermittent fasting and cancer


Can intermittent fasting be beneficial in cancer prevention and perhaps even as cancer treatment? That’s the interesting topic of the latest episode of the podcast Fasting Talk with Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung:

Fasting Talk: On The Latest Developments with Fasting and Cancer


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  1. Julie
    Hello there,

    I did not know where to post my question, so here I am.

    My mother has a severe case of oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy and, at 44 years old, I am begining to feel the first symptoms (difficulties to swallow for instance).

    I read somewhere that the muscular cells die because there is an accumulation of nocive proteins Inside the cell. Do you think autophagy could prevent this if done regularily and early enough in life?

    thank you in advance for your answer!

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