Dr. Jack Kruse: Low carb bioterrorist?


This is the weirdest thing ever. We must be in America or something. One of the speakers I was most looking forward to meeting got thrown off the cruise ship by police, FBI and Homeland Security.

Nobody will be surprised that I’m talking about the always controversial dr Jack Kruse. Apparently someone tweeted that he was planning a bioterrorism attack, spreading Legionnaires disease on the ship. Thus he was met by police on the ship and escorted off, missing the cruise. Dr Kruse was eventually cleared by Homeland Security.

Rumor says that the offending tweet came from a long time stalker of prominent low carb people such as Gary Taubes and Jimmy Moore. Perhaps she will not laugh as hard when questioned by police about false terror warnings, apparently a felony that could result in 20 years of jail time…

Not one to miss an opportunity for publicity, dr Kruse was soon in front of television cameras. Have a look:

More news report videos on dr Jack Kruse’s webpage.


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  1. I don't condone the action that caused Dr. Kruse to miss the cruise (though you're right doc, he certainly seems to be really enjoying the resulting publicity). But it's really unfortunate that you are choosing to repeat a rumor that Dr. Kruse started re the source of the tweet as well as repeating the idea that she's a "long-time stalker."

    I suppose if I was a LC proponent, I'd find her relentless criticism of LCing to be troublesome too, but categorizing her comments as stalking is unnecessary hyperbole.

    BTW, the comments on PaleoHacks of those who actually spoke with the FBI makes it clear that some of what Dr. Kruse said after the incident does not appear to be factual. Caveat emptor!

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  2. FrankG
    @Beth: there is a significant difference between a "relentless criticism of LCing" and relentless personal attacks on individuals.

    And please be aware that your own post includes innuendo and hyperbole while criticizing others for doing the same.

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  1. Maggan A
    Sorry Kruse is the name
  2. JAUS
    Speaking of ice baths, search "Wim Hof" on youtube and watch his world records, he once ran a half-maraton naked and barefoot during winter in nothern Finland. He has co-written a book that can teach anyone to become resistant towards cold, "Becoming the Iceman" is the title of the book.

    Here's the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=madoDvtKEes

    He also have some tutorials at his site: http://becomingtheiceman.com/tutorials

  3. With regard to using ice to lose weight. Eating ice is a trick models use sometimes to shed a couple kilos quickly. 1 Kg of ice requires about 4885 calories to melt it (largest energy is required just to melt it) and bring it up to body temperature. I suppose lying in an ice bath does the same thing. The body will work overtime to try and main the core temperature. In this case it probably actually comes down to a calorie is actually a calorie.
  4. David Cross
    Thank you for speaking at the Low-Carb Cruise. Your comments and good sense are welcome in a world of uncertain and uneven recommendations on health and diet. I am also quite impressed that you are able to assess Dr Kruse efforts in the scientific manner that is required for an honest appraisal. It was truely an honor to meet you.
  5. Rachel
    I am really starting to tire of the food wars out there on the net. I've lost over 100lb on a LCHF diet, and it's stopped working. So I'm starting to eat more carbs- berries and potatoes. Does this mean low carb is wrong, and quackery? No. Does it mean I would have had the same results with a higher carb diet? No. Does it mean anyone (Taubes, Eades) is an "idiot" and others (Guyenet, Wolff, Colpo) are "right" (or vice versa)? No.

    Personally I take Dr Kruse's claims with a healthy dose of skepticism, but I've never once posted anything nasty about him or anyone. I'm sick of the invective, insults, jibes and bickering- and now this idiocy with a Tweet. I don't know why the "sides" are so entrenched (insulin v thermodynamics, or insulin v food reward), I don't understand why it arouses such intense bitterness in people. Particularly as someone who can now see both the success and limitation of LCHF, I've no desire to "pick a side" and every desire to get to the truth, or at least a method that works. It's tiring wading through a bunch of personal attacks. This blog has been a haven of good sense- please don't let yourself get dragged down into the mire.

  6. Alexandra M
    "...I don't understand why it arouses such intense bitterness in people."


  7. Rachel
    Alright then, I don't understand why it arouses such tribalism in people. :P ;)
  8. Alexandra M
    Rachel - My own personal theory is that it's akin to peoples' religious / political beliefs. If you're the sort of person who believes that "the wages of sin is death," and that humans are special by virtue of having consciousness and "free will," then you're going to see obesity as something people choose and something they can only overcome through pain and suffering. Those are the people who get positively incensed over the idea that anybody could get a "free pass" out of obesity by following an LCHF diet. There has to be a penalty - heart disease, cancer, etc.

    If, on the other hand, you believe humans are just another kind of animal, having consciousness but also at the mercy of biology and physiology, you're going to be more likely to see the obesity epidemic as something caused by the environment and not by some sudden breakdown of "character," and you're going to view the first type as judgmental and lacking in compassion.

    After that it breaks down into sub-factions: People who get offended by an offhand remark and swear an oath of vengeance; people who know about the remark but can't see what all the fuss is about; people who think people who can't see what all the fuss is about are clueless idiots; people who can see what all the fuss is about but think that people who think people who can't see what all the fuss is about are clueless idiots are really just going too far.

    I hope that clears it up. ;-) It happens in every group. That's why there are over 30,000 Christian denominations, for example.

  9. For those who think this is a food war, well, it's not. It's folks out there warning other folks about possible big fat liars. And one for Kruse-supporter now has re-evaluated: http://freetheanimal.com/2012/05/dr-jack-kruse-neurosurgeon-is-a-big-...
  10. The person who did that is truly horrible. No doubt that person will get caught and punished. I don't see Kruse as likely to be the forgiving type with something of this calibre. Although Kruse couldn't have asked for better publicity, at least in his locale.

    People who are against low carb should stick to the carb sites, and leave the rest of us alone. We aren't worrying if they eat themselves to oblivion.

  11. Kruse is interested in the research on cooling the body for benefits way beyond losing weight, especially in improving surgery results. He is not afraid to go out on a limb for potentially lifesaving treatments. Every doctor like him has been called a nut-job, but even if he is that doesn't give people the right to harm him. There are medical boards paying close attention to what he does as a medical doctor.
  12. Michael
    I don't like Kruse's stuff because of the poor presentation and rambling. However, the notion that cold exposure has no positive effects and is somehow crazy is just wrong. I've tried it and combined with eating more protein I've never felt better. I don't know about the "no exercise" schtick or the "eat with in 30 minutes" but cold shower/bath thing works well.

    For the crazy ladies who are stalking the low-carbers, poo-pooing cold exposure etc... I'd say prove them wrong. 30 days on your better approach with a before and after set of statistics and then 30 days what your enemy suggests. It will be easy to show the results are sub optimal.

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