Is Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy Canada’s Tim Noakes?


History may be repeating itself as the amazing Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy (of Team Diet Doctor) becomes the next low-carb doctor advocate under investigation, somewhat like Professor Tim Noakes.

So what happened? Dr. Bourdua-Roy spoke on the radio, and a couple of nutritionists became upset and lodged a complaint, claiming that she had made “inappropriate declarations”. In other words, nobody has been hurt, except for the feelings of a couple of individuals believing in outdated dogma.

The parallels with Bourdua-Roy and Prof Tim Noakes are striking even as there are differences.

In both cases, the complainants claim that Bourdua-Roy and Noakes dispensed medical “advice”, not information. And that advice is dangerous. In both cases, the dietitians and nutritionists give no evidence in support of their claims.

And no alleged “victim” of that “dangerous” medical “advice” has complained or claimed any hurt.

Foodmed: Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy: Is she Canada’s Tim Noakes?

Likely Dr. Bourdua-Roy will be acquitted of any wrongdoing, just like Professor Noakes in his first trial, and Dr. Annika Dahlqvist in Sweden in 2008. The scientific evidence for using low-carb nutrition to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes is now strong.

But at the very least this investigation may become a considerable waste of time, that could be better spent. Hopefully it will also bring a lot of awareness to the cause.

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  1. Karen
    Drs Bourdra-Roy, Annika Dahiqvist and Tim Noakes could in a way, could be considered living martyrs for the LCHF way of living. Those that try to make change always suffer some kind of abuse until there is enough proof or believers that turn the tide in favour of the new knowledge. This happens in religion, politics and apparently health care as well. So these attacks on those who speak out will continue and build for a while and there will be more who will suffer, but as you said in your article, the scientific evidence is strong, and getting stronger every day. Before too much longer, no one will be able to argue about the fact that Low Carb is the best diet to achieve optimum health!

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