Domino’s pasta bread bowl

I enjoyed this. Standup comedian Jim Gaffigan talks about the Domino’s Pasta bread bowl:

The only ingredient missing? A suicide note!


  1. Andreas Hilmersson
  2. Sophie
    Come on now.

    I am as pro low-carb as they go, but to compare indulging in large amounts of carbs to suicide is a bit much.

    We all do things that are deletrious to our health: suntanning, smoking, drugs, sugar, laziness, toxic relationships, boring lives, gambling, etc.

    Reckless behaviour is NOT suicidal behaviour.
    People who eat large amounts of carbs are often uneducated about the impact of nutrition on their health, and can have different beliefs about what is healthy.

    I hate generalized exaggerated statements like this.

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  3. Karen
    Ths had me laughing out loud!
  4. Bridget
    I love his bit on Hot Pockets...a must-watch, as well!
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    I hate generalized exaggerated statements like this.

    You don't enjoy standup much, do you? ;)

  6. Michelle
    Please, it is a joke and a funny one too. Did you lose your sense of humour when you cut out the carbs?
  7. Welldun
    I wonder if Olive Garden serves bread sticks along with the diabetes, er, bread bowl...I bet they do!

    My birthday was at end of August, I was offered a trip to Olive Garden, I passed. I used to love going there but other than salad I don't think I eat that way anymore.

  8. Myfanwy
    I have no idea how this man has escaped being sued. It's so unlike the big multinational food giants to pass up on a law suit.... and very funny sweeping generalizations they are too! :)
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  9. spareld
    You do realize that he's a comedian right? Comedy is suppose to be over exaggerating with a hint of truth. This is nothing to be taken seriously. this is just for laughs
  10. spareld
    Because in America it's called freedom of speech
  11. Jon
    Has anyone tried Carb Nite diet? It seems it is a LCHF almost on all meals except for one dinner a week field high GI food.

    I'm asking because I'm currently on a plateau with LCHF.

    Thank you.

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  12. Jon
    Correction: "one dinner a week filled with High GI food".
  13. Murray
    My 14-year old son and I howled listening to this. Thanks for the low-carb treat.
  14. JAUS
    I guess I'm not a human being since I don't suntan (I take vitamin-D pills instead), I don't take any drugs (including alcohol, tobacco or even coffee), I avoid sugar and carbs, I have not been in a toxic relationship, I don't gamble, I have many interesting hobbies that keeps me from being bored and I don't waste time being lazy.

    Protip: It's easy to avoid drugs if you never start using them. I have never fallen for peer pressure, because I'm rather alone than with idiots.

  15. Nan
    Hillarious! But all too true.
  16. Marcy
    I find this so funny, made even more so because of how true it is! So many foods these days are just like this. Reminds me of when they came out with the stuffed crust pizzas. Who actually does come up with these awful foods? Do people really eat them?
  17. Dan
    WHEAT, It's slow suicide.

  18. Geraldine Denise
    Oh, Boy! That takes the cake , it's the funniest thing I've heard in ages. Poor you, no sense of humor, to take something so hilarious seriously!
  19. Geraldine Denise
    It's NOT a reply to Jon! BUT Actually reminds me of a "WHITE TABLE" a friends Mother made for Christmas once. The whole family was obese and the white table had, Macaroni Salad, Rice Salad, Potato Salad and Mashed potatoes and I can't continue , but you get the idea. Here in Brazil people eat "Stroganoff" with French Fries & Rice . It's considered normal. Until some time ago, family tables had at least six dishes on them, Rice and Beans and potatoes served daily.
    with other vegetables and meat, chicken or fish Now ,not so many people have servants, so food has become more streamlined.

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