Dogs and cats getting fatter and fatter


According to a report dogs and cats are getting fatter and fatter:

The Wire: It’s Not Just Us: Even American Animals Are Getting Fatter

Discovery News: Animals Getting Fatter Too

As long as the calorie fundamentalism continues, the situation will likely only get worse. Animals CAN’T even count calories and yet they manage to maintain their weight in the wild. Recommending that pet owners count calories for their pets is perhaps the most ridiculous idea ever.

Feed pets the food that they’re genetically adapted to (hint: not cheap pet food chock-full of nutrient-poor carbohydrates) and they will eat just enough.

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  1. Paul the rat
    From what I read most polyphenols, pectins et cetera are in endocarpium and skinn.
  2. Paul the rat
    Physiol. Res. 51: 313-316, 2002

    Advanced Glycation End Products and Nutrition

    Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine, Bratislava, Slovak Republic and 1Institute of
    Physiological Chemistry, University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany
    Received June 27, 2001
    Accepted September 26, 2001

    Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) may play an important adverse role in process of atherosclerosis, diabetes,
    aging and chronic renal failure. Levels of Nε-carboxymethyllysine and fluorescent AGE values were estimated in two
    nutritional population groups – alternative group (vegetarians - plant food, milk products, eggs) and traditional group
    (omnivorous subjects). Vegetarians have a significantly higher carboxymethyllysine content in plasma and fluorescent
    AGE values. Intake of proteins, lysine and monosaccharides as well as culinary treatment, consumption of food AGEs
    (mainly from technologically processed products) and the routes of Maillard reaction in organism are the substantial
    sources of plasma AGEs. Vegetarians consume less proteins and saccharides. Lysine intake is significantly reduced
    (low content in plant proteins). Subjects on alternative nutrition do not use high temperature for culinary treatment and
    consume low amount of technologically processed food. Fructation induced AGE fluorescence is greater as compared
    with that induced by glucose. It is due to higher participation of a more reactive acyclic form of fructose. Intake of
    vegetables and fruit with predominance of fructose is significantly higher in vegetarians. Comparison of nutrition and
    plasma AGEs in vegetarian and omnivorous groups shows that the higher intake of fructose in alternative nutrition of
    healthy subjects may cause an increase of AGE levels.

  3. Galina L.
    I developed an opinion that other things besides macro-nutrients matter. Many vegetarians (all I have met for sure) eat too often, their total amount of consumed food is higher, especially in comparison with a person who eats two LC meals a day.
  4. bonita
    1. i don't eat low carb, at best i eat relatively low-carb
    2. if you don't intend it to be personal, why describe it so melodramatically as torture?
    3. the sad part is that you and i basically agree on this matter, you just didn't leave room for the messiness of real life
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  5. J. Miller
    1. K.
    2. Oh no, someone is hyperbolic? So obviously an ad hominem is in order!
    3. Again, it wasn't personally against you. Thus why it is it's own post without showing it being a reply to your post.
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  6. murray
    J., if you say all kibble-feeders torture their dogs by feeding them kibble and it is a fact that Bonita feeds her dog kibble, then you made a statement personally against her. If you now say it was not against her personally, then you have to abandon the premise that all kibble-feeders torture their dogs by feeding them kibble. I suppose, like Touchstone in As You Like It, we can interpose a qualifier, such as "figuratively" before torture, shake hands and part on friendly terms.
  7. Humgruffin
    Murray & Galina L,

    Thanks so much for the detailed responses, they really helped!

    It can get pretty isolating in the current climate trying to live LCHF and raise children in the UK - the current "healthy schools" policy is absolutely bonkers... they mean well, but shove fruit in the children's faces constantly, while refusing to allow them cheese ("the teacher says cheese fat is not healthy") or nuts (there was once a child with a nut allergy, who has now left the school). They also give out "low fat" haribo sweets as prizes and presents, and children not permitted to eat them are, it turns out, usually given a lolly instead on the assumption that only vegetarians or Muslim families would have a reason to refuse....The inconsistency just boggles the mind.... I despair!

    Added to this is the fact that they teach nonsense nutrition - I once had to correct a teacher who had put "fats and sugar" together as a single food group, with a separate category for carbohydrates.... most of the other parents appear to regard my keen interest and views as at best an eccentric quirk and at worst dangerous for my kids health, so now I tend to keep quiet.

    So anyway, very good indeed to hear that there are other people out there fighting the good fight, thanks!


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  8. Galina L.
    In US everything is the same nutrition-wise as in UK. Tell the teacher that you give your child a cheese and limit candies because his dentist said so, and the dentist told that fat would be necessary for the vitamin absorption required for a dental health. It would be less a confrontation then. BTW, my son grew-up without a single cavity and his teeth are perfectly aligned. You can go also as far as baking cookies made of mostly nuts and a eggs and give it as a snack to school. If you fail to find it on web, I will give you a recipe. The best thing - it all is not really necessary , and you can relax about an outside food from different sources as long as your keep your house free from junk of any kind.

    I just want to repeat again - the situation with the food at school is the perfect opportunity for you children to learn how make optimal food choices in the world full of the food which promotes modern diseases. I am afraid they would need that knowledge by the graduation time, and definitely when they have their own children. Probably, even let them watch pictures from the famous book by Weston Price "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" Teach them how to cook and to love food prepared in a simple way.

  9. Cindy
    Making your own dog food is easy and doesn't have to be expensive. I use chicken gizzards and liver, pork and some beef with bones if it's in the half off section. I melt some lard in the bottom of a large soup pot, add the meat, some soup bones, veggies and fill it up with water. I also add some salt to the "dog soup". Then I slowly cook it for several hours. I can make enough for a week at a time. I refrigerate some and freeze what I don't use in a few days. I even save the extra liquid as treats- he really likes eating the hardened fat at the top. I feed him more than anyone else in my family feeds their larger dogs and he's thinner, more energetic and has a beautiful coat. I actually started doing it because he scratched himself a lot as a puppy, had hot spots without fleas and his fur was falling out. He no longer has those problems.

    Depending on what sales I can find, it costs me about $2 a day. I'm sure it's saved me tons in vet bills.

  10. murray
    High-carb kibble seems also to be ruining dogs' teeth. Here is an email we just got from our dog's vet (who only sees him for shots required by local laws). Imagine, putting a dog under general anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned. This would cost owners a fortune in vet bills. Little wonder vets push owners to feed kibble.

    "February has been declared “Veterinary Dental Care Month” across North America. In support of this and recognizing the importance of dental care, we are reducing the fee for an oral health assessment and treatment by $40.00, during the month of February. If it has been recommended that your pet have his/her teeth cleaned or if your pet has bad breath, swollen red gums or yellow brownish – coloured teeth, this would be an opportune time to take advantage of the reduced fee and telephone the hospital to book an appointment.

    Dental care is essential in preventing infection of the gums and teeth, which if left untreated could ultimately spread through the blood stream causing kidney failure, liver failure, or chronic lung disease. By the age of three, 80 percent of all dogs and 70 percent of all cats show signs of dental disease. Professional dental scaling is a detailed and moderately uncomfortable procedure. In order to remove the tartar from under the gumline (where infection begins) a general anesthetic is required. We recommend a blood analysis prior to anesthesia to ensure that it is safe to proceed. This is also a valuable profile for early disease detection and comparison should your pet become ill in the future.

    We believe it is better to prevent dental disease than to treat it. This requires a commitment to regular oral examinations, professional cleaning as required and home care. Home care should involve brushing the teeth with special enzyme toothpaste or wiping the teeth with special oral antiseptic and anti plaque preparation at least every second day. Our doctors and technicians will be happy to demonstrate the technique and make recommendations for an appropriate product for your pet. If your pet is not receptive to home care then more frequent professional cleanings will be required.

  11. Marcy
    Cindy, I am going to try your recipe for dog food. One of my Border Terriers scatches himself raw. Had to get him on steroids which helped but as soon as we wean him off he starts scratching again. No fleas or other reason, so going to try your recipe for dog food. Thanks
  12. Galina L.
    When my dog scratched himself raw, his veterinarian told us to give him some raw meat daily. It worked perfectly. It was many years ago, in pre-kibble times. We thought giving our dog an oatmeal prepared on bone broth with some cooked meat and scraps would be just fine. It didn't, but an addition of raw meat to not perfect food worked .
  13. Marcy
    Something must be amiss with commercial dog food for so many dogs to have itching/scratching problems. I will certainly rethink my dog's food.
  14. Galina L.
    Veterinarian told us that dogs scratch themselves raw due to the vitamin C deficiency, and told us to include raw meat into our dog food to address particularly that. He also said that bones for chewing should be raw, and pieces of cooked bones, especially from chicken , may damage intestines like sharp objects, while raw bones would be digested. I never questioned him.
  15. Paul W.
    My family and I have been low-carbing for three years now. We recently switched our two cats to a lower carb diet with no grains.. The food - made by Simply Nourish is available at Petsmart - is a bit more expensive than even Iams, but even after a few weeks, I've noticed the cats are less chubby and sleeker.
  16. Mrs.Q
    Last year my 12 year old cat was diagnosed with diabetes, we treated him for 3 months with insuline and started feeding him with raw meat (duck necks, chicken wings, day old chicks and minced meat specially for cats). After 3 months we could stop the medication. He is very healthy; no more plaque, healthy white teeth, shiny soft fur. Never kibble for him anymore as it is full of carbs. Now we humans have to start a LCHF way of living.
  17. Zepp
    Cats perticaly are carniovorius animals.. they have for instance not that good ability to handle blood sugar as we humans!

    And our capability is not that good anyhow!

    They are more prone to adjusting glucose levels by glukoneogenesis.. not that good at lowering high glucose levels!

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