Doctor transforms her health with low carb and pays it forward


Dr. Andzel’s team

Dr. Gaja Andzel decided to try the keto diet after reading about it in a Facebook group for type 1 diabetics and seeing the fantastic impact it had on one of her patients. Within two months she had completely transformed her health and stabilized her blood-sugar fluctuations.

She is now recommending the diet to her patients and has started a weekly class at her clinic to teach others about keto:

Dr. Andreas,

We exchanged emails in July 2017, this was a beginning of something not planned at all, but absolutely amazing, which changed the way I practice medicine and provided me with lots of satisfaction and hugs (all patients whose lives were improved want to hug me). I want you to know about it, because your work has helped immensely and we are very thankful for what you, and your team are doing.

It all started with my post on FB support group for people with type 1…

I am an endocrinologist living with type 1 diabetes for 18 years. I ran across Dr. Runyan’s book, The Ketogenic Diet for Type 1 Diabetes, in June 2017. I got it because I wanted to know about everything related to T1, and I had NEVER heard about the ketogenic diet. I posted in the group that I will read this book, and maybe this will give me solution to my “highs and lows”, sugar fluctuations despite great A1C (great by standards of medicine, now I don’t think 6.2 is so great for me:-)

I posted a picture of my CGM, the pink one.

My patient, Matt, type 1 as well, great guy, firefighter, posted his CGM, the one below on the picture.


Ooo, this was painful!

Matt mentioned that this is a result of….ketogenic diet.

Say no more, I embarked on a journey, started my own experiment. Two months later my A1c was 5.4, with minimum hypoglycemia! I was free from the roller coaster of glucose fluctuations! I felt great. I still feel great. In April, I completed 100 miles bike ride with my T1 patient, for ADA Tour De Cure. All powered by ketones.


I contacted you, asking or permission to print posters from the Diet Doctor website, and started suggesting this lifestyle to my patients with diabetes, thyroid problems, weight problems… any problems.

It was time consuming to explain to the patient what it is, how to start, adjust medications etc. Solution: I started a weekly class, open to public, insurance or no, free.

I have two RDs working with me. It is a real blessing that they both embraced LCHF in their practice and teaching. It took me two weeks to convince them. I just showed them results, got them to listen to some podcasts etc. This was enough.

Our conference room got too small, we moved to the waiting room.


To make sure people can continue this lifestyle long term I started a LOCAL FB group “Low carb talk IE”, we are now at 142 members and growing.

We have potlucks every 3-4 months. Pictures are worth 1000’s words:


Knut, a retired professional chef, whose life was transformed by LCHF (weight loss, off insulin, free of depression) teaches us how to prepare delicious, simple and not expensive meals.

Recently, my team decided to summarize the results of introducing LCHF to our patients. Since September, 60+ people change their lifestyle, lost total 800+ lbs (363 kg), A1c was reduced by 1-2+ points. Multiple patients with type 2 diabetes are no more diabetic, multiple are off medications.

I am glad to report that so far I have not been fired! I did worry about this. Actually, the medical group I am a partner of, embraced what we are doing!

Hard to say no to the savings we generate. We don’t make $$ with the class, it is free. But my group is responsible for prescriptions and hospitalization costs. Just counting the very 1st patient I started on LCHF, his diabetes medications, high dose of insulin and insulin pump costed $1,500/ month!

Here he is (75 lbs – 34 kg lighter) with his wife, who is very thankful for saving his life.


It’s fantastic to see all the patients’ wellbeing improve.

I thought you should know about all what happened since my last email, when I asked for permission to use some of the graphics from Diet Doctor in my clinic.

I know that you are getting many reports of success stories generated by LCHF and Diet Doctor. And you should! I hope that this keeps you and your team aware that what your are doing is REALLY IMPORTANT.

Thank you!
Gaja Andzel


Thank you so much, Gaja for sharing your story! It’s inspiring to read about how doctors are paying it forward and helping their patients transform their health.

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  1. Mauricio
    Un inspirador y genuino testimonio que se agradece se haga público. La sensibilidad de dar clases keto/lchf y así educar a los pacientes, es una verdadera disrupción en el ambiente hospitalario. No cobrar es un gesto de humanidad que pone a la misma altura, doctores y pacientes... estas personas están haciendo las cosas muy bien. Felicitaciones y no claudiquen en seguir adelante manteniendo el foco en la salud y no la enfermedad.

    Gracias por esta publicación Dr Andreas!!



  2. Ann Voorhies
    I put my cancer in remission with the keto diet
    Plus my blood sugar is totally normal now. Iam 69 and in the best health ive been in 20 years thanks to this new
    Way of eating. It works.
  3. Ryleigh
    Interesting article, Guys i wanted to loose don't know which program should I select, I have read a blog about a program

    What do you guys think about this program, Is their review legit? I have heard about this program a lot. Wanted a Suggestion

  4. Brad
    T1 diabetic for 40 years with the typical erratic sugar levelsI do bot want to lose weight. How can I use the keto diet and maintain weight?
  5. Allison
    So inspiring to hear of a doctor doing so much for their patients! This is one of the best stories I've read. Keto works in so many ways. I'm now down 25.5lbs since I started in June. So easy... that's the best thing about it. Kudos to you doc - keep it up, you're changing so many lives!

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