Doctor in the House – watch diabetes reversed using low carb on BBC, while old-school dietitians freak out

Do you want to see type 2 diabetes reversed on TV, using a low-carb approach? Here’s the first episode of Doctor in the House, a great new show on BBC with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. Watch it above or on if you’re in the UK (unfortunately, the video is not available in the U.S., but it should still work in all other countries).

Dr. Chatterjee spends two months helping a family where the husband has out-of-control type 2 diabetes. The husband is a walking time bomb for a heart attack or worse.

The prescription? A low-carb diet, intermittent fasting (eating only allowed during 10 hours per day) and some high-intensity interval training. After a while they add 24-hour fasting a few times a week. It may be the best treatment available anywhere.

The result? A revelation. In just two months his blood sugar control improves massively, he’s already off most of his diabetes drugs and he has lost tons of weight. He feels fantastic.

Old-school dietitians freak out

Can you see how dangerous this must be? All that sudden health and weight loss? Danger is apparently what old-school British dietitians see. The British Dietetic Association immediately put out a press release:

BDA: BDA alarmed by controversial and potentially dangerous advice in BBC’s ‘Doctor in the House’

Amazingly this is not a joke and they probably do not realize how absurd they sound. Isn’t getting personalized advice based on cutting-edge science, via their own in-house doctor a good thing? Isn’t massively improved health – even being able to get off medications – a good thing?

Isn’t it perhaps even better than following obsolete guidelines via the Church of Dietetics, while staying sick and on drugs?

On the Coca-Cola payroll

On a more alarming note the British Dietetic Association may not just be behind on updating their knowledge. They’ve also had the bad judgement of getting on Coca-Cola’s payroll, accepting sugar money and even “collaborating” with Coca-Cola on education for dietitians (meaning they let Coca-Cola attempt to brainwash their dietitian members). On top of that they are sponsored by makers of sugary yogurts (Danone) and cereals loaded with sugar.

Would you believe dietary advice from a dietitian educated by Coca-Cola, or a Dietetic Organization on Coca-Cola’s and Big Sugar’s payroll?

I’d rather trust an honest doctor – who’s revolutionizing his patients’ health – instead.


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  1. Simon Thompson
    Exactly Andreas, the dietitians are upset that they have been perpetuating illness and chronic disease when the correct advice was written about 100 years ago. We should offer them some form of professional indemnity amnesty to those courageous enough to make the paradigm change as Prof Noakes has aptly demonstrated.
  2. robert
    Grain and cereal deficiency has severe side effects and may even be lethal, for certain industries.
  3. robert
    Regarding the sausages... aren't these thing to be made from meat and meat only + spices? Is adding 60% of foreign substances a perversion of food that is UK specific? The latest package of cheap sausages I bought contained 98% pork + spices.
  4. mezzo
    Haven't you heard the old joke about British sausages qualifying as a vegetarian choice? Wheat rusks are a very popular filler (also known as sawdust...). But even in the UK you CAN get decent sausages but you really have to check the package or find a good butcher which is getting harder and harder in many places.
  5. Peter
    Great BBC program. What I missed was the high good fat, eggs and butter etc. advice; it makes it all easier and incredibly tasty....
  6. Vanessa
    It's really unbelievable that BDA posted that. What's funny is that they don't have a comment session on their post, or they would be getting bombarded with comments.
    Replies: #7, #9
  7. Pierre

    It's really unbelievable that BDA posted that. What's funny is that they don't have a comment session on their post, or they would be getting bombarded with comments.

    They are afraid that their business will disappear when people realize that it is so simple to improve your health and lose weight just by cutting carbohydrate loaded food.

    The diet in the show is not bad, but I did not see a lot of meat.
    They looks like mostly vegetarian, that is why they did not drop a lot of weight.

    Normally they should have lost weight like a cube of ice in a glass of hot water.

    But, it is an improvement compared to the old diet.

  8. George Henderson
    If you're a doctor you ask a dietitian to make a menu that fits the prescription for the patient and is also nutritionally adequate. If we leave aside the non-issue of grains , at least the dietitians are within their professional field of responsibility worrying about the nutrient content of a diet.
    But a doctor doesn't ask a dietitian for advice about reducing medications. I may be ignorant but I can't think of any way that would happen, or any reason it would need to. These guys have been sidelined and are trying to shoehorn themselves back into the picture. That would be easier if they had been helping to change it in the first place.
  9. Anna
    They have a facebook page. Can bombard them there!
  10. Nigel Kinbrum
    Reversed diabetes? See

    If you keep spouting bullshit, LCHF will end up as just another passing fad.

  11. Kat
    I honestly think that nursing staff should be given the go ahead to prescribe oral nutrition support. It would save a lot of wasted time, money and mindless brain numbing entries. At times refusing to see those who hadn't been weighed... aren't we mean't to be caring for others? A few who truly care used visual assessment and clinical judgement and work WITH nursing staff rather than against/reporting them. The number of Dr's I saw berated for prescribing supps when... hang on... its actually within their remit?!!! Always check for dysphagia and refeeding risk - of course - but it would be great to see nursing staff given the green light to take the lead with ONS. They are more than capable. With a bit of training and new legislation we could be rid of money wasted in this way. Telling nursing staff already "encourage oral intake" is like teaching grandmothers to suck eggs!!!

    Please give me strength - some roles are more varied/specialist (believe me I know) and are worthwhile keeping - but some just make me gasp in utter disbelief!

  12. kat
    Things definitely need to change. If they had been focusing on helping change in the first place then they wouldn't feel shoehorned and be trying to squeeze back into the picture. Very very true.
  13. DaveCymraeg
    The vast majority of dietitians are scientific ostriches, as far as I can see. A few months after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I found the Newcastle University/Professor Taylor research (for myself): the one that showed that 8 weeks very low calorie diet had a high probability of reversing the main symptoms of T2DB. I drew this to the attention of the dietician I was asked to meet. She had no interest and refused to even accept my offer of the references, so she could see it for herself. Her advice was meaningless and useless (although I did not challenge it- no point).

    Almost 3 years on I have lost a lot of weight, changed my eating regime (REAL food LCHF) and use intermittent fasting and HIIT. All blood tests are now non-diabetic and I feel 20 years younger. I daren't tell my "diabetic team" because I know i will just get ill-informed grief (aka NICE the UK cost effectiveness Institute guidelines, which don't work). It is a shame because I could do with some specific tailored advice AND since it works (for many) it would be good if it was at least considered as part of mainstream dietary/medical advice. I hope someone challenged the BDA, but I have grown disinclined to bang my head against brick walls. Perhaps a list of references sent to them?

  14. Mike
    interestingly in the video the doctor asks for "No cream, No butter, No yogurt", things that are considered very good and healthy on this site. Old attitudes die hard or does he have some insight?
  15. ChrisH
    A reasonable proportion of people cannot tolerate dairy to varying degrees for different reasons. Excluding dairy can often help to narrow down the actual problem even if it is not cause.
  16. CJ Jutzler
    Do all the good diet and fasting but the dawn phenomenon is affecting my am. readings in the last 4 months. H1c over 3 months = 6.1. am. readings going to 7.6 - 8 + -, no food from latest 6pm. until 10 - 11am 16 hrs., what must I do to come back to 6.3 - 6.7??. I do not take any diabetic meds., or Insulin and hope to control without. 70 year old female very active, Please help!!!!. Follow DR Jason Fung. Regards CJ. Jutzler Cape Town, S Africa.
    This video is no longer viewable in the US "This video contains content from LDS, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." The other episode was viewable and I enjoyed it!
    Update to my previous comment, the entire first series of Doctor in the house (3 episodes) is available in the US on YouTube. Sure wish the second series was as well!
    Reply: #19
  19. grandalaura82
    I am like you; I really want to see every episode of Doctor in the House. I can't see anything beyond Series 1 of that show because I am in the US. I watched series 1 and I am totally fascinated with it.

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