Do you want to join this year’s Low-Carb Cruise in the Caribbean?


In May it will be time for the annual Low-Carb Cruise in the Caribbean. It will be the sixth such cruise and my fourth. There’ll be a few hundred true enthusiasts along with many other travelers on a big cruise ship.

This year the ship will sail from Galveston, Texas, heading to an island off the coast of Honduras, then on to Belize and finally on to Cozumel, Mexico. At these destinations you can join various excursions (I hope to find the time for some coral reef diving this year). The cruise is a week long and during three full days onboard the ship you can, if you want, listen to lectures by among others Robb Wolf, Jimmy Moore (thinner than he has been in a long time) and myself. In the evenings we all usually have dinner together and then find some bar to talk over drinks (Jimmy is usually found wherever there’s karaoke).

The trip is equal parts adventure-filled vacation, education and networking. Do you want to come too?

More information and registration here:

Additional information: The price for a one-week cruise (including unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages) is from $679 and up, per person, depending on cabin class. Airfare to Houston, Texas not included.


  1. I was at first excited about this... until I read that the food that they're serving won't be low carb...

    I'm imagining listening to amazing lecture from all these leaders in the field while there are plate of donuts and bagels being left in front of me ... taunting me!

    What did you guys eat on the prior cruises?

  2. Wade Henderson
    The Carnival Magic. Isn't that the same ship that Dr. Jack Kruse got booted from last year?

    I'm wondering, had he managed to make that voyage, would the crew have been willing to supply him with 100 pounds of ice every day so he could take his Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis bathtub soaks?

    Anyway, sounds like a nice cruise regardless of what food they serve. I mean, its the real world, where everything is on the menu. Up to you to pick and choose. Can't blame the ship for offering too many choices. I'm sure many low-carb options will be available.
    Or, you could just allow yourself to be partially off-plan for those 7 days. A festival.

  3. Anne
    I was on the cruise last year and it was very easy to make low carb choices. I am also gluten free and they were able to make some great low carb/gluten free meals. For gluten free I had to order my dinner the night before so whatever I picked was GF. Apparently there is a special chef for the meals that deal with allergens.

    There were large displays of breads and sweets on the buffet - but I ignored that. I did not see any of that in the meetings. All the people I sat with were low carb too.

    The lectures were amazing and the people wonderful. I would be there again this year except that grandchild #2 is due at the same time.

  4. Lisa
    I have to say, whenever I see "low-carb cruise" I think What a great idea, vacation, without all of the crap and sugar ..beautiful low carb meals and a cruise! Knowing that they just make the same old food they normally do, well, I don't get it.

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