Do you have any first-world keto problems?


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First-world keto problems

Do you have any first-world keto problems? You know – annoying problems which, if you put them in perspective, make your eyes roll with their relative insignificance.

If you’re a member of the Diet Doctor Facebook group, you might have encountered this entertaining post about the minor but oh-so-inconvenient challenges you face on keto.

The post has gotten 104 comments so far, and here are some of the top responses:

  1. People thinking you will die if you don’t eat carbs. I think the picture below pretty much captures the whole point…
  2. Having to buy a new wardrobe. It’s so expensive!
  3. “Did you really say extra butter/cream/mayo?” A higher-fat diet undoubtedly breaks some conventions, so having to repeat one’s order to a confused waiter is super common.
  4. Constantly cleaning bacon/butter grease off of everywhere… Not just from your stove, but also from your newly-washed shirt.
  5. “Come on – one piece of cake won’t kill you!” Although your pie-baking grandmother is well meaning, it is a situation that is hard to deal with for most keto eaters.

Do you have any first world keto problems? Leave a comment below.

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