Why ditching sugar is really hard


In spite of growing consensus that sugar is harmful, people are still struggling to quit it. This might be the reason why:

“Indeed, when people say they have a sweet tooth, they really are suffering from a “sweet brain” — because that’s where sugar rules. Sugar resembles other abused substances in that “it is reinforcing and can change how you feel,” says former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David A. Kessler, whose 2009 book “The End of Overeating” describes the science behind Americans’ obsession with sugar. “It’s rewarding. And it’s self-administered.”

The Washington Post: Eating too much sugar can hurt your health, and for some it’s actually addictive

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The reason why quitting sugar is hard

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  1. Theroigne
    Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been more difficult to get the organic and wild foods which I rely on. My body certainly noticed the difference and I ended up with acne. I decided that I had to help my body by ditching all the processed food which had crept into my diet. It was a lesson in reading food labels. Things which say' no added sugar' often have other forms of sugar or sweeteners. Giving up Pepsi Max Raspberry was the hardest thing. I had headaches for a week. But now I am completely processed food free other than dairy and I switched to Lactofree lactose-free milk. I'm sure it's really tough if you love sweet stuff. I preferrd prawn cocktail crisps but haven't had any since 2007.

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