1. Jan
    What a great looking meal.

    I still find it hard to comprehend when people question that living the LCHF lifestyle is difficult !?

    Tonight our meal was haddock cooked with brocolli, cheesy leeks and some red peppers great tasting, good food.

    Keep sharing your meal ideas ..... thanks

    All the best Jan

  2. Pierre
    It looks better than this (McDonald's new competitor):


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  3. greensleeves
    We had pork steak, mashed butternut squash with butter & cinnamon, spinach with a spoon of cream, and truffle gouda for dessert.
  4. Daci
    What a stupid name..And yup,it looks way better than just another highly processed carby hamburger dive.
    They just never learn.
  5. Apicius
    Ah yes, the food porn continues.....

    Good job, Dr. Eenfeldt!

  6. Hunter Goss
    Dr. Eenfeldt;

    Great post and a great looking dinner.

    Any chance you can post the recipe for the aubergine gratin??

  7. Paul the rat
  8. Nate
    Paul, I read a little of that article. I stopped when I read, "Such high-fat, no-carbohydrate diets are unpalatable, leading to poor patient compliance." That is a very unscientific statement. It belongs in a critics review of a restaurant and should be in Section C of some local newspaper - not in an NIH article. Besides, the above meal and the 1,000's of other LCHF recipes prove that sentence wrong. Not to mention, the thousands of low carbers who love their way of eating.
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  9. Paul the rat
    Relax Nate, that how things go with clinical research. Never take scientific paper for granted (the more prestigious the journal, the more cunning lies are hidden) , read left, right and center and use your experience/brains to draw the conclusions.
    So you suggests that statement: "…such high-fat, no-carbohydrate diets are…" negates the whole experiment?. Have you tried to publish a paper describing adverse effects of "healthy grains or Mediterranean diet" on health lately? - try it, and see what happens.
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  10. erdoke
    Oh yes, these sentences have been included, so that the work at least makes it into the FASEB Journal...

    Such high-fat, no-carbohydrate diets are unpalatable, leading to poor patient compliance (11). In addition, these diets have been associated with elevation of blood cholesterol and blood lipids in humans (12), and fatty liver and hepatic insulin resistance in mice (13).

  11. Julia Barr
    One thing for us all to sit up and take note of is the portion size of the meals on your blog...I know when I first started this diet I thought if a food was zero carb I could eat as much as I liked, huge portions of meat and fish. I never weighted my vegetables or cream (low carb why bother), ate far too much cheese and nuts. When my weight loss became stagnent I actually sat down and read the information on the website properly (doh). I now weigh all my zero carb foods so I have a portion size suitable for one person, as well as my veggies. I don't snack and have limited my dairy intake. The only thing I do not weigh is butter, I use that liberally thus staving off hunger. For me I am happier eating a couple of eggs for breakfast, left overs for lunch and meat/fish with buttered vegetables for dinner. Weight is dropping off and staying below a strict 20 carbs is very easy.
  12. robynbeltrametti
    aubergine =eggplant, theres a recipe in DietDoctors Recipe List!

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