Dietitians of Canada call for the taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages


The momentum for a soda tax is building all over the world. Now even Canadian dietitians are joining in, calling for a tax.

The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – that organizes US dietitians – just recently stopped being paid off by Coca Cola. So perhaps they too can speak their mind soon?


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  1. Pierre
    They just have to say it is for climate change and then the politicians will furiously tax the sugar in soda and eventually everywhere in the food chain.
  2. Bob Johnston
    I'm so very, very tired of well-intentioned people thinking that bans and taxes are the right way to get people to change behavior. The "nanny state" mindset of having the government remove all risk from life is just outrageous. Let people make their own decisions but make sure they alone pay the price for those decisions. If someboday wants to eat sugar they should be able to do so w/o interference from the government or the people who "know better".
  3. Paul
    I've been practicing strict LCHF for 20 months now and after losing 118 pounds and normalizing my perilously out of whack a1c, TG, HDL, fasting glucose, and BP I personally know it works wonders and I encourage others to look into it and try it. But I don't FORCE anyone to try it! I fear the sugar taxation bandwagon is just more government coercion in an area where such coercion CLEARLY led to our current nutrition dogma and all the ills that followed. Why punish the very victims of this systematic coercion again!? Free information, communication and honest debate is the answer, not more government meddling and punishment focused on the very people who have already suffered enough from it.
  4. Butler Reynolds
    Wonder what would have happened if they had imposed a saturated fat tax over the past 30 years?
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  5. Pierre
    "Let people make their own decisions but make sure they alone pay the price for those decisions."

    That is not the case, nanny state take care of them with taxpayer money.

  6. Apicius
    Check out what the assholes at (the Canadian Sugar institute) have published, called Frequently Asked Questions About Carbohydrates and Diabetes:

    Carbohydrate consumption and metabolism in relation to glycemic control is one of the most important topics for people with diabetes. CSI offers a new fact sheet “Frequently Asked Questions about Carbohydrates and Type 2 Diabetes”, which provides answers to questions frequently heard by health care professionals regarding carbohydrate and sugars for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

    Key Points:

    - Sugars do not directly cause diabetes. Among the risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes, overweight/obesity is the most significant.
    - People with Type 2 Diabetes can consume up to 10% of total Calories from added sugars.
    - Foods with ‘reduced in sugar’ and ‘no sugar added’ claims are not always a better choice.
    - People with diabetes should consume consistent amounts of carbohydrate throughout the day, with a minimum of 130 grams per day.

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  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    These are just representatives of sugar manufacturers. They are as biased as people can be, when they promote sugar to people who will become sicker by consuming it. Assholes is not a strong enough term, if they have any knowledge of the consequences of what they are doing I believe the correct term is evil people.
  8. chris c
    Exactly the same as what happened without the tax.

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