Dietary protein builds strong bones, according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation

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Can eating meat or a low-carb, high-protein diet disrupt the acid-alkaline balance in the body, dissolving your bones and resulting in osteoporosis?

This idea in some vegan circles always sounded more than a bit pseudo-scientific. In recent years, more and more scientific studies have disproven it. Now a new expert review paper – endorsed by the International Osteoporosis Foundation – says that more protein in the diet does not cause osteoporosis but likely helps to prevent it.

It makes perfect sense. Protein, after all, is one of the core component of our bones.

Osteoporosis International: Benefits and safety of dietary protein for bone health—an expert consensus paper endorsed by the European Society for Clinical and Economical Aspects of Osteopororosis, Osteoarthritis, and Musculoskeletal Diseases and by the International Osteoporosis Foundation


What does low carb do to your bones?

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