US Dietary Guidelines being investigated – by government insiders

$1 million for government insiders to investigate the government's own policies?

$1 million for government insiders to investigate their own nutrition policies?

Late last year, the US Congress demanded a review of the low-fat Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This due to well-founded concerns that they are based on obsolete ideas, and that the guidelines have failed completely to prevent obesity and diabetes.

Unfortunately, it now seems like the review will be carried out by government insiders with very little interest in changing the status quo. The number of members of the proposed panel with alternative viewpoints on important topics? Zero.

Fortunately it’s still possible to make your voice heard:

Nutrition Coalition: Stop the National Academy of Medicine from Stacking the Panel on Dietary Guidelines With Government Officials


Congress Demands Review of Dietary Guidelines for Americans!


  1. Nate
    WTF, where is everyone? Why are the American LCHF gurus not sounding the alarm? Do you guys not remember how we even got the US Congress to spend a million dollars to investigate the USDA's Dietary Guidelines? Congress members don't know how our money is being spent. We need to tell them.

    Short story about my Easter ham. Tyler Jones learned to farm by being an intern at Polyface Farm with Joel Salatin. One year Tyler's Easter hams were confiscated by the USDA. (The reason was due to some miscommunication between the new USDA inspector and the previous one.) As it happened, Joel Saladin gave a talk where I lived and I got to ask him how best to get my ham back and the rest of Tyler's hams. He said call and write your Congress person. I did that. Sure enough it took only a few weeks and we got all of the hams back.

    Every American LCHF eater should be writing NAM and their Congresspeople. Why is not every American blogger on the Diet Doctor page not commenting and rallying the troops?

  2. Apicius
    Nate is correct. The best people to fight this is the American specialists (like LCHF doctors, scientists, etc). Ball is in your court...please do something now! This is a critical milestone.
  3. Alan
    The federal government is in the food business. They support industrialized farming - corn, wheat, soy. Shifting the American diet would result in less consumption of these items used in the processed American diet. There is a conflict of interest here. Even the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology promote a low fat "heart healthy diet". Is there any study to actually show that Cheerios decreases heart disease? Should the AHA put their seal on Cheerios boxes as a heart healthy food? I suspect that General Mills pays the AHA for that privilege. As best as I tell, eating Cheerios with skim milk, fruit and sugar will contribute to a metabolic syndrome. What is disturbing is promoting something as being healthy when it is, at best, highly controversial. Those of us who promote LCHF dietary lifestyles see this as completely wrong. Unfortunately, it is about money.

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