New Review: Dietary Fat Guidelines Have No Evidence Base

When the fat-phobic guidelines were implemented there was no scientific evidence supporting them. And there still isn’t any, according to a new meta-analysis conducted by Dr. Zoe Harcombe among others:

British Journal of Sports Medicine: Dietary Fat Guidelines Have No Evidence Base: Where Next for Public Health Nutritional Advice?

Maybe it’s about time we drop our fear of natural fat and decrease our intake of processed food instead?


The BMJ Criticism of the Dietary Guidelines Will NOT Be Retracted

TIME: Eat Butter. Scientists Labeled Fat the Enemy. Why They Were Wrong.

The US Dietary Guidelines Expert Committee Said to be “Completely Dissociated” From the Top Level Scientific Community

The British Medical Journal Slams Unscientific and Biased Low-Fat Dietary Guidelines!

Credit Suisse: The Future is Lower Carb, Higher Fat

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Stop Worrying about Saturated Fat!

Headlines All Over the World: The Fear of Fat Was a Mistake from the Beginning

Videos about saturated fat

Is Saturated Fat Bad? – Answers to Common Questions
The Big Fat Surprise – Nina Teicholz


  1. gbl
    Health Canada is working on new guidelines and a new food "pyramid". They are not consulting industry, but there's no word yet on carb advice.
  2. Tim
    Doubt if the new will differ significantly from the old. The blind following the blind...ask yourself who funds the research and 'professional" associations, then look at from who they're soliciting advice...who's advice do you think will carry the most weight with the ignorant bureaucrats?

    We're seeking input from all interested Canadians, including:

    the general public
    health professionals
    all levels of government
    academia and researchers
    educators and communicators
    industry and trade associations
    health professional organizations
    non-government health organizations
    consumer non-government organizations

    People need to learn to take responsibility for what they eat without having someone hold their hand.

  3. Simon Thompson
    (edit suggestion) fat fobic should be phobic. Cheers
    Reply: #5
  4. Pierre
    They are still obsessed with saturated fat and meat.

  5. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor
    Thank you - fixed the error!
  6. Tim
    Hey, here's a real 'professional' assoc...:-)

    The World Medical Association (WMA), the top medical-ethics body, on Friday installed an Indian doctor facing corruption charges as its president, despite controversy surrounding his appointment while legal cases are pending.

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