Diet Doctor’s adventures in Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile

Insider info: many of us here at Diet Doctor have a bit of a taste for adventure. And a good thing, too! I have recently returned from Santiago, Chile where, along with my colleagues from the video team Simon and Jonatan, we’ve been meeting top low-carb experts and people with inspiring success stories and filming a range of interviews, reportages and mini-documentaries.

The content will be used as part of our shiny new membership option on the Spanish site (coming extremely soon: stay tuned) but much of it will be available here on the English site with subtitles, too. This is the first time we have traveled abroad to film original video content in Spanish and I have to say, it was fascinating and inspiring to meet so many people doing so many wonderful things with low carb in Santiago.

I also gave a talk at a low-carb seminar organised by Ricardo Chavez and Encuentros El Mercurio alongside Franziska Spritzler and Dr. Paulina Vega Muñoz, a medical doctor from Chile.

What follows is a short account of Diet Doctor’s adventures in Santiago, Chile. Any ideas on where we should go next? Leave a comment below!

Day 1: A day in the life of a low-carb doctor

This was a particularly exciting day as we have never done this before, even on the English site: we followed Dr. Geovana Perdomo and filmed a day in her life. She is a medical doctor who uses low carb with her patients.

We started off at Dr. Perdomo’s house where she showed us how to make her version of keto bread and ate breakfast with her family.

IMG_1370 2

Dr. Perdomo eats breakfast at her home with her kids

IMG_1383 2

Preparing to film a consultation with a patient

We then followed Dr. Perdomo to her clinic where she showed us around and even allowed us to film parts of a consultation she had with a patient.

We had a wonderful time with Dr. Perdomo and are really grateful to her for opening the doors to both her home and her clinic and showing us what it is like to be a low-carb doctor in Chile!

Day 2: Living low carb with Juan Ignacio Cordova

Day 2 took us to the home of another low carber: Juan Ignacio Cordova. Juan Ignacio is an entrepreneur who has lost 22 kg using a combination of low carb and intermittent fasting. We met him at his home, and he also took us out to see him play tennis and buy food for lunch.


Simon films the interview with Juan Ignacio


I helped out with sound! It was fun!

IMG_1437 2

Filming Juan Ignacio’s tennis class

IMG_1462 2

Jonatan films Juan Ignacio buying vegetables

When we are out and about, there are all sorts of challenges for the video team to get great shots. It is great to work with Simon and Jonatan, who always adapt spontaneously to situations and find creative ways to make sure they capture everything we need for the videos!

It wasn’t all work, though! Simon and Jonatan enjoyed playing some games while waiting for lunch to be ready, and Juan Ignacio and his family were kind enough to invite us to join them for a delicious low carb lunch, Chilean style.

IMG_1463 2

Simon and Jonatan take a well-deserved break

Jonatan stops at nothing to get the best shots of the car ride!

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A delicious low carb lunch with the family

Day 3: Expert interviews and a street food outing

Day 3 was completely different again. I had a wonderful time interviewing Ricardo Chavez, a low-carb personal trainer, Dr. Paulina Vega, a low-carb doctor and Soledad Matus, a scientist who researches the keto diet and the ageing process.


Jonatan sets up the sound for Ricardo’s interview

Foto 2018-11-10 14 54 07

I enjoyed a quick chat with Dr. Paulina before her interview started

In the afternoon, we tried out another new idea: we took our smallest cameras out to a local market and explored what low carb options are available on the Chilean street food scene in Santiago. Fredo, our Argentinian video editor, is working on the footage and I’m really looking forward to seeing the result.

Day 4: More interviews

The Sunday was a quiet day to give me some time to prepare for my big talk the following day. I had a great interview with Pedro Grez, author of a bestselling Chilean book on the low-carb diet. We also met Jorge Vega and heard the inspiring story of how he lost weight and transformed his health using a low-carb diet.

Foto 2018-11-11 09 42 12

Pedro gives me his new book as a gift

Foto 2018-11-11 12 15 55

Jorge tells his low carb story to the DD cameras

Day 5: Reportage, success stories, seminar and dinner (phew!)

Day 5 was busy but fantastic! In the morning we met up with Pedro Grez a second time, this time at the low-carb clinic he is setting up. We filmed a tour of the clinic and met Dr. Marcela Araya, the doctor in charge.

In the afternoon we filmed some more incredible success stories before heading over to the Teatro Municipal de Las Condes for the seminar.

Foto 2018-11-12 09 14 03

Pedro took us on a tour of the “Grez Center”

Foto 2018-11-12 19 13 03

Jonatan gets ready to film the seminar


The low-carb seminar at the Teatro Municipal de Las Condes


Dinner with low carbers from the seminar including Dr. Paulina, Ricardo and Franziska Spritzler

I have to say, when I saw the size of the theater I did get a bit nervous, but I was well-prepared and the talk went well (you’ll be able to watch it on the site soon!). Franziska was the keynote speaker at the event and gave a fantastic presentation that was translated into Spanish by live interpreters. I work closely with Franziska on our Diet Doctor guides and it was great to see her again and spend some time with her in Santiago! After the seminar we went out for a fantastic low-carb dinner.


All in all, it was truly a fantastic trip. We think it is very important to travel to different parts of the world to learn from different experts and people from different cultures about important low carb topics in diverse countries, and then help spread that information by making it available online on our site. I am really happy that we captured such great content for the Spanish site and am inspired that so many exciting things are happening for low carb in Chile.

A big thank you to all our members who support Diet Doctor and make these trips possible. Diet Doctor is free from industry influence, we have no ads on our site and we sell no products. We are funded 100 % by our members, and that’s one of the key things that allow us to stay impartial and provide you with truly trustworthy information.

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