What Diet Doctor product do you enjoy the most?

What Diet Doctor product do you enjoy the most? We asked our members and got nearly 2,000 replies. Here are the results:


As you can see, the Membership videos is by far our most popular product, followed by Low-carb recipes, Ask the experts, and Practical low-carb guides.

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  • The keto bread
  • Diet Doctor Podcast -  The importance of protein
  • Diet Doctor Podcast #46 with Dom D'Agustino, PhD
  • Crispy bacon & kale with fried eggs

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  1. Gianni
    membership Videos are great!! These worth every cent!!!! I have learnt a lot and all changed my life! thanks! dietdoctor!
  2. Martin
    I wish there was Chromecast support for the videos. I hardly ever watch videos since I can't be bothered going to the computer or watching through the website on the phone.

    Is it possible to collect the membership videos on Vimeo for access for only members somehow? Or is Chromecast support something that's being worked on?

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