The Diet Doctor plan for 2017


We recently met up for our annual planning days in Karlstad, Sweden, to review our purpose, mission, and values, and to plan for 2017.

Here’s what we decided.

Purpose, mission and values

For the first planning days ever, we decided to keep our purpose, mission, and values exactly as before:

  • Purpose: Diet Doctor exists to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health.
  • Mission: To achieve our purpose Diet Doctor will make low carb simple.
  • Values: While pursuing our mission, we aim to act with trustworthiness, simplicity, inspiration, and goodness in everything we do.
  • How to achieve our mission

    In 2014 we made a four-step plan for how to make low carb simple:

    1. Create the best low-carb site for low-carb fans in Sweden.
    2. Create the best low-carb site for English-speaking low-carb fans.
    3. Create the best low-carb site for English-speaking people who are looking for something like low carb.
    4. Create the best low-carb site for English-speaking people who need low carb for health reasons.

    The first two of these steps have mostly been achieved. During the planning days we decided to start working on step three from the spring of 2017.

    To help more people, we are also considering to add other languages towards the end of 2017 – possibly starting with Spanish.

    Our plan for 2017

    We have decided to focus on three things during 2017:

    1. Make it super simple to find us on Google.
    We want to create guides for low carb, keto, intermittent fasting, and weight loss, that are so great that they are easily found when searching on Google. This means reaching #1.

    2. Create an awesome membership which people love.
    We want to make the membership so great that people fall in love with it and stay members long term.

    3. Create amazing tools that simplify low carb.
    We want to create tools, for example a meal planner with automatic shopping lists, that makes low carb way simpler for people.

    These priorities can change as we learn more about how to make low carb simple for people.

    What do you think?

    If you have any feedback on our purpose, mission, values, or plan, please tell us in the comments below.

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    1. gbl
      How can we trust when Dr. Fung is making "fat-shaming" comments online, which are being called out by everyone BUT here, and for which he is refusing to apologize or take responsibility.
      Replies: #7, #13
    2. José Baptist
      GREAT you have our vote stay as you are ????
      greetings from Holland José
    3. Marianne
      Thumbs up from me. An inspirational website and love everything you all do. :-) x
    4. Nate
      Yeah, recently I read a terrible article about low carb in the Weston A Price Foundation magazine, Wise Traditions. It was by Kim Schuette entitled 'Recovery from a Low-carb Diet'. One problem with the article concerned thyroid issues while eating LCHF. As I was considering my response to the article, I remembered reading something on Diet Doctor about LCHF and the thyroid. I went to your site expecting to find it, but I have as yet not found it.

      But that is not the real problem. Most blogs now-a-days have a group of key words used in the blog that are shown in a side panel. The size of the font used for each word is different - some large, some small. The size as most people know is based on the frequency that the key word is used in the blog. The greater frequency of use will cause the word's font size to increase. It is very easy to look something up via clicking on one of the key words.

      I think Diet Doctor should have such a key word group.

    5. Nate
      Yeah, one more thing I forgot to say in my previous comment. I have been reading Wise Traditions for several years now. It is an excellent magazine with many good scientific articles. (Some of my favorites were by Dr. Masterjohns (sp?)) I could not believe Kim Schuette's unscientific article was allowed to be in the magazine.

      Then, I read her short biography at the end of the article. She is a board member of the Weston A Price Foundation. I sincerely hope that politics did not caused the WAPF to ignore its scientific standards to be compromised - like with the DGAC.

      Maybe one of Diet Doctor's goals should be to be ruthlessly scientific.

    6. deborah
      Creative and welcoming for all ages and body type, your website is empowering, a place to learn, to get support, the information we need to adapt and grow healthfully. Stay the course, expand what you have done so well.

      Certainly, moving your body is a major part of the joy of life. But exercise is now a major for-profit industry, one that intentionally promotes not just fat shaming, but lack-of-pretty-boy-muscle / hot-yoga-pants shaming. Preying upon us, creating insecurity and distorting our sense of worth through negative body image, isn't the path to health. Your emphasis on eating whole foods that balance our whole body, is.

      Food, like sex, has become entertainment. I go in the grocery and see no end of bright seduction, an industry that feeds us empty quick unsatisfying distraction. Who benefits from selling us food porn? Who profits? Thank you for helping us steer our way around them to health clarity.

    7. deborah
      Dr Fung does sometimes politicize things, calling government Big Brother in one of his books. He's angry, seeing daily the endpoint of bad advice foisted on us by gov agencies hijacked by commercial industry ( e.g., ). The fat he attacks is a symptom of excess insulin and related hormones. He simply wants to help us all get well. As for Big Brother, getting rid of its control is up to all of us -- because we create government. By taking up our responsibility as citizens to actually educate ourselves beyond headlines and marketing, by acting on what we learn, by voting and understanding our representative system and how laws are made, by demanding a scientific environment freed from special interests, we create government that serves the people and the planet. In one of his lectures, Fung reminds us of the truth anthropologist Margaret Mead taught us:
      Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
      Good government requires good citizens.

      How can we trust when Dr. Fung is making "fat-shaming" comments online, which are being called out by everyone BUT here, and for which he is refusing to apologize or take responsibility.

    8. Gianni
      I think Dr. Fung has found a great tool to help people and this tool is free and no one can make money with this. Once you learn to fast, you will love it. I have no weight problems but I has changed my life and makes me feel great! My husband had severe weight problems and fasting has changed his body greatly and he got used to it easily. He loves fasting and cannot believe how easy and effective is. Again, nobody makes money and he even is blamed by colleages.
    9. TZ
      You should consider making things available for non-subscribers after a certain time period.
      I have an acquaintance who is a Type 1 Diabetic (and has an insulin pump). You are telling him to stay sick or cough $10/mo. Note the large amount of bad advice on the internet and quack cures. Many Type-1 helps are over 6 months or a year old. You might ask "what is your health worth", but I'd reply "How do you know if it is good or bad advice, and you will have the cash either way after a month because of your paywall". I understand you need to prosper to keep the site running. But what do I tell fat people in India or Africa or China who can't afford your advice or even have a payment you would accept?

      Also, except for opposing big sugar (starch, grain) corruption, avoid politics or other controversial science. Climate Change is conformist but there was email-gate. If you accept other status-quo government endorsed "science" at face value, you are hypocrites if you say the "eat more whole grains" government science has to be wrong. Skepticism is healthy in all areas - nutrition, vaccination, climate, medicine, biology, astronomy, and even physics and mathematics.

    10. gbl
      I think you misunderstand what I'm talking about Deborah: a physician who makes his living off obese and Diabetic people *fat shaming* them. I'm not talking about government or industry.
    11. Gentiann
      I do not think that Dr Fung intended to "fat shame" anybody....He wanted to point out that these people represented the old way of thinking and that it is not working... I guess he was expressing his frustration that no other options (like LCHF) were offered to patients. I feel that it is not productive to be oversensitive.....we all know that Dr Fung has great respect and compassion for his obese patients but he can be quite vocal toward the medical establishment that caused their health problem in the first place. Dr Fung is a crusader and I like him to stay that way even if he may bruise a few ego on the way toward his goal.
      Reply: #12
    12. Renee S
      I agree. He was making the point that the two experts on obesity were also overweight. So, they either didn't follow their own advice, or it doesn't work. I'm so sick and tired of people whining over every little thing. Could he have been more diplomatic? Sure. But, it's Twitter. You have a 140 characters to get your point across!
    13. gbl
      He certainly did get his point across.
    14. Maura
      I would love to see DietDoctor add a "Kids" section to the Recipes.
      Your Recipes section is fantastic -- and I'm sure that kids would enjoy making simple snacks if they had some simple, appealing examples - for kids, you might need a sequence of photos so that kids could 'build their own' snacks from a sequence of pictures.

      A Healthy Snacks for Kids section would be fabulous for all ages - probably the best recipes would require less than 10 minutes to make, or to assemble. (Things like the psyllium-based crackers or breads could be made ahead of time, or you could add those to the Kids Recipes and add some cheese on the top.)

      Perhaps you could add a "Kids Health Foods Shopping List" so that anyone shopping could pull up that list on a smartphone and know that they've picked up the basics to make 4 or 5 simple recipes. (I use my smartphone while shopping to pull up DD recipes, and find this a real time-saver.)

      Two quick ideas:
      Hungry Caterpillars (one example: radish head with 2 raisin 'eyes' (glued on with peanut butter) and using sticks of radish for 'antenna'; the body made by offsetting slices of radish, cucumber, and carrot stuck onto peanut butter put on the plate in a 'winding path'). The variations on 'caterpillar' ingredients are endless, which is part of the fun.
      'Frogs on a Log' (peanut butter on slices of celery, with raisins on the top as 'frogs'), but the variations of this basic idea are probably endless in terms of the kinds of ingredients kids could use.

      Also, just about any kind of veggie or fruit is more fun for kids if you use cookie cutters on the sliced foods - tons of fun and quite attractive.

      (I personally favor recipe names that rhyme - I told one child in my family that we no longer have soda, so we put sliced lemon and cucumber in fizzy water and she decided to christen it 'Fizzy Whizzy'.)

      I don't have data, but I sure have a hunch that some excellent Kids Healthy Snacks recipes would bring more parents and care providers to the website, where they would then probably start learning from the videos.

    15. Clinton
      Keep up the great videos and all the interviews with other physicians.
      And of course give us as much science as possible, I can't get enough of this, especially when
      the bar in dietary medicine has been so low for so long.
    16. SS
      I look forward to the tools for meal planning.
    17. Katharine
      Would be interested in doing the two week challenge, but it seems to be pretty meat heavy. Would it be possible to create one for non-meat eaters? Love fish, eggs, dairy, just not meat.
    18. Joan mears
      This website is truly fantastic, and since you have added the meal planners and recipes it has gotten even better, you should be really proud, well done and thank you
    19. Dan VDR
      Any chance of changing the site's name? Although the word "diet" means "what you eat", to most people (at least in the U.S.) it means a "a way to eat to lose weight". LCHF/ketogenic is a healthy way to eat long-term and not just a way to lose weight, it would be nice if the website name indicated the healthy lifestyle and didn't just sound like a weight loss site.

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