Do exogenous ketone supplements work? The big test

Do exogenous ketone supplements work? Can they make you lose weight, improve your mental abilities or your physical performance?

As the keto diet increases in popularity, we are seeing an explosion of keto-related products coming onto the market. Many people use exogenous ketone supplements to enhance their keto lifestyle, and the companies who sell them make many wide-ranging claims about their benefits for your health.

But are they a groundbreaking boost to a low-carb or keto diet, or should you be wary of the broad claims that companies make about their benefits?

In short: do they work? And if so, what brand should you choose? That’s what we wanted to find out when we ran a big experiment on exogenous ketones at our head office in Stockholm. Watch the video at the top of this page, or head over to our full writeup with all the results from the experiment:

Exogenous ketone supplements: Do they work?

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  1. Karen
    The only supplements that I use are for minerals such as Magnesium. I also take an Activated Charcoal as well as a good probiotic then, be sure to feed the probiotics high in alkaline, low in acid pre-measured unrefined carbs( spinach, cabbage, raspberries) with quality fat such as real butter, coconut oil, olive oil and cold-pressed avocado oil. A good source of high-quality grass-fed protein for omegas as I am allergic to seafood.
    For me, this has produced tremendous weight loss results, good digestion and a surge of energy. But to each their own.
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  2. Stephen
    A bit of fun but I assume that that all the subjects were already in ketosis. Maybe it has benefits for people that aren't in ketosis? That might have been a better test.
  3. PChen
    I eat real food and no processed stuff. This is what I've learned going into LCHF/Keto. So why go backwards to the SAD method eating processed supplement like exogenous ketone? Is it so hard to get un-brainwashed?
  4. Andrew C
    Carnitine is apparently an input to the ketone production process.... could this explain some of carnitine supplementation benficial effects ?
  5. Todd
    Curious as to why your taking the activated charcoal?
  6. Laura
    Yes, please. Why the
  7. Marlene Isenberg
    How do you know if you're in ketosis?
  8. D. Poretta
    Keto diet really worked for me. Lost 50 lbs. In 4 months, not a easy diet to stick to, but it takes some hard work and dedication, you can achieve your goal.
  9. Nen
    That was the worst trial ever, one the concentration was incorrect, one glass like that, not taking it as recommended and without following up with water and correct eating habits is a very unrealistic sample of products.
  10. Virve
    I love this cozy test movie, absolutely lovely team. And professional at the same time, of course😄. Results as expected.
  11. Debbie
    I have a friend who is selling a ketone supplement. She is telling people it will "reboot" their metabolism and more quickly get them into ketosis when they begin a ketogenic diet. She also thinks it will "offset" the fact that she is going to eat as low carb as is encouraged. This video would not influence her or her followers at all. I think an experiment needs to be conducted with individuals who are just starting a keto diet and with individuals who eat too many carbs, to see if the supplements put them into ketosis and keep them in ketosis. I do not support the use of the supplement. I do well just eating whole foods and fasting intermittently.
  12. Debbie
    Edit to my first comment: "...the fact that she is NOT going to eat as low of carbs as is encouraged."
  13. Renaesclark
    Why are you taking charcoal?
  14. Rowena
    I was very sceptical about ketone supplements but used as I am they are definately helping me cut back on carbs and loose weight. I fast from 7;30pm until 1pm or even later and take a ketone drink at about 10am. I am a convert.

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