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Diet Doctor Instagram

It was only a matter of time as I really enjoy taking pictures (of food): Diet_Doctor is now available on Instagram as well. Notice the “_” sign between the two words, the other name was taken.

Feel free to follow for updates and inspiration about great LCHF food – including for small children. You can also already check out the hottest LCHF breakfast in Sweden.


  1. Apicius
    Ok, now I'm curious...what exactly is the hottest new LCHF breakfast trend in Sweden?? Does it have anything to do with meatballs and Ikea?
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    No... it's the chia seed pudding. Not on Ikea yet.
  3. Cindy C
    Not sure where to post this. Some of us have experienced some raised blood sugar on low carb, and especially, when having a high carb meal after being low carb. This explains some, why and how it happens, perhaps nothing to get too worried about. Any comments would be appreciated.

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