What Diet Doctor content do you enjoy the most?


What Diet Doctor content do our customers enjoy the most? We asked our members and received over 2,000 replies:

Here are the most common answers:

  • Recipes
  • Videos
  • Meal plans

The survey result doesn’t surprise me at all. Here’s why these features are great:

1. Recipes

In order for keto or low carb to be sustainable in the long run, it’s important that you enjoy what you’re eating in additon to getting plenty of nutrients.

Our recipe creator Anne is an expert at making recipes which are both delicious and nutritious. Here are the most popular ones:

2. Videos

I cannot stress the importance of getting educated enough. It’s what allows you to make the right decisions for your health and weight.

We offer plenty of interviews, presentations, Q&A sessions and courses with a wide range of keto and low-carb experts, as part of the membership (free trial).

Here’s a small sample of our most popular videos right now:

3. Meal plans

Now you’ve educated yourself on all things low carb and keto. You feel really excited about throwing out all of the carbs. But hold on a minute – what do you eat instead?

This is where our meal plans come in handy. It’s like a map guiding you in the keto jungle. If you’re new to low carb, try our free 2-week keto challenge. Over 280,000 people have now done that.

Already done that and ready for something new? Then we have more meal plans as part of the membership. Vegetarian, dairy free or keto? We’ve got you covered (plus more).

What Diet Doctor content do you like the most?

Let us know in the comments below.

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