Which diet is better for losing weight and reversing diabetes?

What diet – low carb high fat (LCHF), “everything in moderation” with a low GI, or Dr. Mosley’s 800-calorie diet – is most effective to reverse type 2 diabetes and lose weight?

Three people – obviously not enough to get a scientific answer – got to try it on “The Saving Australia Diet” show. Recently they had their final checkup, after three months:

Yahoo News: The Saving Australia Diet: Final Check-Up

They were all successful in lowering blood sugar and weight. The semi-starvation diet (800 calories per day) was not surprisingly the most powerful for weight loss, but Tony on LCHF – without calorie counting or hunger – did almost as well. Here are his before and after results:


On top of this he managed to get off one of his diabetes medications entirely.


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  1. Eric
    Time restricted feeding Salk institute's lab work on time restricted feeding.Eric
    Better than eating all day. Why not look at all diets via eight hours of time restricted feeding? Eric
  2. Eric
    I weighed over 360 Pounds! Now under 180.
    LCHF and intermittently fasting.
    I like to share TRF because it fits with lchf.Eric
    Eating 9 to 5
    180 grams fat 60 to 80 protein and less than or at 30 grams carbs from eggs and vegetables. Am is protein like eggs beef or fish and fat like butter and afternoon is pound of cauliflower with four ounces butter.
  3. Victor
    The 800 calorie diet may have had biggest weight loss, but it is a starvation diet, nonsustainable, and gives no options of how to maintain weight loss once you have met your goal. Truly a short term fix without any long term usefulness.
  4. David
    How come no mention that the 3 diets where equitable in outcomes. especially the GI diet when you consider gender bias response.
    How can you claim unbiased opinion with such editorial content.
  5. Valerie
    Your picture shows a starting weight of 131kg, but the text of the article talks about a starting weight of 121kg, and a total weight loss of 12kg for Tony.

    Like David said before me, the LCHF and the Dietitian's Association diets end up equivalent when you take the correct numbers. Only the satrvation diet is remarkably better.

  6. gbl
    Did they have it right long before Diet Doctor?


  7. Eric
    Short term. What about body composition? Fat loss, lean? One year later?
    Looks like a publicity stunt! Eric
  8. gbl
    Interesting. Pete Evans tv chef who coached Tony worked on Two Fat Ladies UK cooking show. That show was all about eating meat and fat. Butter, lard, lardons, creme ... .

    Lots of good high fat recipes here, on Two Fat Ladies.


  9. gbl
    I echo David's and Carla's (in another thread) comments here (except it's SEX not Gender that was not in-factored.)

    They all lost nearly the same, and all gained nearly the same in positive, curative DIabetes outcomes. The diet the woman (and, one assumes, her children) ate is the most realistic, affordable and more likely to be lifetime possible. It's also more sustainable for our planet. Millions eat a similar diet sustainably, to themselves, their incomes, and to our climate changing world.

    To those who say the 800 cal diet is unsustainable, I would think no more so than low-carb, without the fasting component, and perhaps not even then. Fasting brings at least some days calorie averages to 800 I suspect. There is no proof yet that low-carbing can or is sustainable for a lifetime.

  10. Margaret
    Having just read Dr Moseley's book re the 800 cals, he at no time suggests staying on this for life. He recommends going onto the Mediterranean food plan for life after 800 cals for 8 weeks. You need to read the book not just the headlines.

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