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What’s the best way to keep overweight and disease at bay according to Karen Thomson, author and great-granddaughter of pioneering South African heart surgeon Dr Christiaan Barnard? Eating fewer carbs, eliminating sugar and upping fat intake.

She got a huge article published in the print edition of Daily Mail yesterday:

DailyMail: Cut Carbs, Quit Sugar, Feel Fabulous, Says Karen Thompson

By keeping carbs low and simultaneously eating more fat, you’re able to feel full longer and beat fattening sugar cravings. By switching bread, pasta and potatoes for veggies you increase the nutrient density of your diet immensely, keeping diseases away.

Chances are that you’re not surprised by this advice if you’re visiting Diet Doctor. But maybe you know someone who would be?

If you want to know more Karen Thomson’s new book Sugar Free has just been released in the UK, and it’s already a bestseller:

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