Diabetes now causes 12% of deaths in the US

man is measuring the level of glucose in the blood

Diabetes now ends up killing 12% of the American population according to a new study – much more than previously thought:

Science Daily: Diabetes Accounts for More US Deaths Than Previously Thought, Study Shows

The insane increase in type 2 diabetes is likely caused by the modern changes in our environment – primarily the massively increased consumption of added sugars and other carb-rich processed foods.

If we got rid of those foods, the epidemic that now kills one in eight Americans could simply disappear.


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  1. Gentiann
    The numbers are probably higher if we consider that many people, whose reported cause of death is heart disease, were also diagnosed with diabetes, but this information does not figure on the death certificate.
  2. Tim H
    "Diabetes accounts for 12 percent of deaths in the United States...making it the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer"

    Take into consideration what Dr Joseph Kraft said, that all CVD is caused by diabetes although much of the diabetes present is undiagnosed.

    Is cancer still another end point of diabetes? It is certainly a possability but, at this point, no more.

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  3. Pierre
    Warburg hypothesis :


    If you understand french:

    Dr Laurent Schwartz : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU-BYViDWkM

  4. Donna Kirkbride
    I am on an insulin pump and very sensitive to any food...I have to give insulin for fats,proteins, and carbs. I think this is why I am not losing. For example , if I eat an omelet with cheese and sausage I must count that as 25 carbs. Any suggestions?

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