“You have diabetes and you are going to have it for the rest of your life”

Drugs or food

Drugs or food

Do you have to settle for being sick and taking more and more medications if you get type 2 diabetes?

Yet another person, who didn’t settle for this is Torbjörn Kadebro. Here’s his story about the dietary change he made on his own – and what happened at his checkup with his diabetes nurse:

The Email

I just have to let you know!

On January 20th, 2014 (my 50th birthday), I began an LCHF diet on my own accord after having read on your website what may /will happen to the body. In the first week I went off 4 insulin injections, whereof one was a nighttime insulin. I also went off a cholesterol-lowering pill.

On Feb 21st, I went in for a checkup with my new “diabetes nurse”. I told her the truth, that I had gone off the injections and started to eat LCHF. She said: You’re showing quite fantastic results, but you should know that we don’t recommend this diet. After some small talk I mentioned that my plan was to also go off the Merformin tablets. She said: You can’t. You have diabetes and you are going to have it for the rest of your life.

On April 4th, I went off the Metformin tablets completely. I’m now completely free of symptoms from my diabetes. She was to send me a letter if my lipid panel was not OK, but I have not received any such letter.




Congratulations, Torbjörn!

More and more health care professionals are opening their eyes to LCHF. How? Through experience with people like Torbjörn Kadebro, who come in and show them their amazing results. The type of results you’ll never get with a “common” high-carb diet. Not even with ten different medications.

Health Care and Diabetes

When it comes to medications, some type 2 diabetics may manage completely without medication on an LCHF diet. Others – especially those who have had diabetes for a long time – may need to continue at least with Metformin tablets to achieve a normal blood sugar. The only way to know is to monitor blood sugar and see if it’s normal, or not.

When it comes to cholesterol-lowering medication – statins – it may be wise to take an adjusted dose, at least if you have been diagnosed with heart disease (previous myocardial infarction or angina). Especially if you’re not suffering from debilitating side effects. This to clean up dangerous cholesterol particles – small dense LDL – and provide a safety margin.


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Do you have a success story you want to share on this blog? Send it (photos appreciated) to andreas@dietdoctor.com, and please let me know if it’s OK to publish your photo and name or if you’d rather remain anonymous.


  1. Clare
    Dear Andreas, I always feel happy when I read yet another success story like this one, from a person who has shown clearly that blood glucose/insulin response can be controlled with LCHF living.

    This is what is working for both my husband and myself. Our A1c's and fasting blood sugars are in the fully NORMAL, non-diabetic range and have been this way for many years.

    Not wanting to put a damper on all the great result stories, I do believe however it is incorrect to lead diabetics into a sense of CURE, when in fact REMISSION is to my mind a more correct terminology. Sadly if a diabetic in remission on LCHF were to backslide and resume eating high carbs, their blood markers would again soar, and further damage to the vascular system would occur, which is irreparable.

    Even though I mentioned my husband and I have attained excellent glucose/insulin control, the pervious damage done to our bodies is irreparable. My husband is suffering end stage CHF, which includes kidneys, lungs, heart and liver. 18 months ago an amputation of a toe was required too. This is diagnosed as being the result of his Type 2 Diabetes.

    I have two messages I want to tell to people. FIRSTLY LCHF is a wonderful healthy lifestyle to adopt for many reasons. SECONDLY, you do not want to go down the Diabetic Path, which is not curable.... only manageable...... better to prevent it in the first place.

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  2. Frances
    Torbjorn and Clare... Thank you for sharing.
  3. tz
    I am bothered by how statins work - they block a basic cell metabolism function preventing cholesterol - and a lot of other good things from forming. Bad LDL is not bad "cholesterol" - so getting rid of the latter might not get rid of the former.


  4. Duncan
    Great to hear. You have taken responsability for your healt h and thats what matters. The medical fraternity would pefer for you just to except he fact that you have diabetes and to expect that your quality of life will slowly diminish over the years and only they can save you
  5. Boundless
    "– statins – it may be wise to take an adjusted dose, ... This to clean up dangerous cholesterol particles – small dense LDL – and provide a safety margin."

    Are you sure about that?

    My suspicion is that to the extent that statins provide a net benefit it's because statins reduce inflammation, and not because they depress a lipid measurement. Middle aged males who have already one MI, might die later on statins. Everyone else this stuff i being pushed to die no later, or even earlier, often of something else caused by this med.

    And anyone prescribing statins, if not committing malpractice per se, surely is if they don't address the CoQ10 problem, or if they fail to enumerate all the other side effects, many severe, some irreversible.

  6. Marie
    Me and my husband did this diet faithfully for 4 months he is 78 and I am 72 he lost 23 lbs and is a perfect weight went for his three month check up no more high cholesterol I only lost 15 lbs and I am at a stand still I still want to lose another thirty pounds but seem it be stuck please can you help me . Thank you in advance Marie
  7. Jeff
    I am off high blood pressure medicine after going LCHF. I will never take a statin after reading how they infer with you bodies production of cholesterol. Cholesterol is used for cell repair and I trust my body to regulate how much I need. I find it strange that things that are vital for life are dangerous - salt, lipids, and cholesterol. You are dead without them. What you don't need is sugar. I look at Type 2 diabetics this way. Sugar poisoning has been labeled diabetics. When you stop taking the poison you get better. The damage is done, you recover a little. You start eating sugar again, you get sick. The diabetic nurse will never upset the money cart by admitting they have no clue and all their potions are worthless.
  8. John
    I will have to agree with Clare...I don't think you are ever off the hook with diabetics. But the better control you have the better your life will be. After six months I have eliminated one diabetic medicine and have a A1c of 6.0. I continue to wait for better results. I wish everyone the best on their quest for better health.
  9. Johnny D.
    I have to agree with Clare, I don't think you ever get off the hook with diabetes. The better the control the better off you are in the long run. After 6 months on a LCHF diet I have managed to eliminate one medication and my A1c is 6.0. I continue to wait for better results. I wish everyone the very best in their quest for better health.
  10. Charlo
    I also do have a succesful story to tell, the same as those streaming in. I lost 14kg since March 2014 and not taking any diabetic meds any more. However, I am not loosing any weight the last three weeks. Any suggestions?
  11. Jean
    I was with you right up to the Statin recommendation. Like the other commenters, I don't think they should be taken by anyone. I hope you will consider removing that part of your otherwise excellent and inspiring post.
  12. Mark John
    When it comes to cholesterol-lowering medication – statins – it may be wise to take an adjusted dose, at least if you have been diagnosed with heart disease (previous myocardial infarction or angina). Especially if you’re not suffering from debilitating side effects. This to clean up dangerous cholesterol particles – small dense LDL – and provide a safety margin.

    I too have to take exception to your recommendation. The very fact that a person follows a LCHF diet means that their triglyceride levels (VLDL) will very probably be low so why take a statin to "clean up"? Statins don't clean up anything except at big pharmas bank! Statins ain't gonna help with angina but with a previous MI, there maybe a benefit to men over a certain age, but coupled with their sometimes serious adverse effects, why bother?

  13. Victoria Johnson
    I started the diet last year; lost 25 lbs. My fasting numbers are better with mornings being around 110 with AC1 around 5.6. Is it easy? .. not always. Sometimes I want a bowl of pasta SO bad I could scream. I have added blue potatoes back into my diet and limit my self to one very small one. The thing I miss most is bread. I've tried substitutes but it just doesn't cut it. I miss sandwiches.

    That said I am sticking as close as I can I broke down yesterday and ate one slice of bread... sigh.. with butter.

    I will always have this (stopped the statins) but my triglycerides are WAY down (from 350 to 80), my cholesterol has gone up from 150 to 230. Victoria

  14. Lucy
    Victoria...I am in the process of writing a keto cookbook. Have you seen the new product called "RollUps" at Costco??? These are a wrap...about 5 net carbs. We use them for some KILLER sammies...some KILLER baked crunchie 'chips' with sweet or savory dips...and BURRITOS!!! I don't know of Amazon sells them but see if you can find them. They are very delish and so helpful when you just want something quasi normal tasting. Happy cooking :) L
  15. Cindy

    You may want to try something called oil pulling to help with the cravings. You take a small amount of coconut, olive, or other healthy oil and swish it around in your mouth like mouthwash. Try to keep it in you mouth for 5 to 10 minutes, then spit it out. Then rinse. I follow up by brushing with some baking soda. It is supposed to remove bacteria from your mouth. I find that when I crave carbs, I also have tooth pain, a white coating on my tongue or just feel like I have a "film" on the inside of my mouth. The oil pulling helps me fight the cravings, gets rid of any tooth pain and gives me a fresh, clean feeling in my mouth as an added bonus.

    Hope that helps.

  16. Kat
    You know, I find theses stories quite annoying. The medical profession seems to have quite a strong resistance to wellness and a strong attraction to making people believe they are helpless against chronic diseases that will very reliably line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and doctors alike (obviously not every medical professional, but there is a general tendency within the profession). Good for any and all of you who have ignored this nonsense and found a way out of the woods into which you have been led.

    Today is an exciting day for me because I've finally been able to buy a copy of Tim Noakes's et al, "The Real Meal Revolution" in an online edition. I have trolled the internet and gained access to some of the recipes from the book from several blogs, so I was very excited when they finally released an online version as it's inaccessible here in the United States. Noakes is a scientist for whom I have an enormous amount of respect and whose work I became familiar with at least two decades ago when I first bought his running "bible", The Lore of Running. Since then my respect for him has grown in large part because he abandons his priors when faced with science that contradicts them. This is the way science should be done but usually isn't - especially in nutrition science. Anyway, if anyone hasn't checked it out, I highly recommend the book as it's a wonderful compliment to this website and filled with very easy and yummy recipes, as well as a large amount of very useful LCHF information.

  17. Misko
    Congrats Torbjörn. Inspiring story.

    I've been on a LCHF/Keto diet for almost four months now. I had no health problem that I know of prior. I'd been gradually eliminating carbs over a period of three years and replacing them with more fats. Then, about four months ago, as I was eating only a little carbs but still more than required to be in ketosis, I decided to try being in ketosis and eat 50 grams of carbs a day or less and see what would happen and how I'd feel. Well, I feel great. I'm never hungry, never feel weak even after hours without eating and even after an intense strength session. It would be easy to lose fat as I'm never hungry and never crave anything. Maybe that's due to the fact that I did most of my carb eliminating over a period of three years. I think I got into ketosis in less than a week and I never felt any of the transition symptoms. Again, probably because of those three years I mentioned.

    It started out as an experiment, but now that I know how great it feels compared to a carb-based diet, I'm staying on this LCHF diet. Once in a while I'll overeat carbs a little which probably kicks me out of ketosis temporarily but I like to experiment and see how it feels.

  18. sten
    The words in the heading:" You Have Diabetes and You Are Going to Have It for the Rest of Your Life",
    -with Diabetes replaced by Angina -
    came back to me for months after the cardiologist bluntly told me one day.

    The angina was often so bad I could not walk 50 meters or had to stop important phone call for debilitating chest pain from smallest excitement. After 4-5 weeks on strict LCHF it was all gone and I felt and was as if I never had been sick like that ever!

    I read William Davis "Wheat Belly" long after. When his clinical experience about blood sugar and plaque formation/ regression become wider accepted both stents or bypass operations will be something very rare and regarded as cruel medical history: Removing symptoms time after time and ignoring obvious causes.
    Like a garage changing tyres every 6 weeks without adjusting the tracking. Good business, for a while.

    This site and the fact that I was getting sicker at the time spurred me to start LCHF. I only lost 7 kgs, but my apoquotient was better than normal a year after. Now 2.5 years with zero recurrence of angina.
    I think I am an anecdote worth pursuing by any doctor putting patient health before procedure sophistication and income.
    And William Davis is no more being called up in nights because his patients are in emergency. He teaches them to eat right while they can walk and talk instead. That means cutting out grains and blood sugar and insulin raising foods. That's how simple it was for me.

    Regarding stalled weight loss: Cut down the proteins. And get the book "Ketoadapted" by Maria Emmerich! less than 11 usd as e-book or kindle! Gives all the hints how to get out of it.
    A glucometer can be useful to be sure proteins are down enough. For morning readings and testing foods if anything packaged is bought.

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  19. Boundless
    "I read William Davis "Wheat Belly" long after. When his clinical experience about blood sugar and plaque formation/ regression become wider accepted both stents or bypass operations will be something very rare ..."

    My impression of the Wheat Belly phenomenon is that Dr. Davis has wound down his conventional cardiac practice entirely - because he's saving more lives writing cookbooks.

    He's remarked on his various web sites that he was able to reverse calcium scores with diet (which a lot of people think is flat out impossible) and that he was no longer seeing any heart attacks in his patient pool once they switched diets. No more phone calls in the night to perform urgent bypasses, stents, angioplasties, roto-rooting, etc. He has made his primary career choice obsolete.

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD), like T2D, is an entirely optional ailment, both trivially avoided with diet. Whereas insulin does actually manage T2D, I doubt that statins contribute much at all to CVD. At most, statins might have a temporary role in getting a middle-aged male MI victim through a crisis period until the new diet kicks in. Anyone else is better served with diet plus placebo (but make sure the placebo contains no sugar or grain filler).

  20. Kat
    "Regarding stalled weight loss: Cut down the proteins."

    Instead of bacon I've been enjoying slices of lardo on warm "no-carb flaxbread". After I make the bread (ground flax, eggs and ghee), I let it cool, slice it and keep in the fridge. In the morning I toast a couple of pieces and then put a slab of lardo on each toasted piece while it's still very warm. Yummy, satisfying and almost all fat and fiber.

  21. Charlie
    Statins are so good for you and diabetes that they are now recommending it to be taken with a sulfonylureas. Statins kill your beta cells so just need to add another drug that stress even more your beta cells. Genius


    Schertzer's group investigated further. "We found that statins activated a very specific immune response, which stopped insulin from doing its job properly. So we connected the dots and found that combining statins with another drug on top of it, Glyburide, suppressed this side effect."

  22. sten
    Hi Clare,
    Please check what prof. Taylor in Newastle, Uk, achieved with DB2 patients..
    In short he managed to restore blood sugar control, concurrently with reduction of organ fats and visceral fats. The method he used was a crash low calorie diet, but for a very short time. Purpose to reduce visceral fat, which was monitored by CT scans during the trial.

    Needless to mention the ones that could continue a somewhat reduced calorie diet retained good BS control while most of the rest fell back into disease.
    If the crash diet is done and then followed up with LCHF I cannot see that another important step to real cure has been taken. No visceral fat left , no DB-2 left ?

  23. Clare
    STEN.... and after the 'crash diet' and the reduction in visceral fat' etc., how is the vascular system repaired? How is the damage to the kidneys repaired? how is the liver repaired and finally how are the cardiac arteries and the heart muscle itself repaired? Diabetes causes most serious damage to structures and organs of the human body. Even with excellent blood sugar control the damage is always there. It is misleading to attach the word CURE to good blood sugar control in my humble opinion.

    I have witnessed many cases where people have changed diet and lifestyle to minimise carbohydrate intake... I myself have done so for over 12 months now, have lost weight, have gained control of A1c's, have seen triglyceride's plummet. But with all these excellent markers, I still have the cardiac and vascular issues. It will be interesting to see what Professor Taylor has achieved in remedying these particular issues which are usually manifest in diabetic patients. But quite honestly (even before I go look and see) I do believe IF Professor Taylor had achieved a CURE for type 2 DM it would have made the news big time world wide.

    I will, as you suggest read up via GOOGLE on the work of Professor Taylor, and I thank you for the mention. I do not however feel that FAT (visceral) is the promulgator of type 2 Diabetes.

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  24. Martin Levac
    Doc, I understand your advice for statins. You're a doc and you have obligations concerning official medication. But I am not a doc, so I am under no such obligation. In my opinion, statins have no medical purpose whatsoever. Even if there is just one medical purpose to statins, it's highly unlikely that this applies to the millions of people who are prescribed statins for the rest of their lives. The sole reason statins exist is not to treat this rare medical condition, but to treat an imaginary medical condition which we repeatedly and continuously show to be false:

    Saturated fat => cholesterol => heart disease

    Statins do not treat heart disease, the actual medical condition statins are said to treat. Statins treat cholesterol, an essential substrate for every cell and many hormones and immune functions in our bodies. High cholesterol is not a medical condition in and of itself. If anything, low cholesterol should indicate a medical condition which must be addressed, by virtue of the essential nature of cholesterol. The very fact alone that cholesterol is essential for so many different functions can easily explain the wide array of chronic and persistent side effects experienced by those who take statins every day. Finally, statins are also prescribed to completely healthy persons, and this is utterly absurd. When health is present, any and all medication is unwarranted. More than that, unwarranted medication can create medical conditions of their own, which wasn't there to begin with. We effectively make people sick by prescribing unwarranted medication to healthy people. How absurd has the profession become?

    First do no harm.

    When harm is being done, stop.

    Doc, LCHF was only the first step.

  25. Boundless
    "I do believe IF Professor Taylor had achieved a CURE for type 2 DM it would have made the news big time world wide."

    Doubtful. Consensus medicine is working hard at ignoring how easily the runaway pandemic of T2D can be arrested (not T1D, mind you). A simple cure with diet is contrary to their "diet doesn't really matter" training, and doesn't support a sustainable business model.

    T2D is not a disease, and doesn't need a cure. It is merely a predictable metabolic response to a full-time moderate to high glycemic diet.

    T2D is fully reversible at the metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes stages.

    It is fully reversible thereafter to the extent that the complications of it are themselves reversible (some of them need a "cure"). Even well entrenched T2D is fully manageable with diet (not drugs) as long as you are producing any insulin at all (and if you aren't, then it might be more properly called adult T1D or LADA).

    This is the reality of T2D. Informed sufferers are using LCHF to trivially get their BG under control, and get off insulin and metaformin. The usual response from their MD? "Keep doing what you're doing", but ZERO curiosity about what that is and why it works.

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  26. Martin Levac
    Symptoms of carbohydrate poisoning.
    Symptoms of sugar poisoning.
    Symptoms of wheat poisoning.

    Clears things up, doesn't it?

  27. Tessa
    After I was diagnosed as a diabetic (and told I would have it all my life) I dived into Google looking for alternatives. That's how I came to LCHF and this site.

    LCHF definitely controls my BG levels during the day: I don't eat carbs, the blood sugar doesn't climb, simple as that.

    However, my fasting glucose is still the highest number in the day, higher in fact than after meals and I don't know what to do about it. It also looks like it is slowly getting higher every day and I don't like the trend.

    My lab results are all better except for HDL that is still way too low.

    I lost about 20lbs on the first two months but nothing since then. On the last 2 months I've gained and lost ±3lbs several times but don't go lower than that. And I have a lot to lose.

    Can't see what I'm doing wrong.

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  28. JustMeinT
    In my humble and NON medical opinion Tessa, sometimes you need to come off milk and cut back seriously on cheese products too...... but stick to it like I have and you will control your BGL and slowly but surely the weight will keep reducing. Best of luck
  29. Zepp
    Im not sure you are doing anything wrong.. and I dont know if your fasting glucose is any bad?

    My FBG did rise a bit , but my A1c droped like a stone.. its now 32!

    So I dont think that fasting value is that important.

    And in the morning allmoste everyone have a higher glucose level, its part of your cirkadian cycle!

    If one only make two tests, A1c and postprandial glucose levels is best to predict diabetes.

    After two hours your glucose levels should be in normal range.

    You know.. I altso have glucose meter.. I fund that glucose levels goes up and down the whole day.. and it seems to be of natural causes.. i dont measure that anymore, its a bad predictor for allmoste anything.

  30. Tessa
    @JustMeinT @Zepp thank you for your answers.

    I don't eat a lot of dairy (I think?). No milk, almost no cheese but I do have cream regularly in sauces.

    Maybe I'm eating too much protein for this diet, although my portion is not more than what the average person eats. It's easy to understand what to eat and what not to eat but the quantities and how to measure them still puzzle me.

    The macros appear in %. What does that correspond to in grams or calories and how to measure cooked food? I had salmon in a butter and cream curry sauce for lunch. I assume this is perfectly ok but still don't know how to measure the protein or fat in that dish. I also had a small green salad with 3-4 walnuts, 1/2 tomato, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The walnuts and tomato probably have some carbs but how do I know how many? And how is the dressing counted?

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  31. Zepp
    Well.. if you dont need to count and weight your food.. its much easyer and then in comes as a lifestyle easyer!

    This % is E%, i.e. energy percentage.. i.e. its calories!

    Its about wich macronutient that provide most energy and how it affect your body.. but protein is not that much energy as a bulding stone for a lot of important things.

    If you eat average portions of protein then its okey, its not a protein diet, but people tend to eat to litle protein!

    Protein, (amino acids) is essentiall, fat and carbs are not, exept Omega-3/-6!

    So.. dont cut out protein.. its kind of self regulated.. meat is expensive, one get full and satisfyed.

    As you understand.. a sallad cant be that much carbs anyhow.. read the labels for the dressing.

    Both walnuts and tomatoes is those carb food you shall eat.. little carbs, more nutrients.. and the olive oil did provide the moste calories.. E%!

    Its not that much of counting and weighing.. its about eating real food and cut the obvius bad carbs, those you dont need!


  32. Tessa
    @Zepp thank you. Happy New Year!

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