Diabetes – a disease of glucose intolerance


Some people control their type 2 diabetes for years on low carb, having perfect blood sugar levels with no medication. So what happens if you then try eating the amount of carbs that people with diabetes are “supposed” to eat?

Low Carb RN got a continuous glucose monitor and decided to find out:

…here is where things get crazy.

I decided to do a meal that follows typical diabetes advice, yes, 60 g of carbs in one meal. I decided to eat no other carbs that day so I would still end the day eating very low carb, but I ate the entire 60 g in one sitting. In addition, I ate processed and refined grains and about three bites of something sweet (“moderation,” lol).

Hold on to your seats folks…

Perhaps you can guess what happened?

Low Carb RN: Diabetes – A Disease of Glucose Intolerance


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