A picture from a UK diabetes clinic (not a joke)

vending machine

Here’s a picture from a diabetes clinic in Oxford (source).

Eating these “foods” will keep the patients’ blood sugar levels on a roller coaster, causing blood sugar swings that can only be controlled with much insulin. This is potentially dangerous in type 1 diabetes, and in type 2 it leads to a vicious cycle of weight gain, more insulin and a chronic progressive disease.

This is really not that different from a cigarette vending machine in the waiting room of an asthma clinic. It’s a sign of sad ignorance.

Instead, eating a low-carb diet stabilizes patients’ blood sugars and decreases the need for diabetic medications.

Another example

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  1. Julianne
    Another example of this type of incongruity is at my ice skating rink, i.e. a place to go to exercise, get fit, stay healthy. The company that owns it is primarily a catering company, and yet the food they provide for the athletes and would-be athletes at the rink is thickly sliced sandwiches, french fries, pastries, cakes, packaged chips and sweets. Oh, to be fair, if you look closely along the counter you can find some of those "health bars" that are almost inedible. Questions about "When will they be providing healthy food options? Salads? Fruit salad, perhaps?" gets the answer, "Yes, it's coming..." I wonder how long it will take. How hard can it be for a catering company? They should get onto some of the recipes on this site!
    At first glance I thought the other machine was a cigarette dispenser...

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