How to demonize real food, step by step


Are you a scientist looking to demonize real food, but not sure how to do it? Don’t you worry – Dr. Ted Naiman has got you covered in the simple step-by-step guide above.

It might seem like a joke, but these kinds of studies often make the headlines. A good example is this study, resulting in headlines that paleo diets lead to obesity and diabetes in humans. This after studying something that was not a paleo diet, in mice.

You’re probably better off using a pinch of common sense. If foods that we’ve been eating throughout human history are hazardous to our health, we would probably not be here today.


New Study Claims Paleo Diet Causes Diabetes and Obesity, for People Who Are Mice

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  1. Kate Mos
    Perfect timing - coconut oil is getting massacred in the American press right now because it is saturated(!). It is absolutely insane. I'm glad I know better.

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