Customizing keto to help treat cancer

How can you customize your keto diet and lifestyle to help treat cancer?

Alison Gannett is a cancer survivor who is dedicated to helping other people who suffer from the disease. In this presentation from the Low Carb USA 2017, she talks about different diet and lifestyle factors that might be considered in the treatment of cancer, in addition to conventional treatment.

Watch a preview above (transcript). The full presentation is available with a free trial or membership:

Customizing keto to help treat cancer – Alison Gannett

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  1. Vicky
    I am a member and can't get to Alison Gannett video or transcript. Please help
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  3. Bernard
    looks like the link to the video is broken
  4. Jane
    There is a spelling error in the URL "CCustomizing" should be Customizing.
  5. Fixed.
  6. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Vicky and Bernard!

    To watch the full video, click here:

    (You need to be a member and you have to login first.)

    looks like the link to the video is broken

    I am a member and can't get to Alison Gannett video or transcript. Please help

  7. Judy

    My partner and I first met a year and a half ago - both of us are in our 70's, and its the best relationship either of us have ever had - but shortly after we met he was diagnosed with bladder cancer which was located in the pelvis of his kidney. When we first met he was diabetic and had high blood pressure. After being on the keto diet for just a month and a half his blood sugars went way down and his blood pressure was better for a while. Then he was told that the only safe treatment for his cancer was a nephrectomy which he just had this week. I am reading very conflicting information about the best diet to protect his remaining kidney. Some doctors say no dairy, some say low protein, some say low fat, some say high fat, some say no red meat, some say vegetarian etc etc.

    He has great respect for my research skills and pretty much follows what I tell him. But I don't feel secure right now about saying Keto is the best for his kidney. BTW his blood pressure went up because of his anxiety around the surgery and is back down again.

    I would greatly appreciate some guidance here. I should say that one of the urology doctors at Vancouver General Hospital strongly recommended a keto diet, but (of course) others didn't. I just want to know I am doing the best for him. Many thanks. Judy

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