Crisis in nutrition – Vox populi

If you haven’t seen this recent lecture (20 min) by brilliant stand-up comic and food blogger Tom Naughton yet, you should. It’s about how people are turning away from obsolete official high-carb eating guidelines. How people seek out better advice online. And how this evolution is unstoppable.

Unless the official nutrition advice is updated to something that actually works, more and more people are simple going to ignore it.

Tom Naughton’s blog (well worth reading)

PS: Vox Populi means “voice of the people”.


  1. "Unless the official nutrition advice is updated to something that actually works, more and more people are simple going to ignore it."

    I already ignore it. The medical and dietary establishment collectively knows less than nothing about nutrition, so they are irrelevant. As Max Plank put it, "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." Or, as Tom paraphrased it, progress in science occurs one funeral at a time.

    Of course, I have been labeled "uncooperative" by my VA medical center doc because I refuse to take musle toxins (statins) for a fictitious number (total cholesterol) which wouldn't be a good indicator for anything even if it wasn't fiction. So I'm a bit angry about the fact that the peddlers of this nonsense have so much control over my life.

  2. Daniel FE.
    The nutritonist at my job said i was going to die, and all her little pals backed up her claim. after 3 months of doing it, i lowerd my Blood Pressure, HDL is up, cholesterol is normal, and all they said it was because i was "young" and that "if you keep eating like this, you are going to clog your arteries".

    6months later, show my results, and again "it is because you are young" im 24yr old,

    then i asked said nutritionist to look for any resurch where they see saturated fat cause clogged arteries. she could not find any.

    in the past 7 months it has come to my realisation that people just dont take the time to actually research things. I was sick of my cholesterol being "ok" and my weight being up even though i work out every day and do weights+cardio and still be some what fat @19% body fat, Today i at at a lean 11% body fat.

  3. Michael
    A pretty dull affair by his standards; hard to be funny if only five people are in attendance...
    This one's still his definitive one:
  4. Yesterday a GP friend of mine wrote this:

    "Doctors are experts in illness not health. I would be surprised if, in my 6 years of undergraduate study, and 4 years of postgraduate study, there was 20 hours TOTAL concerning nutrition beyond statements like 'eat less' and walk more."

  5. Justin B
    I don't believe this one was really meant to be completely funny. He was talking to governing powers rather than a cruise full of supporters.

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