Crippled by Statins, Now a Competitive Weightlifter


David Purkiss became depressed, desperate and ended up in a wheelchair from taking statins – but doctors insisted he keep taking them. After deciding to stop he’s now a competitive weightlifter.

Dailymail: Crippled by statins: Cholesterol-busting drugs left David in a wheelchair – but doctors insisted he keep taking them

This is an excellent illustration of a basic fact. The positive effect of statins is often quite small and it’s not always worth suffering side effects for it. At the very least people deserve to know the truth about the effect – not propaganda – so that they can make an informed decision.

The truth? Statins every day for five years can lower the risk of a heart attack by about 1 percent and can on average make you live 3 or 4 days longer. These are results from studies done by the pharmaceutical industry, who sell the drugs, and so probably represent the best-case scenarios.

Is that kind of an effect worth suffering side effects? Only the person taking the drug can decide. David Purkiss decided it was not.


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  1. Pierre
    What amaze me, is that there is no yet class action against this drugs?
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  2. Alex
    Alright you've stated your case effectively once again. Now, how about some advice for those of us whose cholesterol levels are higher than they should be?
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  3. Tor H
    Why should your cholesterol levels be of any concern?
    Colesterol is a vital part of your body and it regulates it all by itself.

    People would be better off never knowing their cholesterol level.

  4. Victor
    There's always strategies to bring your cholesterol down, but it depends on the individual: what are they currently eating, do they exercise, what is their overall health status, what is your cholesterol and triglyceride levels at, etc. Just saying you have high cholesterol and need help is much too broad. For all we know, maybe your LDL is marginally high and you just need to bring up your HDL to balance it out (hint for that situation - eat more saturated fats).
  5. Judy
    As a heart failure and arrhythmia patient, side effects several years ago led my doctor to remove Lipitor from my prescriptions after less than six months. My cholesterol had never been high. Lipitor had been prescribed as a "preventative." The side effects were swept away! My husband is a tough nut to crack, however, on my LCHF lifestyle even though he appreciates my youthful appearance and my renewed energy. But six months ago he had his first bad liver function test, followed by another this month worse than the first. His G.P. (not his cardio) took him off his large dosage of Lipitor that he has been taking for years. He is also a cancer survivor. I gently persuaded him to watch the videos on this site on statins and cholesterol. He is still enjoying his muffins, whole wheat bread, beer, etc; but he has gotten off his artificial butter and processed cereals. Small steps, true, but changes in long-held beliefs take time for some. He sees all my books in our library, but he has yet to pull one off the shelf. Speaking of books, may I also recommend "Grain Brain," by David Perlmutter, MD. It has an excellent section on statins and supports LCHF, giving evidence that the lifestyle truly changes lives. Thanks for this website. Keep up the good work!!
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  6. Michelle
    High cholesterol levels are set by the very companies set to profit from cholesterol lowering drugs. Our brains are made up of 25% cholesterol and every single living cell in our bodies need cholesterol for repair and regeneration and to stay healthy, why the hell would we want to reduce our levels?? Coupled with the side effects of taking these drugs plus cessation of production of Q10, and there being no proven link of high cholesterol with a higher mortality rate, tell me again, why take statins and why the desire for lowering our cholesterol????????????
  7. Pierre
  8. BobM
    Alex, take a look at "The Great Cholesterol Con" by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick.

    Also, note that "high" (what used to be "normal") "cholesterol" (really lipoproteins) is protective against cancers and sicknesses. In fact, in terms of overall death rate, it's better to have a "high" cholesterol than a "low" cholesterol. In terms of marketing drugs, of course, it's not.

    I'm beginning to believe that all cholesterol values (Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, you name it) are meaningless and simply markers of insulin resistance. If you have low HDL, you have insulin resistance. You need to correct that. Correct that by using low carb (with a lot of fat and lower protein) and intermittent fasting (if necessary). That will raise your HDL (which may or may not be good; again, I think this is just an indicator of insulin resistance, which is the real killer).

    In short, don't be concerned with "high" cholesterol. The concern (stress = bad) is probably more dangerous than the cholesterol.

  9. BobM
    Judy, I also have heart failure and arrhythmia. Are you familiar with the connection between insulin resistance and heart failure? For instance, see the following:

    This postulates that insulin resistance may exacerbate or cause heart failure.

    And if you look at this in detail, insulin resistance is associated with heart disease, cancer, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), skin tags, you name it. Unfortunately, few studies have been done to see if improving insulin resistance will improve heart failure, heart disease, cancer (though studies have been done for tinnitus and were positive).

    I have been using low carb and intermittent fasting to reduce my insulin resistance and my arrhythmia is basically gone. My heart failure is still there, but it's much improved. I've also lost almost 50 pounds and reduced my blood pressure a lot (too much, as the drugs they give you for heart failure also reduce blood pressure).

  10. Imejia
    Alex, I'm also in the same situation as you but with a family history of high cholesterol. I can speak for the small group of people that won't benefit from a high fat diet. I have a family history of high cholesterol my dad had two heart attacks, mother and siblings also have high cholesterol. I have always been active (5'.00", 101 lbs) and followed a low carb diet in the past but last year decided to try LCHF/Ketogenic not because I needed to loose weight or control my insulin but as N1 experiment so after getting my lab work done my numbers skyrocketed.
    These were my numbers:
    LDL-P 2697 (11/11/14) 2125 (6/22/15)
    Trig were fine 47 (11/11/14) 52 (6/22/15)
    LP-IR score <25 (11/11/14) unchanged in 2015
    HDL-P 33 (11/11/14) 29.2 (6/22/15)
    Small LDP-P 231 (11/11/14) <90 (6/22/15)
    LDL-SIZE 21.7 (11/11/14) unchanged
    LDL-C 325 (11/11/14) 254 (6/22/15)
    HDL-C 113 (11/11/14) 115 (6/22/15)
    CRP 0.60 (11/11/14) 0.50 (6/22/15)
    The only thing that was low was Vit D
    Calcium Score done 2 years ago 0
    My dr always suggests to take statins but always decline. I'm currently taking red yeast rice, vit E and D and a blend of L-carnitine, CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid. I cut back on the coconut oil, butter and some full fat dairy. I have to admitt I eat avocados every day and EVOO, sometimes I do intermittent fasting.
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  11. smc
    This is a little confusing. You started an LCHF diet to improve labs shown on 11/14/2014 and then had labs after LCHF on 6/22/2015. Is this correct?

    If so, what numbers "skyrocketed?" And which lipid numbers are troubling you? Your Trig/HDL ratio is excellent. Your LDL came down, but that is a number without much significance anyway. From my perspective, your lab work -- on both dates-- looks pretty good.

  12. Imejia
    I did not start LCHF/Ketogenic to improve my numbers but as an experiment and see if fat was going to affect or not my cholesterol levels which it did. I'm aware that all the numbers are not that bad except for the LDL-P which I think is good indicator of CV.
  13. Judy
    Reply to #9, Bob
    Thank you so much, Bob, for your kind reply. Congratulations on your progress to wellness! You are to be commended for taking respnsibility for your health. My arrhythmia is caused by Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome. Cardiac mapping during two catheterized ablations supposedly identified five kinds of arrhythmia. No one is sure what brought on the heart failure. But rather than go on the heart transplant list, I chose an experimental implant device and drastically changed how I live my life. LCHF has been a big part of my program. Setting aside the weight loss, I feel great. Doctors tell me I am one of their success stories. Keep up the good work, Bob!
  14. nadia
    There are! All over muscle degeneration. Do a search and you'll find!
  15. Belinda
    I have a family history also and my results just came back higher too
    My doctor wanted me to sign a form for rejecting treatment and had told me that I'm in very bad state and not in any way should be eating the way I eat
    I should lower my carbs which I never really counted and eat a lot of nuts eggs butter coconut etc

    Here are my past and present results

  16. Nyo
    Statins are the golden gooses. They sell them like candy and the more statins are sold the more money doctors and big pharma make. This story teaches the lesson to become more aware and more responsible regarding our health. We should double check any advice from doctors since it is now clear they are are not of our best interest. This poor man lost his health and job because his physician was either an ignorant or a liar. Either way, our best weapon against Big Pharma is the sharing of information.

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