Cream and butter popularity has Quebec’s dairy farmers producing more than ever


The demand for butter and cream is soaring around the world, including in Quebec. Studies showing that we don’t need to fear saturated fat and a rise in the “foodie” movement have all contributed to production hitting an all time high in the Canadian province.

CBC News: Cream and butter popularity has Quebec’s dairy farmers producing more than ever



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  1. Linda
    I have been on the Keto diet for 3 months, have lost 25 lbs so far. My A1C went from 6.4 to 5.7 very happy about that no longer need to worry about diabetes but my cholesterol went up over 40 points total cholesterol just over 200 was around 160 why did this diet affect my cholesterol so negatively now my doc wants me to start taking statins, not happy about that.
  2. Melanie
    Saturated fats have a number of downsides, and dairy has additional consequences for certain types of cancer. There is no diet proven to be better than a whole food, plant-based diet consisting primarily of greens, legumes, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Adding meat and dairy sparingly and in to such a diet is fine. But it's getting the vast majority of your calories from plants that makes the difference. Meat and saturated fat are not associated with good long-term health outcomes.

    Don't take my world for it, consult PubMed. Look at what people eat in the areas of the world with the longest lived people.

    Messing around with keto, paleo, etc. is just stupid frankly.

  3. Miko
    been on this diet for 2 years now, works great for me...
  4. Steve

    I also lost 25 pounds (and do not need to lose more). I feel great. No more inflammation. All systems go. But my (total) cholesterol did the same, rising from 217 to 271. My LDL rose also.

    After how good I felt, and am feeling, I couldn’t believe it.

    But another “strange” thing happened: my Triglycerides went down (they were already good), and my HDL continues to be “good”.

    I researched this (extensively) and thank goodness found Dave Feldman (I’m sure the team here at DD is well aware of what Dave is doing as they were together at Breckinridge). Instead of me explaining it, I welcome you to make your own assessment of how little importance cholesterol is (assuming Tri’s and HDL are “healthy”).

    Good luck to you.

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