1. Johan Eenfeldt Team Diet Doctor
  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
  3. Filifjonkan
    Well thank you kindly, sir!

    "Diet Doctor is just about to launch" would sound better. Websites don't start. Neither do they stop. ;-)

    Best wishes from Moominvalley.

    P.S. You may delete this post.

  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Launch it is then. Prepare for a charming mix of Swedish and English in the first couple of months. ;)
  5. Filifjonkan
    You're always charming. :-P
  6. D-dorf
    I'm so glad you decided to launch an English version of your website! I have many friends from all over the world here in Germany who can benefit from your knowledge and advice. Best of luck!
  7. Koff
    Fullt ös, ingen fart kontroll. = full speed no speed controll. :D
  8. Mia
    I'm so happy for this!
    I live in Australia and know so many people who I would love to tell about LCHF, but feel there is too much to tell them, without being considered a lunatic ;)


  9. KickAnn
  10. Yes wonderful, now I can recommend this for other than Swedish ppl. Good luck Doc!
  11. Ingvar Bejvel
    Good luck, Andreas!

    There will evidentally be some humerous culture and linguistic mishaps such as #7. It's quite clear that we will experience real fart controll when we apply a diet of natural foods!

  12. Nice! I just read through your book and wrote a review on it on my site. Liked it a lot even though I'm not a pure LCHF-enthusiast. However, I feel that LCHF is truly bringing a lot of strong arguments to the well needed health debate in Sweden. Good luck with your english site!

    And to add my share to the earlier linguistic mishaps..
    Swedish: "Det är inte farten som dödar, det är smällen!"
    English: "It's not the fart that kills, it's the smell!".

  13. conny
    Splended young man , you are a gentleman and a scholar, Don't worry about the lingo mate, it will be alright.
  14. Rickard N
    I also agree it will be fine to have a website to link to for english speaking friends. Will you add all blog posts both in swedish and english?
  15. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    No, there will be some overlap I'm sure but this blog will for example not cover the Swedish debate as much. We'll se how it works out!
  16. Finally! I have been waiting to be able to direct non-swedish people to your site and hopefully you can spread the knowledge outside of Scandinavia now!
  17. Iza
    Good luck with your english site, Doc!
  18. Collins
    Watch out you multinational corporate human exploiters. Theres a new wiking comi´n on to get you. Also multinational drugcompanies is well advised to start exploring for other occupations. The truth is coming, to change people. Swenglish is the new World order. Eat it!
  19. Jim
    Hi Doc.
    A friend of mine asked me: "What to do if high fat causes acid indigestion"?
    How to answer her worrys?
  20. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    If that happens it is usually temporary. Many people get rid of their problem with acid reflux on a low carb diet.
  21. Charlie

    What are the differences between a LCHF lifestyle and an Atkins Diet?

  22. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    The similarities are a lot bigger. But with LCHF there is a bigger focus on real food as opposed to "low carb" chocolate bars and junk like that. There is also less emphasis on counting exact levels of carbs in different phases. Just be as strict as you can. The fewer carbs the faster you will lose weight usually.
  23. Charlie

    I have a very physical job-Firefighter. I have always believed that my energy comes from the carbs that I eat. Can I expect to have enough energy from a LCHF lifestyle to perform my work. I do not have the option of stopping halfway through if tired. I do not have a weight problem I am more interested in the sense of wellbeing that my good friend Bustas talks about. I have read that there are elite atheletes who follow a LCHF lifestyle however I suspect they are in a minority. This is perhaps my greatest concern.

  24. Funderaren
    Charlie, LCHF actually gives you more energy. My father and I once worked 8 hours when we cleared his backyard from fallen trees. Not a single break was needed. We didnt even feel hungry. Of course we both ate a steady LCHF breakfast that day.

    Slow carbs cant match slow fat.

  25. Börjesson
    Charlie: I can't speak from personal experience, but based on what others have reported, then yes, LCHF does give you ample energy for physical high performance. Björn Ferry, Olympic gold medalist in biathlon in Vancouver, is perhaps the best living proof of this. Not only is he able to perform on this diet, but he has apparently also seen a big decrease in sick days since switching to LCHF (which of course helps his training).

    However, many have said that it may take some time, several months or even half a year, before the body has fully adapted to burning fat instead of carbs. Before then, you will function well enough, probably better than before, at low to medium intensity exertion, and will most likely experience better endurance. (That, I have experienced for myself, being an avid long-distance walker.) But when trying for peak performance, e.g. running as fast or lifting as heavily as you can, you may feel that the edge is not quite there in the first months. Or so others have said, at least. For my part, I never tend to push myself to the limit anyway, so I couldn't say. :)

  26. Charlie
    Thank you for your encouragement. I am presently on day six of eating LCHF. The first two days were ok but day three was very difficult- no energy, light headedness and nausea. Last three days have been ok however I am not in work this week because I broke my wrist motorcycling so I have not been placing any demand on myself. Had I not been injured and working as normal I could not have performed in my job on day three. I will not return to work for a number of weeks, because of the injury, so this is an opportune time to make the switch to LCHF. I hope by the time I get back my body has made the switch to burning fat. Thanks again for all your responses.
  27. Funderaren
    Im glad it works better for you Charlie. It take some time to adapt .The body is basicly addicted to carbs and doesnt like it when you deny it fast energy. But after "detox" it will feel better then ever.

    And remember home made Béarnaise sauce is every LCHF eaters best friend. :)

  28. Mia
    #27 And remember home made Béarnaise sauce is every LCHF eaters best friend

    And a cheat version is to use sugar free mayo and a lot of tarragon in it. A dash of olive oil and s&p. Let it sit in the fridge for a while before serving it. Soo good with a steak and some grilled mushrooms.

  29. Charlie
    I have just bought tarragon and will be making my first bearnaise sauce tonight, if I can stay awake. The change to LCHF has left me exhausted. I hope my energy comes back soon.
  30. Funderaren
    A good indication is when your body gets warm by eating. Thats fat burning.

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