Cooking with vegetable oils releases toxic cancer-causing chemicals

NOT a good idea

NOT a good idea

Are you cooking with vegetable oils? According to lead scientists, this can be really unhealthy. When heated, these oils release toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases. So do not use corn oil or sunflower oil for cooking.

The Telegraph: Cooking with vegetable oils releases toxic cancer-causing chemicals, say experts

Olive oil (containing mainly monounsaturated fat) is a better option for cooking, but not great.

The best option for cooking is saturated fats, like coconut oil, butter or lard. These fats can stand a lot of heat without transforming into poison.

More on the dangers of heated vegetables

Note that these oils are another example of vegetables/plants turning into cancer-causing substances when overheated. The most cancer-causing substance on earth is also a plant:

Vegetables Proven to Cause Cancer

This is not an attack on vegetables, or a way of saying that meat is better. It’s just a fact that both processed meat (like bacon) and processed plants (like oils, or tobacco leaves) contain cancer-causing substances when they have been overheated.

Don’t use excessive heat when cooking. Make sure the food you cook can handle the heat.


Learn much more about the myth of vegetable oils in these videos with Nina Teicholz:

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  1. Nate
    is one of bacon's cancer causing substances sugar, as in the black burnt gum stuck on the frying skillet?
  2. Chris the Barbarian
    Clarified Butter is the best for cooking. Heats up to 250°C without burning! And tastes so much better.
  3. Ian
    "[B]reakdown products [from peanut oils and soybean oils] form a gunky residue on the bottoms of fryers, as well as on walls and tablecloths. It resembles shellac. The gunk is released into the air of the restaurant by the hot oil mist forming over the fryer and condenses out on cooler surfaces." (Teicholz 2014, pp. 277-8)
  4. Charles
    Hi Diet Doctor! I love your site. I recently moved to Sweden and I am wondering if you can comment on "rapsolja" and how it compares to these other oils. My girlfriend and her family always cook with it and I'm not sure if it is really healthy or not. Thanks!
  5. Sam
    It’s not. It’s vegetable oil. Use butter or coconut oil not rapsolja which is just canola.

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