Cooking keto video: Mushroom frittata

Known as “Italy’s open-faced omelet,” frittatas are easy to make and so versatile, you can enjoy them at any meal! Fresh mushrooms and creamy cheese—bellissimo and keto-proof!

Watch the video above and feel free to share it. Here’s the full written recipe:

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  1. Lisa
    Just watched the "Cooking keto video: Mushroom frittata" video then clicked on the link below it for the written recipe. Ingredient list in written recipe is close to the recipe in the video but it leaves off spinach and adds 8 ounces of mayonaisse. Ooh, yuck. I hope no one has tried this recipe yet.

    Here's the link to the written recipe... There are other differences too, like fresh parsely.

    Should the video and recipe match? Or am I misunderstanding? Thanks!

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  3. Samantha
    I saw a different recipe

    Yeah better without mayo I'd say!


  4. Olivia
    The written recipe is very different from the video. I tried this as written with goat cheese (as opposed to mayo) and spinach. It is absolutely delicious. I'm confused about serving size. What is the proper serving size in accordance to the macros?
  5. Dana
    Anyone else horribly bothered by the fact that she's got wood counters, but uses a stone cutting board to chop her scallions?
    I can't watch. It's like a train wreck.
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  6. Johan
    Hi Dana, I had the same horrified reaction. Cutting your scallions with a knife on a stone cutting board. How bad for the knive !
  7. happy
    What would happen to my cholesterol by consuming all the eggs???
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  8. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    What would happen to my cholesterol by consuming all the eggs???

    Not necessarily anything!

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