Cooking Jill’s lemon-lime poppy seed cheesecakes

Here’s Jill’s creamylicious lemon-lime cheesecake. This recipe got a bit of everything, the fresh taste of lemon and lime, the surprising poppy seeds and a creamy topping! Let these pretty, creamy low-carb beauties grace your table!

Watch the video above and feel free to share it. Here’s the full written recipe:

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  1. Janice
    The lemon-lime poppy seed cheesecakes look lovely but I'm struggling to find ovenproof glass dishes. I've bought all the stuck!
  2. Kathryn
    Try Ramekins.
  3. KP
    Looks like ordinary jam jars were used in the video. 😉
  4. Betsy
    I've never seen powdered vanilla extract. Is that what was being used?

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