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Let’s face it, eating healthy can be tough. Life gets busy, you don’t know if you’re doing it “right,” temptations hit hard, or progress seems slow. It’s times like these that it can feel easier to stick to old habits. 

But with Connect, in our app, you’ve got a virtual support system through all the ups and downs life throws at you. 

What is Connect? 

Connect is our in-app members-only community where all members can come together.

At Diet Doctor, we believe in the power of community. Whether you are feeling uncertain and need some reassurance, looking for accountability partners, want to celebrate a milestone you’ve achieved, or anything in between — Connect is here.

What can I do in Connect? 

Join groups that spark your interest to get started; the rest is up to you. Read what others are posting or post something yourself! 

Not sure what to say? Share the latest recipe you’ve made, celebrate your latest progress with a comment or a picture, show others your favorite scenic walking route with multiple pics, or ask our medical experts a question in Dear Docs. You can even upload short videos in our latest app version!

Not ready to post yet? You can also use our search to find posts on topics you’re interested in and save posts you love to refer back to time and time again.

And don’t forget to visit your Connect page and make it your own! Add a profile picture and a short bio about yourself. Here you can always find your own posts and the posts you have saved.

— Kimann

What’s happening right now?

If you’re looking for motivation to kickstart healthier habits with others on a similar path, check out our 5-Day Healthy Habits Challenges. We start on the first Monday of every month, focusing on a different area of health. Join the Challenge Accepted group in Connect to get started. You’ll be able to post your progress while group members help keep each other accountable. 

If you think you need to move more, check out the Virtual Walking Buddies in the Exercise group. We’ll cheer you on and help keep you accountable to your daily walks throughout the week.  

And of course, we have some of the most supportive moderators in the low carb space. If you need top-notch support in a positive, helpful community, Connect is where it’s at! Ask questions and get advice and encouragement from our seasoned moderators (and members) every single day of the week! 

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  2. somme.de.toutes
    I'm waiting for the Connect community to be accessible from the website on my desktop. I know it's being worked on but I don't use apps on my phone nor tablet for this purpose!

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