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Congratulations to Magnus who is member number 50,000 and who will receive the amazing prize package shortly. This is how he found Diet Doctor:

Amazing!! And yes I did not believe it (for at least half an hour!) mainly because I hadn’t noticed the competition when I signed up.

My “story” such as it is… Shift worker most of my working life (firstly as a truck driver then as a Registered Nurse) with resulting poor eating habits/attempts at food pyramid eating.

Diagnosed hypertensive at 34 years and treated since then.

Following an extremely “good” Christmas 2009 and feeling particularly bloated under my diaphragm routine bloods should an elevated glucose tolerance test which my GP wanted to repeat.

I signed up to an online diet+exercise plan (food pyramid).

This got me results and after about 8 months I was down to 80 kg (176 lbs) with normal glucose.

I then pretty much stuck to this plan but feeling anxious about any deviations when socialising, guilty if I was missing exercise and struggling with cravings and weight maintenance.

I became aware of LCHF after listening to an Action on Sugar podcast and having read around the subject (a lot) and trying to DIY it in 2014 I signed up to an online programme which enabled me to track me intake.

This programme enabled me maintain my weight stress and craving free but suddenly stopped towards the end of last year. Since then I’ve tried LCHF books/DIY without success and a slowly increasing waistline.

I was reminded of Diet Doctor while browsing YouTube and decided to give it a closer look and sign up.

I think in short I have a general problem with portion control and need some sort of prescriptive element even for fats and proteins!

Best wishes,


We’ve passed 50,000 members!

Contest – become member number 50,000!


  1. Granville Noles
    So, a person who happened to be number 50,000 gets a nice package. Those of us who have been loyal paying members for years get nothing.
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  3. Francoise
    To Granville Noles: Oh common..... Do you really feel left out? Think about all the great information, recipes, videos, presentations, etc that you get for your membership...... Grow up.
  4. Lawrence
    I believe Andreas said that a current member would also be selected to receive the same package.
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  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, one more winner coming up, just waiting for confirmation from the person...
  6. Kama
    Really???? Granville Noles??? I think we get a lot from out membership!! Stop being a spoiled crybaby!
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  8. Karl
    I am happy and honored to be a part of something that has brought life changing information to so many people, and will be doubly happy at 100,000 members. Thank you Andreas and Diet Doctor staff!
  9. Maggie
    Congratulations to Magnus on his win !
  10. Ann
    I am losing weight so I am already a winner!!!! ???
  11. H D
    My blood sugars have normalized over the past three weeks. ... and losing weight. That's winner enough .... although I wish my insurance would cover a keystone meter.
  12. Paleodiet
    Having Trouble STICKING wlith the Paleo Diet?
    Become a "Paleo Pro" In the Kitchen
  13. Donna
    The lifechanging information on this website is priceless - everyone who uses it is definitely a winner in improved health and most likely increased longevity! The gift package is just a neat bonus for #50,000 new member and also a current member. I totally agree with Karl's comment as I am happy and honoured to be a member of the Diet Doctor family! Thank you Dr. Eenfeldt and the whole Diet Doctor staff and all contributors to this wealth of healing information! Keep up your amazing efforts - you a truly making a difference in the lives of thousands (hopefully soon millions) of people who need to know how to change their heath for the better and putting that knowledge and power in their hands!


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