The Complete Guide to Fasting – preorder for up to 75% off


Are you still a little bit confused about fasting? Do you wonder whether it’s you? Now Dr. Jason Fung has teamed up with health podcaster Jimmy Moore to answer all your fasting-related questions in the book The Complete Guide to Fasting that will be released this October.

You can pre-order the book from Amazon Canada for 75% off: The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

Here’s the US Amazon store, offering 40% off: The Complete Guide to Fasting

The book will also help people getting started with fasting by kick-start guides and tips and tricks.


Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

Top videos with Dr. Jason Fung

  • How to maximize fat burning
  • The top 5 myths of fasting
  • The top 5 tips to make fasting easier
  • The most common questions


Interview with Jimmy Moore

Losing Weight with Less Protein – Jimmy Moore


  1. gbl
    In all fairness:

    I fasted two 16 hour days, eating low-carb and calorie restricting when I broke fast late in the day.

    I lost weight for the first time in a month of careful low-carb no-result eating.

    I attribute this to the FAST which is DEFACTO calorie restricting and an intense workout which I do one day out of my three day a week work out schedule.

    I estimate I ate under 1000 calories each day, including lots of creme in my coffee. Red peppers, cucumber, grape tomatoes, homemade humuus, six small "lightly smoked" sardines, 1/4 cup moderate fat yogurt with 1 TBSP chia seeds, 1/2 cup strawberries.

    During the day I drank 4 espresso with creme, homemade chicken broth golden with fat globules, lots of water, and worked out to a sweat for over an hour.

    Today I'm icing.

    And down 5 lbs.

  2. PatBB
    Is it the same as Fasting Clarity?
    Maybe a new title?

  3. gbl
    I have no idea.
  4. Val
    I clicked on the link and there is no 75% discount. I live in Canada and have an Amazon account.
  5. Meryana
    pls have it on kindle

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