Companies promise fewer candy ads to kids, the opposite happens


Despite many years of pledges from companies to self-regulate, kids are seeing MORE ads for candy, not less.

TIME: Kids See More Candy Ads on TV Now Than in the Past

Why doesn’t “self-regulation” work? Simple. It’s not in the food companies’ interest to sell less. Thus they will keep breaking their promises. Believing promises about self-regulation is simply naive.


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  2. Apicius
    Really...self regulation in advertisements does not work? Wow, what a big surprise.

    And here I thought the cigarette and alcoholic beverage companies were self regulating themselves from selling to kids.

  3. Leo
    Yes who thinks companies can self regulate. Maybe only when 2 options give the same amount of money. Else they almost always go for the greater profit - we must be nice to the shareholders. They are also humans.

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